Bowling Coaches Hall of Fame Task Force meets; Inductee Application developed


    BPAA News

    Application Deadline set for April 15, 2008

    StrikeTenSkillsCenterLogo.jpg In response to The Skills Center, a division of Strike Ten Entertainment (STE), establishing a new national recognition for bowling coaches and/or instructors as well as the creation of a Hall of Fame for Bowling Coaches and Instructors, the Coaches Hall of Fame Task Force has developed and is releasing the inductee application for widespread distribution.

    Applications are now available on several websites including, and the new STE Skills Center website, or by contacting The Skills Center at 800-871-7869.

    The task force, led by Jimmy Sturm, BPAA president-elect as chairman, Dave Garber - USBC co-director of coaching; Susie Minshew - IBPSIA past-president; Bob Rea - director of coaching for The Dick Ritger Academy; Kelly Bednar - director of the STE Skills Center; and bowling writers Dick Evans and Jim Goodwin, will be meeting in early March to finalize the application review process, type of award and other details relating to this new and important honor. Application Deadline is April 15, 2008.

    Recognition of the first inductee(s) is scheduled to occur at International Bowl Expo 2008 in Orlando on Wednesday morning, June 25th during the Expo's General Session.

    Application (pdf format)