Del Warren joins the Kegel management team


    United States

    Kegel_HomeOfBowlingSolutions.jpg Lake Wales, Florida based Kegel Company has announced that Del Warren, formerly President of Track International, has agreed to join the Kegel management team. Del's first chore will be Vice President of The Kegel Training and Tournament Center as well as Director of Sport Research.

    In the Kegel Training Center Del will be responsible for further developing the Kegel Coaching Programs and to develop tournaments in conjunction with his duties as Director of Sport Research.

    He will also be responsible for coordinating the conditions and data analysis of the many tournaments Kegel is involved in as well as the pure empirical research that is ongoing. Del will also be appointed Kegel's liaison to the USBC and will oversee the assistance to the USBC Equipment Specifications Department with their duties in the research of the total bowling environment.

    As everyone should know, Kegel is heavily involved in the study of the sport and specifications of the Sport of Bowling at its highest level's. Kegel is responsible for the lane conditions of over 35 major international and national events yearly.

    The experienced staff at Kegel has taken care of well over 1500 major PBA, national, and international events in the last 35 years. While performing the duties of being responsible, Kegel has found the variables of the different lanes around the world to be confusing at best.

    JohnDavisCEOKegel_small.jpg "I cannot verbalize how extremely excited I am about Del Warren's addition to the management team", said founder John Davis. "Del's extensive experience in bowling from pin chaser, PBA champion, field marketing specialist, ball designer for the AMF bowling ball division to President of Track International will only add to the professionalism of our company, but his love of the sport and his own personal passion and desire to improve the Sport is what really caught my attention."

    Del Warren stated "I am happy that I can continue to serve the bowling community through this opportunity with Kegel. As the business and sport of bowling has changed, it is paramount that education change and take on an entirely new meaning and focus. Kegel's philosophy and commitment to our industry supports the need for further research in both areas. I feel blessed to be a part of the Kegel team."

    Davis went on to say, "The Kegel staff has extensive bowling, bowling ball and coaching knowledge. Del's addition will take us to a whole new level of understanding. His experience will tie together the sport as we once knew it with the sport as we now know it.

    "With the addition of Del to our team, the world of bowling can look forward to Kegel having a much greater positive impact on the future health of the sport and therefore the business of Bowling."