Martina Beckel, Horst Albert victorious at 5th Senior Open in Böblingen


    2016 ISBT #5



    Germans Martina Beckel and Horst Albert took the titles at the 5th Senior Open at Dream-Bowl in Böblingen, Germany. The fifth stop on the 2016 International Seniors Bowling Tour (ISBT) was the second visit of the year to Germany. The tournament attracted an entry list of 87 men and 20 women.

    The format was a single six-game qualifying block, with unlimited re-entries. For those not able to qualify through the main leaderboard, there were additional opportunities through Turbo games, Early Bird qualification, Scratch scores and a Desperado squad.

    Age bonus started at age 51 (1 pin per game), then increased a pin for every additional year of age with no limit. As with all ISBT events, there was a separate division for ladies.

    Bowling started the weekend before the finals day, with four squads being held. Strong performances by Berny Stöckl (1434) and Hermann Wimmer (1422) in the men's section, and Vera Stepper (1198), all from Germany, in the women's section ensured they would make the finals through the Early Bird qualification, if not through the overall ranking.

    There was only one squad on Wednesday, with top scores being posted by Wolfgang Emmerich (1359) and Marett Schiller (1180), also from Germany. The two squads on Thursday showed that scoring was not easy for most of the field, with high totals few and far between. Dominique de Nolf of Belgium totaled 1357 to be the only player over 1300 for the day.

    Friday saw an improvement in the scoring pace, led by two Belgians - Roger Pieters with 1473 and Giorgio Desimio with 1420, and two Italians - Santo Provenzi with 1384 and Loris Masetti with 1371.

    In the women's section, Martina Beckel, a multiple ISBT champion who won the 50+ Euro Bowling Open in Antwerp, Belgium, this season, easily jumped to the top of the standings with a consistent block for a 1332 total.

    There were three squads on the final day, the first was a very early start led by Alan Keddie of Scotland with 1404, ahead of Chris Scudder of England with 1367. There was more good scoring in the second squad, led by Peter Panas with 1431 and Petra Duplois, both Germany, with 1247 in the women's section. The final squad was won by Scudder with a slightly improved 1373.

    Top qualifier overall was Pieters with 1473, ahead of Stöckl (1434) and Panas (1431). In the ladies section, Beckel had a clear lead with 1332 ahead of Duplois (1247) and Sabine Leutwiler of Switzerland with 1235.

    For those who had failed to qualify through the overall standings, or the Early Bird, Scratch and Turbo listings, there was still an opportunity to make the finals through the one-game Desperado squad.

    Eleven men and two ladies took part, and Robert Vallons of Belgium started best with the first four deliveries all resulting in strikes. He kept going through the game to finish with 256, just 4 pins ahead of Dieter Rau of Germany (252), both men would now qualify for the finals. In the women's section, Tassanee Weber of Thailand just squeezed through with a 175 game.

    Overall qualifiers 19 to 24, plus all the other qualifiers from the other sections had an early start on Sunday, bowling a four-game block, with only 10 progressing to the next round. Horst Albert was top with 966, well clear of the rest of the field.

    In the second final round over 6 games, Albert again led the way with a fine 1401, ahead of Stöckl and men's winner in Antwerp, Steven Jeeves of England. Only eight players would make the next round, last bowler to make the cut was Steve Carnell of England) with 1331, just pushing out compatriot Scudder by five pins.

    In the women's first final round, Marianne Pelz of Germany had a four-pin lead over Beckel with 1256, with Karin Lischka of Germany just two pins further behind. As with the men's section, the top eight would bowl a further three games with pinfall carrying through to determine the top four for the final round.

    In the men's section, Albert retained his lead with 3312, ahead of Pieters, Carlo Greulich of Germany and Stöckl. The four women who would make the final were Germans Beckel, Stepper, Pelz and Lischka.

