USBC Women's Championships back in action after brief hiatus


    United States

    2011USBCQMissyParkin2.jpg2011USBCSQPaulaVidad2.jpgAfter a successful start to the 2011 United States Bowling Congress Women's Championships, the event took a brief hiatus to make way for the USBC Queens and Senior Queens from April 23-27.

    Missy Parkin (pictured left) of Lake Forest, Calif., and Paula Vidad (right) of Sun City, Calif., claimed the coveted titles at the Oncenter Convention Center, and now it's back to business as usual at the Women's Championships, which will continue until July 3.

    This year's event will feature 5,822 five-player teams. Nearly 30,000 bowlers, plus their friends and families will make their way to Syracuse for the 92nd edition of the storied event. Salt City last hosted the tournament in 1954.

    Former PWBA standout makes history at USBC Women's Championships

    2011USBCWCDedeDavidson.jpgFormer Professional Women's Bowling Association standout Dede Davidson (pictured left) of Buellton, Calif., became the first bowler in USBC Women's Championships history to roll a 300 game and 800 series on the tournament lanes.

    The 44-year-old left-hander started strong with an 800 series in team April 21, becoming the sixth bowler in tournament history to achieve the feat, and she added a 300 game during doubles April 22 at Syracuse's Oncenter Convention Center. There have been 14 perfect games in 92 years of Women's Championships competition.

    Davidson finished doubles with a 746 series and closed with 653 in singles to take the lead in Scratch and Diamond All-Events with 2,199. Team USA member Shannon Pluhowsky of Kettering, Ohio, previously led both categories with 2,177.

    2011USBCWCShannonPluhowsky.jpg"People were making fun of me for only bringing one strike ball, but it carried really well on this condition," said Davidson, who also owns a 299 game at the USBC Open Championships. "I hope my score sticks. Honestly, this is the one title that is important because without the pro tour, this is one of the only tournaments where you can win something significant. This is a big title."

    Pluhowsky (right) didn't walk away from this year's Women's Championships empty-handed, however.

    The 28-year-old left-hander is leading Scratch Singles with 763. Stacie Watson of San Diego previously held the lead with 713, while Brittany Signor of nearby Watertown, N.Y., leads Diamond Singles with 806.

    "I've been bowling a lot lately, so I was ready for this," said Pluhowsky, who was a Classic Team champion at the Women's Championships in 2007. "I was able to get the time off of work, and I've got the right equipment, so I was able to just focus on going out there and bowling well."


    Other familiar bowlers lead at USBC Women's Championships

    2011USBCWCShootinNines.jpgTeam USA member Shannon O'Keefe of Arlington, Texas, led Shootin Nines of Indianapolis (pictured left) into the top spot in Scratch Team and second place in Diamond Team with 3,305 and 3,347, respectively, on April 21.

    Eagles Edge Pro Shop of Des Plaines, Ill., leads Diamond Team with 3,416, shot on the same squad as O'Keefe and her team. Team EFX of Sun City, Calif., previously held the lead in both categories with 3,275.

    O'Keefe rolled games of 267, 242 and 257 for a 766 team series at the Oncenter Convention Center and was joined by Keli Callahan (707), Brenda Mack (647), Amanda Beck (599) and Jenifer Larson (586).

    "We've bowled together for a long time, and actually, we were having fun and catching up with one another, so we weren't even paying attention to the scores until the seventh frame of the last game," O'Keefe said. "We're really happy to have done so well, though."

    2011USBCWCAletaSillMichelleFeldman.jpgJoyce Biondo led Eagles Edge Pro Shop with a 678 series and was followed by Tracy Luncsford (663), Keri Caduto (662), Jonquay Armon (614) and Tina Becke (607). The group posted a 3,224 scratch total, and an additional 64 pins of handicap per game lifted them into the lead.

    Later on April 21, four-time Women's Championships titlist and local favorite, Michelle Feldman of Auburn, N.Y., teamed with USBC Hall of Famer Aleta Sill (pictured right, r-l) of Livonia, Mich., to grab the Scratch Doubles lead with a 1,462 total. Tracey Magnuson of Faribault, Minn., and Diane Marget of Champlin, Minn., previously held the lead with 1,419. Though Magnuson and Marget now are fifth in Scratch Doubles, they still lead Diamond Doubles with 1,500.

