Stars headed to 2008 USBC Intercollegiate Singles Championships


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    Defending women's champ Current, player of the year candidates highlight 32-player field

    2008ISCElysiaCurrent_small.jpg Defending champion Elysia Current (pictured left) of Wichita State as well as Player of the Year candidates Dan MacLelland of Saginaw Valley State and Kayla Bandy of Pikeville highlight a star-studded field that qualified Friday for the 2008 United States Bowling Congress Intercollegiate Singles Championships.

    The USBC Intercollegiate Singles Championships, which will be held May 19-20 at Olympic Lanes in Milwaukee, features 32 of the top male and female collegiate bowlers in the country competing for national titles.

    Qualifying for the national finals was held Friday at four Sectional Qualifier sites: Allentown, Pa.; Chattanooga, Tenn.; Fairview Heights, Ill., and Las Vegas. All participants bowled six games with total pinfall determining final standings. The top four finishers in each division (male and female) at each Sectional Qualifier site advance to the 2008 USBC Intercollegiate Singles Championships.

    Current, a first-team All-American last season and 2003-04 Collegiate Player and Rookie of the Year while at Fairleigh Dickinson University, advanced by finishing third at the Fairview Heights Sectional to earn the chance to defend her title. She was a runner-up at the national finals two years ago.

    Current will be joined at the national finals by her Shockers teammates Emily Maier, a first-team All-American last season, as well as Ricki Williams. Both Maier and Williams are members of Junior Team USA in 2008.

    2008ISCKaylaBandy_small.jpg Bandy (left), the 2006-07 Collegiate Player of the Year, former Rookie of the Year and former Junior Team USA member, will close out her successful collegiate career at the national finals. She will be joined by teammate Jennifer Wright, a former Team USA and Junior Team USA member.

    Two more members of this year's Junior Team USA squad qualified as well. Vanderbilt's Josie Earnest, who helped lead the Commodores to the school's first NCAA title as a freshman last year, won the Chattanooga Sectional and Shippensburg's Kerry Smith, last season's Rookie of the Year, won the Allentown Sectional.

    McKendree's Rebekah Diers, last year's USBC Intercollegiate Team Championships Most Valuable Player, won the Fairview Heights Sectional. Central Florida joined Wichita State in qualifying three for the national finals - Brigette Harrelson, Kaidee Sutphin and Jillian Pavlak.

    Rounding out the women's field is Las Vegas Sectional winner Cindy Buckner of Martin Methodist, Amy Corbin of Morehead State, Kristen Nielsen of Robert Morris College in suburban Chicago and Lindenwood's Laura Fonnegra and Jennifer Donahue, who earned the final spot in Las Vegas by defeating Martin Methodist's Hayley Beavis, 60-40, in a two-frame rolloff.

    2008ISCDanMcLelland_small.jpg In the men's division, MacLelland (left), who helped lead Saginaw Valley State to consecutive team national championships in his first two seasons, will look to add a singles national title after winning the Chattanooga Sectional.

    Winning the Fairview Heights Sectional was Wichita State's Jake Peters, who finished in the top 24 at the 2007 USBC Masters at age 18. He will be joined at the national finals by two Wichita State teammates - Will Barnes and Jim Rogers.

    Four other schools had two players qualify - Lindenwood's Michael Dole and Matthew Tod, Martin Methodist's Sean Rutherford and Brian Huther, North Carolina State's Vincent Dinova and Craig Nursey and Rochester Tech's David Gerhart, who won the Allentown Sectional, and Dan Vick, who was a Junior Team USA member in 2006.

    Rounding out the men's field is Richard Van Scoyk of McKendree, Brett Shepard of Vincennes, Jeffrey Szabo of William Paterson and Ken Fischer of Robert Morris College, who won the Las Vegas Sectional.

    At the national finals, all 16 participants in each division bowl eight games to determine seeding for the match play competition. In match play, participants compete in a best-of-five, single-elimination bracket, with winners in each division being crowned national champions of the 2008 USBC Intercollegiate Singles Championships.

    Sectional Qualifiers - Top 10 Men after six games

    Top 4 in each sectional advance to 2008 USBC Intercollegiate Singles Championships

    Allentown (Pa.) Sectional
    1. David Gerhart, Rochester Tech, 1,389; 2. Jeffrey Szabo, William Paterson, 1,361; 3. Daniel Vick, Rochester Tech, 1,349; 4. Jim Rogers, Wichita State, 1,325; 5. Shane Tetterton, Penn State-Berks/Lehigh, 1,301; 6. (tie) Jesse Hawkins, Pikeville, 1,291; John Kaashoek, Michigan State, 1,291; 8. Travis Celmer, Penn State-Berks/Lehigh, 1,285; 9. Gregory Hatzijavvas, William Paterson, 1,281; 10. Jonathan Deuire, William Paterson, 1,272.

