Karl Wahlgren wins Super Star Shoot-out to conclude Swedish Super Six Tour era



    2011SSSTShootoutKarlWahlgren.jpgSwedish national team member Karl Wahlgren (pictured, photo by Jonas Brändström/Swebowl) struck on eight of ten shots to become the last "VBS Super Star" of the Swedish Super Six Tour.

    The SSST ceased operations in December after more than 12 years and 72 tournaments. The shoot-out was the final event of the 2011 Tour.

    2011EBT04RebeckaLarsen2.jpgTotal seven players - the top six in the 2011 SST ranking plus the best female player - qualified for the event, which took place Jan. 6 immediately after the finals of the AIK International Tournament at Bowl-O-Rama in Stockholm, Sweden.

    Each player had to fill nine frames. The player with the most strikes was declared the winner. After eight frames there were four players tied with six strikes: Tomas Leandersson, Rebecka Larsen Jr., Martin Paulsson and Wahlgren.

    Larsen Jr., (right) the sole woman in the shoot-out, and Wahlgren struck in the ninth frame to advance to roll-off. Wahlgren got another strike to seal the victory en route to claim the 25.000 Swedish Kronor (app. US$3,800) top prize.


    2011 SSST VBS Super Star Shoot-out

    Bowl-O-Rama in Stockholm, Sweden (Jan. 6, 2012)

    1. Karl Wahlgren, Sweden, 8 strikes, 25.000 SEK
    2. Rebecka Larsen Jr., Sweden, 7 strikes, 5.000 SEK
    3. Tomas Leandersson, Sweden, 6 strikes, 5.000 SEK
    3. Martin Paulsson, Sweden, 6 strikes, 5.000 SEK
    5. Martin Larsen, Sweden, 4 strikes, 5.000 SEK
    6. James Gruffman, Sweden, 3 strikes, 5.000 SEK
    7. Tobias Karlsson, Sweden, 2 strikes, 5.000 SEK


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