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Berlin men, Frankfurt women are 2016-17 German Bundesliga champions


The men from Easy Bowling Berlin and the women from BV 77 Frankfurt finished the German Bundesliga atop the men’s and women’s leaderboard to become German champions at the sixth leg of the 2016-17 season Feb. 18 and 19 at Neue City Bowling Hasenheide in Berlin.

The German Bowling Bundesliga features six legs in which each of the 10 teams (men: five-player teams; women: four-player teams) bowls each of the other teams in a traditional team game (total 54 games). The winner of each match receives two points (1 point in case of a tie). The team with the highest pinfall total in each leg receives 10 bonus points, the second highest team receives 9 points, and so on. The champion is decided by the high accumulative point total.

Starting the final leg in third place, 13 points behind leader BSC Kraftwerk Berlin and two points behind BC Radschläger Düsseldorf, the women from BV 77 Frankfurt, Vanessa Timter, Michaela Göbel-Janka, Martina Beckel, Alexandra Filor, Saskia Schutte and Janine-Manuela Gabel, won eight of their nine matches worth 16 points and posted the highest pinfall total of all teams (10 points) to earn 26 points en route to beat Kraftwerk Berlin for the title by just one point, 117 to 116.

Pictured above from left to right: BV 77 Frankfurt – Vanessa Timter, Michaela Göbel-Janka, Martina Beckel, Alexandra Filor, Saskia Schutte and Janine-Manuela Gabel.

Berlin’s Laura Beuthner, Kathy Hauchwitz, Amandine Jacques, Sandra Matz und Tanja Gäbler, who made only 12 points (8 + 4) had to settle for second place.

The bronze medal went to Sabrina Laub, Ivonne Groß, Michelle Ogriseck, Jaqueline Witura und Tanja Theissen from Lucky Striker Regensburg (108) who topped fourth placed Düsseldorf (107) and fifth placed VfL Wolfsburg (107) by one point.

Places 6 to 8 belonged to Royal Viernheim, BSRK 1883 Brandenburg and Team Profishop München. The women from BHB 2001 Berlin and BC Hanseat were relegated.

From left to right: Maxime de Rooij, Laura Beuthner and Janin Ribguth.

Laura Beuthner (BSC Kraftwerk Berlin) led all women with an average of 197.43 for 54 games, with Janin Ribguth und Maxime de Rooij from Wolfsburg in second and third place with 194.43 and 194.17, resp.

Newcomer Easy Bowling Berlin, who had four Englishmen on the roster, including John Wells, Elliot Crosby, Sam Rose and Hadley Morgan, led the field by eight points heading into the final weekend.

Pictured above from left to right: Easy Bowling Berlin – Christoph Schurian, Norman Schau, John Wells, Elliot Crosby, Sam Rose, Hadley Morgan and Peter Stevenson.

Berlin won six out of nine games (12 points) and posted the field-best pinfall total (10 points) to cruise to the title in its first Bundesliga season with 130 points.

Andreas Gripp, Tobias Gäbler, Lars Tangermann, Pascal Benkendorf und Frank Drevenstedt from TSV Chemie Premnitz narrowed the gap to three points before the 54th and final game of the season, but had to settle for second place with 125 points.

Defending champion Finale Kassel with Dirk Völkel, Bodo Konieczny, David Canady, Pascal Wintenheimer, Oliver Morig and Andreas Hernitschek finished in third place with distant 105 points.

Places 4 to 8 belonged to Arena Team Berlin, BC 99 Ingelheim, BC Strikee’s Bremen, Team Profishop München and record champion 1. BC Duisburg, having avoided relegation by just one point.

BC Strike 99 Eisenhüttenstadt and Ratisbona Regensburg were relegated to the Second League.

Best bowlers in the 2016-17 were Andreas Gripp und Frank Drevenstedt from Premnitz with an average of 218.7 und 214.7 over 54 games, respectively.

Photos and results courtesy of Gisela Göbel (DBU).

2016-17 German Bundesliga – Men’s Final Standing

2016-17 German Bundesliga – Women’s Final Standing

Herbert Bickel

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