    "If we can hold on and take the doubles title, it will mean that I've won every title at least once, and that's great," said Feldman, whose last win was Classic Singles in 2009 with a record score of 816.


    California bowler shoots 300, two others flirt with perfection

    2011USBCWCErinLenahan.jpgErin Lenahan (pictured left) of Lincoln, Calif., added her name to the record books at the USBC Women's Championships with a perfect game during singles April 22. It was the first 300 of the 2011 Women's Championships and the 13th in tournament history.

    The 25-year-old right-hander's 300 came between games of 163 and 175 for a 638 series, and she added 630 in team and 609 in doubles for a 1,877 all-events total at the Oncenter Convention Center. Before Friday, the high game of Lenahan's bowling career was 299.

    2011USBCWCJackieMitskavich.jpg"In the 10th frame, there were a couple of balls I was unsure of, but they came back and hit the pocket," Lenahan said. "On the last ball, I was so nervous, but it ended up striking to my disbelief. It was extra special to do it around so many people and at this big national tournament."

    Jackie Mitskavich (right), a former PWBA standout from Du Bois, Pa., was around the pocket all day, but things really came together in her final game of team April 21, which she started with 11 consecutive strikes before a 10 pin ended her bid for perfection.

    Mitskavich finished team with a 715 series and added 669 in doubles and 545 in singles for a 1,929 all-events effort.

    2011USBCWCCarolNorman.jpgUSBC Hall of Famer Carol Norman (left) of Houston made a run at perfection April 22, but also came up short. She started her second game of doubles with 11 consecutive strikes before leaving the 3 and 6 pins on her final offering to finish with 298.

    Norman, who owns three titles at the Women's Championships, finished doubles with a 690 series and added 693 in team and 658 in singles for a 2,042 all-events total.

    The Diamond Division includes individual bowlers with averages of 180 and above, doubles team of 360 and above and teams with combined averages of 900 and above. Handicap is 100 percent of 220, 440 and 1100, respectively.


    New York bowler takes Diamond Singles lead

    2011USBCWCBrittanySignor.jpgAfter a disappointing performance at the 2011 USBC Queens, Brittany Signor (pictured left) of nearby Watertown, N.Y., was determined to have a better showing at the USBC Women's Championships.

    The 22-year-old right-hander definitely achieved that goal as she moved into the top spot in Diamond Singles with an 806 series at the Oncenter Convention Center on May 1.

    Signor, a first-time participant, rolled games of 212, 235 and 257 for a 704 scratch set, and an additional 34 pins of handicap per game lifted her past Brenda Pugh of La Mesa, Calif., who previously held the lead with 796.

    "I've been waiting for another 700, and this was a good place to get it," said Signor, whose career-high series is 709 with a 300 game. "Bowling at nationals this year was like a test drive for me. Now, I want to go to more. I definitely liked it."

    Signor added 555 in doubles and 542 in team for a 1,801 scratch all-events total. Her all-events total with handicap was 2,107, which is just outside of the top 10 in Diamond All-Events.

    2011USBCWCLogo.jpg Sponsors for the 2011 USBC Women's Championships sponsors include Turning Stone Resort and Casino, official brackets sponsor, Humana, official registration sponsor, Miller Lite and Molson Canadian, official beer sponsors. Supporting sponsors include Storm Bowling Products, Nationwide Insurance, The Oncenter, Syracuse Convention and Visitors Bureau, Caz Limo & Tours, Kegel, official lane maintenance provider, US Steltronic, official scoring system, and Brunswick, official lane provider.


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    92nd USBC Women's Championships

    Oncenter Convention Center in Syracuse, N.Y., United States (April 7 - July 3, 2011)


    Top 10 division leaders with hometown and pinfall


    (Combined average of 900 and above; Handicap is 100 percent of 1,100)
    1, Eagles Edge Pro Shop (Joyce Biondo, Tracy Luncsford, Keri Caduto, Tina Becke, Jonquay Armon), Des Plaines, Ill., 3,416. 2, Shootin Nines, Indianapolis, 3,347. 3, Sugar N Strike, Grand Prairie, Texas, 3,317. 4, Brunswick Zone Hawthorn, Waukegan. Ill., 3,305. 5, Team
    EFX, Sun City, Calif., 3,275. 6, Ninjas, Odenton, Md., 3,268. 7, Del Rosa Bowl, Chatsworth, Calif., 3,256. 8, TEAM 23321, Grand Prairie, Texas, 3,225. 9 (tie), Aleta Sill's Bowling World, Kettering, Ohio, and Paper Chasers I, Clinton, Md., 3,224.