    2016ISBT05MenFinalistsGreulichPietersStocklAlbert.jpgThe final rounds were single game elimination, all the remaining players played one game, and the lowest was eliminated. First to fall in the men's section was Pieters, thanks to an unusual single pin miss.

    From left, Greulich, Pieters, Stöckl and Albert.

    In the next game, Stöckl clearly led from Albert, with Greulich falling away after failing to master the carry, including leaving a 5-7-10 'lily'. The final ended up a little one sided, with Horst Albert having a string of strikes to win, 251-228, to become champion and secure his first ISBT title. Stöckl and 2014 winner Greulich finished second and third for the second consecutive year.

    2016ISBT05WomenFinalistsLischkaStepperPelzBeckel.jpg In the women's section, Pelz was the first to fall. The second game saw Stepper lose by just three pins to Lischka, with Martina Beckel again well ahead. In the final game, Martina Beckel was just too strong and won by 213 to 197 to become the first multiple champion this season.

    From left, Lischka, Stepper, Pelz and Beckel.

    The next stop on the 2016 tour is the Dutch Senior Open Chandra Bowling in Nieuwegein, Netherlands. The tournament runs from August 3-7. Full details are available at the ISBT website.

    Story and Results courtesy of Tony Brown.


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    2016 International Seniors Bowling Tour Schedule & Champions


    5th Böblingen Senior Open - Women's Eliminator Round Finals

    Dream Bowl in Böblingen, Germany (July 16-24, 2016)




    Final Standings:
    1. Martina Beckel, Germany
    2. Karin Lischka, Germany
    3. Vera Stepper, Germany
    4. Marianne Pelz, Germany

    From left, Lischka, Stepper, Pelz and Beckel.

    Playoff Results:
    Round 1: Beckel (7) 244, Lischka (6) 202, Stepper (2) 195; Pelz (15) 175, Pelz eliminated.
    Round 2: Beckel 226, Lischka 199, Stepper 196; Stepper eliminated.
    Round 3: Beckel def. Lischka, 213-197.
    Scores including age bonus (in parenthesis)


    5th Böblingen Senior Open - Men's Eliminator Round Finals

    Dream Bowl in Böblingen, Germany (July 16-24, 2016)




    Final Standings:
    1. Horst Albert, Germany
    2. Berny Stöckl, Germany
    3. Carlo Greulich, Germany
    4. Roger Pieters, Belgium

    From left, Greulich, Pieters, Stöckl and Albert.

    Playoff Results:
    Round 1: Greulich (8) 245; Stöckl (12) 215, Albert (24) 213, Pieters (17) 207; Pieters eliminated.
    Round 2: Stöckl 254, Albert 230, Greulich 187; Greulich eliminated.
    Round 3: Albert def. Stöckl, 251-228.
    Scores including age bonus (in parenthesis)


    5th Böblingen Senior Open - Men's Final Round 3

    Top 4 advance to the Eliminator Round Finals.


    5th Böblingen Senior Open - Women's Final Round 2

    Top 4 advance to the Eliminator Round Finals.


    5th Böblingen Senior Open - Men's Final Round 2

    Top 8 advance to the third round.


    5th Böblingen Senior Open - Women's Final Round 1

    Top 8 advance to the second round.


    5th Böblingen Senior Open - Men's Final Round 1

    Top 8 advance to the second round.


    5th Böblingen Senior Open - Women's Qualifying Standings

    Top 10 qualifiers plus 2 Early Bird qualifiers (13th & 15th place), 2 Scratch (12th & 14th), 1 Turbo (16th place) and 1 Desperado (19th place) qualifier advance to the finals.


    5th Böblingen Senior Open - Men's Qualifying Standings

    Top 24 qualifiers plus 5 Early Bird qualifiers (places 25, 26, 31, 32 & 42), 5 Scratch (places 28, 29, 30, 35 and 38) 2 Turbo (36th and 43rd place) and 2 Desperado (27th and 33rd place) qualifiers advance to the finals. Top 18 qualifiers receive one bye.