British Tenpin Bowling Association and MFA Bowl Ltd. announce partnership



    20150314MFAChairmanMehdiAfsharBTBAChairmanRonGriffin.jpg The British Tenpin Bowling Association and MFA Bowl Ltd. have announced a ground breaking partnership for the benefit of BTBA members.

    L-R MFA Chairman Mehdi Afshar and BTBA Chairman Ron Griffin.

    With immediate effect MFA recognizes the role and work of the BTBA as the National Governing Body for Tenpin Bowling in England and has committed to work to encourage the growth of BTBA membership through BTBA sanctioned leagues within MFA centers.

    For a period of three years BTBA sanctioned leagues and their members will benefit from a 'Price Freeze' in lineage rates plus other commercial benefits that will significantly exceed the annual cost of BTBA Membership.

    Additionally the BTBA will launch the MFA League Cup, a National Tournament for BTBA sanctioned leagues hosted and sponsored by MFA offering exciting playing formats and significant Prize Money.

    A third and significant element to the agreement is the establishment of a preferential Tournament Lineage rate available for National BTBA Tournaments across all MFA Centers bringing standardization and cost control for tournament organizers and savings for BTBA members.

    Speaking at MFA Nottingham during the 2015 BTBA National Championships, BTBA Chairman Ron Griffin welcomed the partnership. "MFA are now a major voice in Tenpin Bowling in this country and our discussions with them lead me to believe that we have established a relationship of mutual benefit.

    "I look forward to our tournament organizers forging strong working partnerships with MFA staff, our technical teams working closely together and our members enjoying the fruits of their work."

    Responding MFA Bowl Ltd. Chairman & CEO Mehdi Afshar said: "MFA embraces all areas of Bowling including leisure and sports bowling. We recognize that one cannot exist without the other and that all sports require a strong National Governing Organization who can set and maintain the standards that guide us all.

    "We intend to play our part in supporting the BTBA by making BTBA membership an attractive option within our centers and in so doing look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership with the BTBA."