    (Combined average of 360 and above; Handicap is 100 percent of 440)
    1, Tracey Magnuson, Faribault, Minn./Diane Marget, Champlin, Minn., 1,500. 2, Aleta Sill, Livonia, Minn./Michelle Feldman, Auburn, N.Y., 1,462. 3, Susan Jeziorski/Liz Johnson, Cheektowaga, N.Y., 1,459. 4, Amanda Stone, Greensboro, N.C./Leslie Rapach, Charlotte, N.C., 1,456. 5, Jamie Nelson, Muskegon, Mich./Paula Siebert, Muskegon, Mich., 1,450. 6, Sarah Germano, Rochester, N.Y./Ashly Galante, Lake Wales, Fla., 1,429. 7, Jamie Martin, Omaha, Neb./Nicole Ellison, Chatsworth, Calif., 1,428. 8 (tie), Davie Mae Leskoske, Clinton, Utah/Tanya Leonard, Baldwinsville, N.Y., and Lisa Graham, Centerville, Ohio/Kelly Kulick, Union, N.J., 1,427. 10, Salena Barone, Cary, N.C./Liz Bowerman, Pennelleville, N.Y., 1,420.

    (Bowlers with averages of 180 and above; Handicap is 100 percent of 220)
    1, Brittany Signor, Watertown, N.Y., 806. 2, Brenda Pugh, La Mesa, Calif., 796. 3, Joyce Biondo, Carpentersville, Ill., 775. 4, Katie Mae Pritchard, Coon Rapids, Minn., 771. 5, Amanda Stone, Greensboro, N.C., 768. 6, Shannon Pluhowsky, Kettering, Ohio, 763. 7 (tie), Linda Kogut, Jacksonville, Fla., and Stacie Watson, San Diego, 755. 9, Brenda Mack, Indianapolis, 753. 10, Shauna Shannon, Albuquerque, N.M., 751.

    (Bowlers with averages of 180 and above; Handicap is 100 percent of 220)
    1, Dede Davidson, Buellton, Calif., 2,199. 2, Joyce Biondo, Carpentersville, Ill., 2,189. 3, Salena Barone, Cary, N.C., 2,188. 4, Shannon Pluhowsky, Kettering, Ohio, 2,177. 5, Kelly Kulick, Union, N.J., 2,151. 6, Shauna Shannon, Albuquerque, N.M., 2,134. 7, Shannon O'Keefe, Arlington, Texas, 2,126. 8, Liz Johnson, Cheektowaga, N.Y., 2,123. 9, Jamie Rovner, West Hills, Calif., 2,121. 10, Takiko Naganawa, Chiba, Japan, 2,113.



    (Combined average of 750-899; Handicap is 100 percent of 900)
    1, Wild Things (Kathy Kalis, Carol McNeal, Bonnie Eisterhold, Janice Barnhill, Deborah Holland), Conyers, Ga., 2,820. 2, Windrift Lounge 2, Lansing, Minn., 2,781. 3, Lady Strikers, Princeton, Ky., 2,768. 4, Better Late, Wyoming, Mich., 2,754. 5, Hoegemeyer Hybrids, Dannebrog, Neb., 2,751. 6, McCord Insurance, Surprise, Ariz., 2,747. 7, Pin Ticklers, Grand Rapids, Mich., 2,742. 8, Paradise Ladies II, San Juan Puerto Rico, 2,737. 9, J & D Lawncare, Columbus, Ind., 2,735. 10, Lanyk Electric II, Britt, Minn., 2,718.

    (Combined average of 300-359; Handicap is 100 percent of 360)
    1, Kimberly Dauer, Mankato, Minn./Vicky Strassburg, Hanska, Minn., 1,202. 2, Karman McGill, Racine, Minn./Betty Elliott, Spring Valley, Minn., 1,175. 3, Sharrie Sonne, Tangent, Ore./Jackie Humphrys, Albany, Ore., 1,174. 4, Rita Resling, Hampton Bays, N.Y./Kathleen Stark, Middle Island, N.Y., 1,167. 5, Sandra Robbins, Chemung, N.Y./Geraldine DePew, Athens, Pa., 1,165. 6, Kay Grenell, Richmond, Va./Cherie Camp, Chesterfield, Va., 1,164. 7, Carol Jones, Cedar City, Utah/Sandy Seegmiller, St. George, Utah, 1,162. 8, Donna Seymour, Corinth, Maine/Joyce Penman, Stanwood, Wash., 1,158. 9 (tie), Julie Weaver, Milford, Iowa/Dawn Godfredsen, Spirit Lake, Iowa, and Tina Butterworth, Satsuma, Ala./Dana Zehner, Mobile, Ala., 1,156.