    Chattanooga (Tenn.) Sectional
    1. Dan MacLelland, Saginaw Valley State, 1,406; 2. Vincent Dinova, North Carolina State, 1,354; 3. Craig Nursey, North Carolina State, 1,330; 4. Brett Shepherd, Vincennes, 1,319; 5. Chris Seyffarth, Purdue, 1,315; 6. Benjamin Galloway, Robert Morris (Pa.), 1,299; 7. Michael Snow, Saginaw Valley State, 1,287; 8. Collin Kerschner, Purdue, 1,281; 9. Tim Pfeifer, Robert Morris (Pa.), 1,271; 10. Ryan Slosser, Purdue, 1,262.

    Fairview Heights (Ill.) Sectional
    1. Jake Peters, Wichita State, 1,381; 2. Matthew Tod, Lindenwood, 1,377; 3. Richard Van Scoyk, McKendree, 1,363; 4. Will Barnes, Wichita State, 1,336; 5. J.R. Raymond, Southwestern Illinois, 1,323; 6. Andrew Ewig, Wisc.-Whitewater, 1,305; 7. Derek Hartnell, Newman, 1,301; 8. Austin DeHaven, Indiana, 1,298; 9. Sammy Krucek Jr., Calumet, 1,295; 10. Jesse Buss, Wichita State, 1,293.

    Las Vegas Sectional
    1. Ken Fischer, Robert Morris (Ill.), 1,356; 2. Sean Rutherford, Martin Methodist, 1,355; 3. Michael Dole, Lindenwood, 1,317; 4. Brian Huther, Martin Methodist, 1,296; 5. Matt Robinson, Fresno State, 1,291; 6. Donald Benner, UC Davis, 1,283; 7. Kevin Narciso, Arizona State, 1,281; 8. Corey Young, Missouri Baptist, 1,275; 9. Ryan Council, Lindenwood, 1,268; 10. Adam Ahmad, Washington State, 1,264.

    Sectional Qualifiers - Top 10 Women after six games

    Top 4 in each sectional advance to 2008 USBC Intercollegiate Singles Championships

    Allentown (Pa.) Sectional
    1. Kerry Smith, Shippensburg, 1,373; 2. Jennifer Wright, Pikeville, 1,322; 3. Amy Corbin, Morehead State, 1,292; 4. Kayla Bandy, Pikeville, 1,271; 5. Michelle Snyder, Morehead State, 1,238; 6. Maria Rodriquez, Maryland-Eastern Shore, 1,219; 7. Melissa Kammerer, Wichita State, 1,174; 8. Ashly Galante, Pikeville, 1,173; 9. Lauren Sohmer, Penn State, 1,161; 10. Christine King, Maryland-Eastern Shore, 1,159.

    Chattanooga (Tenn.) Sectional
    1. Josie Earnest, Vanderbilt, 1,407; 2. Brigette Harrelson, Central Florida, 1,242; 3. Kaidee Sutphin, Central Florida, 1,216; 4. Jillian Pavlak, Central Florida, 1,182; 5. Michelle Kendrick, Florida State, 1,180; 6. Samantha Macina, Central Florida, 1,179; 7. Stephanie Scanlon, Florida State, 1,163; 8. Alisa Hannagan, Chattanooga, 1,151; 9. Mindy Pancoast, Virginia Tech, 1,141; 10. Heidi Sanders, Wright State, 1,138.

    Fairview Heights (Ill.) Sectional
    1. Rebekah Diers, McKendree, 1,396; 2. Emily Maier, Wichita State, 1,369; 3. Elysia Current, Wichita State, 1,320; 4. Ricki Williams, Wichita State, 1,282; 5. Melissa Hurst, Wichita State, 1,277; 6. Christine Belsky, Newman, 1,271; 7. Gretchen Ulferts, McKendree, 1,233; 8. Maggie Zakrzewski, Wichita State, 1,207; 9. Jessica Ganem, Newman, 1,187; 10. Danielle Belobraydich, McKendree, 1,179.

    Las Vegas Sectional
    (*Donahue won two-frame rolloff, 60-40) 1. Cindy Buckner, Martin Methodist, 1,314; 2. Laura Fonnegra, Lindenwood, 1,301; 3. Kristen Nielsen, Robert Morris (Ill.), 1,289; *4. (tie) Jennifer Donahue, Lindenwood, 1,244; Hayley Beavis, Martin Methodist, 1,244; 6. Nicole Miller, Fresno State, 1,240; 7. Jasmine Coleman, Fresno State, 1,203; 8. Savahna Porter, Arizona State, 1,185; 9. Kirsten Sorensen, Fresno State, 1,181; 10. Simone Simmons, Robert Morris (Ill.), 1,180.