High temperatures in Germany force oil pattern adjustment


    2005 World Games

     Upon arrival at Joe’s SuperBowling and after the first on-site inspection and on-site testing of the conditioning pattern for the 2005 World Games, Ted Thompson, Kegel's European representative has made a couple adjustments to the machine program prior to the official practice session on Sunday, July 17.

    Because of the abnormal high temperatures currently and in the upcoming days forecast for Germany and the lack of climate control in the bowling center, a couple patented machine drive speed adjustments to the Kegel Kustodian Plus were in order to stabilize the conditioner as much as possible.

    "Also, after taking some random topography readings throughout the center, the lane surface was found to be extensively on the crowned side", said Thompson. "With these factors in mind, the volume of applied conditioner was reduced on the base of the pattern which also slightly reduced the amount of conditioner on the outside portion of the pattern. To also help define the end of the pattern a little more, one stream of conditioner was added in the middle portion of the conditioning program."

    After making the adjustments and reading the lane monitor tapes, the pattern now has a front to back highest amount of conditioner taper ratio of 4:1. From board 2 to 20 the pattern has a front lane ratio of 4:1, a mid lane ratio of 3:1 and an end of pattern ratio of 2:1. The pattern length remains at 38 feet.

    Bowltech Germany is responsible for the lane maintenance in cooperation with Kegel Europe that provides the lane machine.

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    2005 World Games - Technical Information

     "Joe's SuperBowling" in RheinRuhrZentrum (RRZ):
    Number of lanes: 28
    Pinsetters: Brunswick Frameworx GSX
    Lanes: Brunswick Urethane
    Approaches: Brunswick Urethane
    Pins: Brunswick Glow in the Dark

    Lane Maintenance by Bowltech:
    Lane Machines: Kustodian Plus
    Lane Conditioner: Prodigy
    Lane Cleaner: Fizzion