New form will lead to accurate evaluation of arsenals, better understanding of ball motion


    USBC Equipment Specifications and Certification

    USBCLogow_small.jpgAs part of its continued effort to help bowlers understand the nuances of bowling ball motion, the USBC Equipment Specifications and Certifications department has teamed up with an industry expert to create a form that will help certified coaches and pro-shop professionals accurately assess the effectiveness of a bowler's bowling ball arsenal.

    This form brings the Ball Motion Study directly into the pro shop to provide the maximum practical benefit to bowlers, certified coaches and pro shop professionals. It also will allow these coaches and pro shop professionals to achieve levels of success that were not possible until now.

    The Ball Motion Analysis Form, located here, was created by USBC researchers and Mo Pinel, International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association Advanced HOTS (Hands-On Training Seminar) instructor and President/CEO of Morich.

    The form made its debut at the recent Advanced HOTS seminar in Las Vegas, where elite pro shop professionals were given the opportunity to evaluate the form's ease of use and effectiveness in helping make determinations about a bowler's arsenal. The form received overwhelmingly-positive reviews and is now available industry-wide.

    "The new Ball Motion Analysis Form brings the highly complex and scientific Bowling Ball Motion Study directly to the bowler, the coach and the pro shop," said USBC Technical Director Steve Kloempken. "It's a terrific tool that should be utilized for every competitive bowler."

    However, in order to employ the form properly, users must have a comprehensive knowledge of bowling ball and pro shop terminology, a high degree of competency in taking precise measurements and access to and skill in using several pieces of pro-shop equipment.

    For that reason, at this time, USBC recommends that this form only be used by highly-trained pro-shop professionals and certified USBC coaches. Bowlers who wish to reap the benefits of using this document should print the form out, and enlist the services of trained professionals in order to use it properly.

    Be cautious because improper application of this document can cause inaccurate information to be recorded regarding a bowler's arsenal, leading to a waste of time and effort for all parties involved.

    In an effort to remove this potential consequence, USBC is in the process of creating instructional videos and text resources that will guide individual bowlers and lesser-experienced pro-shop operators and coaches through the process of taking the measurements required to accurately use this form. Those resources will be made available via as soon as they become available.

    The USBC Equipment Specifications and Certifications team appreciates the patience of all bowlers, pro-shop professionals and coaches as it continues to work tirelessly to help the bowling world reap the benefits of a clearer understanding of bowling ball motion.