QubicaAMF signs on as PBA Regional Tour partner


    PBA Regional

    Sponsorship agreement bolsters prize funds across PBA's extensive regional program


    The Professional Bowlers Association has announced a partnership agreement has been signed with QubicaAMF Worldwide, the world leader in bowling capital equipment and state-of-the-art automatic scoring technologies, that will bolster the extensive QubicaAMF PBA Regional Tour program.

    Under the partnership agreement, QubicaAMF's participation assures the prize funds for the more than 150 tournaments conducted in the PBA's seven domestic regions (East, South, Central, Midwest, Southwest, West and Northwest) will exceed player entry fee contributions, enhancing the professional experience for all competitors.

    2013PBA50JohnWeber.jpg "Since the PBA Regional program was officially launched in 1970, thousands of bowlers have had an opportunity to experience PBA-level competition in hundreds of cities across America," said John Weber (pictured right), PBA Director of Regional and PBA50 Tours.

    "Thanks to the support of Qubica AMF, the PBA will continue to provide the future stars of the PBA with affordable, close-to-home opportunities to develop the skills they will need to compete at the highest levels of our sport. At the same time, the QubicaAMF PBA Regional Tour provides thousands of fans an opportunity to see our established and emerging stars in person."

    As titled sponsor of the QubicaAMF PBA Regional Tour, QubicaAMF's logo will be part of all of PBA's on-site and online materials related to the regional program.

    QAMFPatCiniello.jpg "We are thrilled to be able to give this boost to the Regional Tour and partner with the PBA," said Pat Ciniello (left), Chairman of the Board of QubicaAMF.

    "QubicaAMF is committed to the sport of bowling - from developing products for leagues and tournaments to the QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup, this year celebrating its 53rd Anniversary, which promotes the sport of bowling at all levels across the world. We feel that supporting the PBA and the bowling centers that host the regional events are important steps to ensuring the continuing success of our beloved sport."

    2013PBACommissionerTomClark2.jpg The QubicaAMF announcement arrives just as the PBA Regional program springs into its busy summer season, drawing praise from PBA CEO and Commissioner Tom Clark (right), who described PBA's seven regional directors as "the rock stars" of the PBA.

    "They are the core of the greatest bowling tournament club ever created: the PBA," Clark said. "They are great bowlers…trusted tournament directors…mentors…friends. They run their programs humbly, with integrity, professionalism and unmatched experience."

    The QubicaAMF PBA Regional Tour is managed by these seven men, under John Weber's supervision:

    • Russ Mills has managed the PBA East Region since 1997. A former PBA Tour and Regional competitor, Mills also was a former Ebonite district sales manager.
    • Sam Zurich assumed management of the PBA South Region in 2012 after eight years assisting former South Regional director Harry O'Neale. Zurich is a two-time PBA Tour and 40-time PBA Regional title winner.
    • Bobby Jakel has managed the PBA Central Region since 2006. A former collegiate bowler and USBC Open Championships "eagle" winner, Jakel bowled in PBA competition for 2 1/2 years before assuming his administrative role.
    • Rich Weber was co-manager of the PBA Midwest Region between 1984-1998, working with his late father Dick Weber and younger brother John, before assuming full-time responsibility for the region in 2006. A two-time PBA Regional titlist in his own right, Rich Weber also was PBA50 Tour Director from 1990-98.
    • Pete McCordic has managed the PBA Southwest Region since 1997. He came into the role after bowling on the PBA Tour for 18 years, winning two PBA Tour titles, bowling a nationally-televised 300 game, and winning seven PBA Regional titles. His twin brother Paul is currently active on the PBA50 Tour.
    • Gary Mage, who does double-duty as PBA West and Northwest Region manager, is in his 51st year of involvement with the PBA. He bowled on the PBA Tour from 1968-1981, winning one title. A former bowling center owner, he was founder of the PBA Northwest Region in 1978 and has managed the program ever since, adding the PBA West Region to his duties in 2004.

    Over the past three years, the QubicaAMF PBA Regional program has conducted an average of 165 tournaments each year, paying out more than $6.5 million in prize money.

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