    (Bowlers with averages of 150-179; Handicap is 100 percent of 180)
    1, Jana Tousignant, Herndon, Va., 643. 2, Sandra Doebereiner, Sturtevant, Wis., 633. 3, Patricia Farber, Seattle, Wash., 631. 4, Joanne Taraskiewicz, Pittsfield, Mass., 630. 5 (tie), MaryEllen Netti, Cortland, N.Y., and LaRee Glyndon, Minn., 629. 7, Shateka Williams, Lakewood, Calif., 628. 8, Rochelle Harvey, Warwick, WK, 627. 9, Roberta Barnhart, Oshkosh, Wis., 625. 10, Suzanne Holub, Center Point, Iowa, 622.

    (Bowlers with averages of 150-179; Handicap is 100 percent of 180)
    1, Tina Arend, Pueblo West, Colo., 1,810. 2, Janice Barnhill, Social Circle, Ga., 1,789. 3, Betty Elliott, Spring Valley, Minn., 1,788. 4, Joyce Teubert, Glencoe, Minn., 1,787. 5 (tie), Terese Culbertson, Whittemore, Iowa, and Kelly Galka, Dyer, Ind., 1,777. 7, Michele Cady, Rockford, Minn., 1,774. 8, Vicky Strassburg, Hanska, Minn., 1,765. 9, Suzanne Holub, Center Point, Iowa, 1,762. 10, Mary Johnson, Houston, 1,760.



    (Combined average 749 and below; Handicap is 100 percent of 750)
    1, Annandale State Bank (Gladys Johnson, Nola Wahlberg, Delores Burke, Ramona Larson, Bernadine, Gillette), Annandale, Minn., 2,377. 2, Lieunghs On Lathrop #2, Racine, Wis., 2,367. 3, Gusto Graphics, South Haven, Minn., 2,335. 4, MN Country Rollers, Gonvick, Minn., 2,333. 5, Burtner Electric, Westfield, Ind., 2,327. 6, Delaware Sport Center, Walton, N.Y., 2,323. 7, Colorado Community Bank 1, Anton, Colo., 2,321. 8, Stinky's, Pandora, Ohio, 2,314. 9, Ottertail, Shevlin, Minn., 2,310. 10, Badlands Steel, Williston, N.D., 2,302.

    (Combined average of 299 and below; Handicap is 100 percent of 300)
    1, Amy Ellingson/Alyssa Kottwitz, Bozeman, Mont., 1,074. 2, Pam Rolf, Hutchinson, Minn./Joyce Teubert, Glencoe, Minn., 1,045. 3, Pamela Overturf, Sutton, Neb./Melissa Anderson, Clay Center, Neb., 1,042. 4, Jamie Crowell, Hamilton, N.Y./Annie Crowell, Morrisville, N.Y., 1,037. 5, Cheri Sandquist, Elk River, Minn./Vicky Anderson, Winthrop, Minn., 1,030. 6, Cathy Loney, Moscow, Idaho/Dorothy Heuatis, Deary, Idaho, 1,017. 8, Rebecca Keefe, Ballston Spa, N.Y./Glenda Savage, Mechanicville, N.Y., 1,010. 9, Jamie Kaatz, Ludington, Mich./Gena Granholm, Lowell, Mich., 1,007. 10, Alandra Abrams/Clarice Rose, Philadelphia., 1,006.

    (Bowlers with averages of 149 and below; Handicap is 100 percent of 150)
    1, Nancy Prizler, Autin, Minn., 586. 2, Cindi Bates, Long Grove, Iowa, 573. 3, Marsha Schwanke, Virginia Beach, Va., 566. 4, Alyssa Kottwitz, Bozeman, Mont., 561. 5, Robyn Mays, Grand Island, Neb., 557. 6, Valeda McDonald, Soudan, Minn., 556. 7 (tie), Mya Banaszynski, Racine, Wis., and Carol Nagelhout, Castlewood, S.D., 554. 9, Keesa Bess, Binghamton, N.Y., 551. 10, Nancy Dewar, Edgerton, Wis., 550.

