Bowling Industry unites to host Men's and Women's Bowling's U.S. Open


    United States

    Four leading entities in bowling join forces to host both events side-by-side

    2013USOpenLogo.jpg In an unprecedented showing of industry solidarity, the four leading entities of the bowling industry have come together today to introduce Bowling's U.S. Open. Hosted in the great bowling city of Columbus, Ohio, from July 21 to July 27, the entire bowling industry will be facilitating the men's and women's competitions side-by-side.

    For the first time, competition will be conducted in three different bowling centers: Wayne Webb's Columbus Bowl, Game of Western Columbus and Holiday Lanes.

    201112PBA12PeteWeber3.jpg2012USWOKellyKulick.jpgThe defending U.S. Open champions are Pete Weber (left) of St. Ann, Mo., who won a record fifth U.S. Open title in North Brunswick, N.J., in February and Kelly Kulick (right) on Union, N.J., who won her third U.S. Women's Open title in July in Reno, Nevada.

    One of the most powerful brands in sports, the U.S. Open, will be have a live two hour event telecast on ESPN Saturday, July 27 at noon EDT from Webb's Columbus Bowl where bowling will crown its Men's and Women's U.S. Open champion. ESPN has been telecasting the Open since 1997.

    "This unprecedented level of collaboration within the industry will result in an unrivaled experience for bowlers, partners and fans," said PBA CEO Geoff Reiss. "Bringing these two major championship events together speaks not only to the solidarity of the industry, but to the power of the U.S. Open as a brand."

    The unifying creation of Bowling's U.S. Open was possible through collaboration between the four leading organizations in bowling: the United States Bowling Congress (USBC), the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America (BPAA), the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) and Strike Ten Entertainment (STE).

    "Bringing the best bowlers in the world together in a great host city will create a fantastic opportunity to showcase the highest level of competition for our sport," said Stu Upson, executive director of the USBC. "We look forward to spotlighting how major bowling events create media exposure, build civic pride and drive a significant economic impact for communities."

    The Men's and Women's U.S. Open competition will take place simultaneously, beginning July 21 at the three host centers and will culminate with the top five men and five women bowlers earning a spot in the finals on July 27 at Wayne Webb's Columbus Bowl.

    "Our ability to bring this event to fruition speaks to the continued resurgence of bowling, the nation's number one participatory sport," said Steve Johnson, executive director of the BPAA. "The numbers don't lie - 70 million people bowl every year. Bowling makes a ten billion dollar impact on the economy with women and youth bowling now more than ever. Additionally, youth bowling is continuing to gain ground and our sport is back on the rise, the timing was perfect for Bowling's U.S. Open to become a reality."

    "The 2013 Bowling's U.S. Open will immediately become the preeminent event in professional bowling and provide a tremendous opportunity for marketers to reach millions of bowling enthusiasts across the nation," said Frank DeSocio, president of Strike Ten Entertainment.