Ebonite International reaches 100% bowling coaching certification level


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    Entire sales team becomes a minimum of Bronze Level Certified

    2006WYCEbonite110.jpg Just two short years ago, Ebonite International made a commitment to the bowling industry that every person on its sales and marketing staff who bowls would become a certified coach.

    The company is now proud to announce that 100% of its sales staff has reached a minimum of Bronze level certification, including the new District Sales Managers who joined Ebonite International earlier this summer.

    EboniteBobReid.jpg "Bowling coaching is an initiative that builds better bowlers and creates additional market potential for all of us. At Ebonite International, we believe that every coach must be qualified and certified to teach. Certification gives him or her the training and background needed to help bowlers make equipment choices, improve their game and ultimately stay in the game longer," said vice president of marketing Bob Reid (right).

    "We have aggressively pursued this goal and are excited to report back that we have reached our goal on the sales side and will complete our goal on the marketing side by November. We will uphold our promise to the industry."

    Many of the sales and marketing staff underwent certification classes at Ebonite's Galaxy Lanes facility in Columbia, Tenn. Currently, eight have achieved silver level certification and 19 have completed Bronze certification, bringing the total number of certified coaches in the company to 27.

    USBC Silver Certified Coaches at Ebonite International, Inc. include:

    • Brenda Green, Marketing Services Manager at Ebonite International, Inc.
    • Norm Titus, House Pro at Ebonite's Galaxy Lanes
    • Pam Buckner, Ebonite International DSM
    • John Gaines, Ebonite International DSM
    • Ed Gallagher, Ebonite Brand Manager
    • Mike Ransom, Center Manager at Ebonite's Galaxy Lanes
    • Ron Hickland, Jr., Ebonite International Ball Design Engineer
    • Paul Figliomeni, Track Brand Manager

    USBC Bronze Certified Coaches at Ebonite International, Inc. include:

    • David Bartlett, Ebonite International DSM
    • Damon Sarrocco, Ebonite International DSM
    • Steve Szabina, Ebonite International DSM
    • Todd Zenner, Ebonite International DSM
    • Paul Enright, Ebonite International DSM
    • Shawn Morris, Ebonite International DSM
    • Joseph Farley, Ebonite International DSM
    • Scott Hayes, Ebonite International DSM
    • Scott McMillan, Ebonite International National Field Sales Manager
    • Kwang Chun Bae, Ebonite International Director of Asian Sales
    • Brian Graham, Hammer Brand Manager
    • Gerry Keslar, National Sales Manager for Ebonite VanTech Capital Equipment
    • Ron Hickland, Sr., Ebonite International Technical Support
    • Mike Shady, Pro Shop Operator
    • Bill Calhoon, USBC Open Ebonite International Booth Manager
    • Jacki Snyder, USBC Open Ebonite International Assistant Booth Manager
    • Richard Twyman, Ebonite International Demo Day Staff
    • Tamara Ferguson, International Marketing Assistant
    • Jeff Ussery, Powerhouse® Brand Manager

    "Becoming a USBC certified coach has become the ultimate 'badge of honor' among our sales and marketing team," said Reid. "It proves that our company will very willingly 'walk the walk' when it comes to issues critical to bowling such as the industry's coaching initiative."

    Reid also indicated that even though the consumer product sales and marketing group is fulfilling its certification mission, the scope of the corporation's mission will likely expand. "We have bowlers in our commercial products group interested in coaching now, as well as several of our PBA pro staff members," Reid said. "We will very likely expand our certification initiatives to include those groups."

    Based in Hopkinsville, Kent., Ebonite International is a privately-owned company that currently services bowling centers, distributors and retail outlets both domestically and internationally.