    (Bowlers with averages of 149 and below; Handicap is 100 percent of 150)
    1, Marsha Schwanke, Virginia Beach, Va., 1,653. 2, Mya Banaszynski, Racine, Wis., 1,602. 3, Valeda McDonald, Soudan, Minn. 1,596. 4 (tie), Alyssa Kottwitz, Bozeman, Mont., and Trisha Harvey, Las Cruces, N.M., 1,595. 6, Laura Welch, West Chazy, N.Y. 1,561. 7, Christine Martin, Saint Paul Park, Minn., 1,555. 8, Carolyn Reisz, Cresson, Texas, 1,552. 9, Sandra Badertsche, Rush Springs, Okla., 1,550. 10, Judy Sayers, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1,548.



    (Actual team scores with no handicap)
    1, Shootin Nines, Indianapolis, 3,305. 2, Team
    EFX, Sun City, Calif., 3,275. 3 (tie), Eagles Edge Pro Shop, Des Plaines, Ill., and Aleta Sill's Bowling World, Kettering, Ohio, 3,224. 5, Striking Is Fun!, Oregon, Ohio, 3,194. 6, Bowlers Choice Pro Shop, Tonawanda, NY, 3,192. 7, Team
    23321, Grand Prairie, Texas, 3,177. 8, Great Balls of Fire, Shelton, Conn., 3,163. 9, Brunswick Zone Hawthorn, Waukegan, Ill., 3,161. 10, Magic of the Southwest, Slidell, La., 3,124.

    (Actual doubles scores with no handicap)
    1, Aleta Sill, Livonia, Mich./Michelle Feldman, Auburn, N.Y., 1,462. 2, Susan Jeziorski/Liz Johnson, Cheektowaga, N.Y., 1,459. 3, Kelly Kulick, Union, N.J./Lisa Graham, Centerville, Ohio, 1,427. 4, Amanda Stone, Greensboro, N.C./Leslie Rapach, Charlotte, N.C., 1,423. 5, Tracey Magnuson, Faribault, Minn./Diane Marget, Champlin, Minn., 1,419. 6, Jodi Woessner, Oregon, Ohio/Tracey Distel, Lansing, Mich., 1,412. 7, Jamie Martin, Omaha, Neb./Nicole Ellison, Chatsworth, Calif., 1,395. 8, Shannon Pluhowsky, Kettering, Ohio/Kristal Wilson, Lawrence, Kan. 1,384. 9, Kari Schwager, Rogers Park, Ill./Paola Gomez, Weston, Fla., 1,382. 10, Karla Pereira, Alexandria, Va./Aesha Turner, Tempe, Ariz., 1,372.

    (Actual scores with no handicap)
    1, Shannon Pluhowsky, Kettering, Ohio, 763. 2, Hollie Brannen, Marshfield, Mo., 750. 3 (tie), Amanda Stone, Greensboro, N.C., and Dora Nettleman, Eaton Rapids, Mich., 744. 5, Brenda Mack, Indianapolis, 741. 6, Nikki Lunsford, Plainfield, Ill., 738. 7, Wendy MacPherson, Henderson, Nev., 733. 8 (tie), Cathy Dorin-Lizzi, Sandusky, Ohio, and Shauna Shannon, Albuquerque, N.M., 727. 10, Joyce Biondo, Carpentersville, Ill., 721.

    (Actual scores with no handicap)
    1, Dede Davidson, Buellton, Calif., 2,199. 2, Shannon Pluhowsky, Kettering, Ohio, 2,177. 3, Kelly Kulick, Union, N.J., 2,151. 4, Shannon O'Keefe, Arlington, Texas, 2,126. 5, Liz Johnson, Cheektowaga, N.Y., 2,123. 6 (tie), Stefanie Nation, Grand Prairie, Texas, and Michelle Feldman, Auburn, N.Y., 2,100. 8, Kristal Wilson, Lawrence, Kan., 2,085. 9, Michelle Sterner, Niagra Falls, N.Y., 2,084. 10, Nikki Lunsford, Plainfield, Ill., 2,073.