Ron Oldfield, Yvette Murrath win inaugural International Seniors Bowling Tour event


    2010 International Seniors Bowling Tour #1

    Claim the men's and women's title in Arthur's 5th Senior Open in Monheim, Germany

    2010ISBT01RonOldfield.jpg2010ISBT01YvetteMurrath.jpgThe International Seniors Bowling Tour (ISBT) got off the ground with its inaugural event, Arthur's 5th Senior Open, at 22-laner Vegas Bowling in Monheim, Germany, Long-time English national team member Ron Oldfield (pictured left) and Belgium's Yvette Murrath (right) won the men's and women's title.

    All ten tournaments on the 2010 ISBT will have separate divisions for men and women and separate prize funds.

    Oldfield, who received 14 pins handicap each game averaged 229.67 scratch over 12 games to beat out John de Vries, Netherlands, for the 2.000 Euro top prize by 96 pins, 2924 to 2828.

    2010ISBT01Top3Men.jpgDe Vries, who got 4 pins handicap and averaged 231.67, received 1.000 Euro for second place. Alfred Metz, Germany, who didn't get handicap, was mere 46 pins behind in third place with 2782 including the field-best 231.83 average, worth 700 Euro.

    Left picture, from left: De Vries, winner Oldfield and Metz

    2010ISBT01Top3Women.jpgMurath outaveraged her nearest competitor, ISBT president, Liliane Vintens, by more than eight pins to win the women's title and the 800 Euro top prize with 2575 12-game total including 3 pins handicap each game, or an average of 211.58.

    Right picture, from left: Vintens, winner Murath and Pelz

    Vintens, no handicap, pocketed 550 Euro for second place with 2440. Former German national team members Marianne Pelz and Gisela Insinger finished in third and fourth place with 2352 and 2306, respectively.

    2010ISBT01RalfGrawe_small.jpg2010ISBT01MickInce_small.jpgFour players rolled a perfect game during the tournament, three in the qualifying by Reiner Plein and Ralf Gräwe (pictured left), both Germany, Mick Ince (right), England; and the fourth in the semifinal by Barry Horne, United States.

    The second tournament of the 2010 International Seniors Bowling Tour is the Italy Senior Open 2010 to be held at Reno Bowling in Bologna, Italy, June 1-6, 2010.


    2010 International Seniors Bowling Tour Schedule

    2010 ISBT #1
    Arthur's 5th Senior Open
    Vegas Bowling in Monheim, Germany (March 10-14, 2010)

    2010 ISBT #2
    Italy Senior Open
    Reno Bowling in Bologna, Italy (June 1-6, 2010)

    2010 ISBT #3
    ALPA Senior Open
    Alpa-Bowl in Buxtehude, Germany (June 30 - July 4, 2010)

    2010 ISBT #4
    1st Flanders Senior Open
    Real Bowling Latem in Latem, Belgium (July 21-25, 2010)

    2010 ISBT #5
    5th Schiedam Senior Open
    Chandra Schiedam in Schiedam, Netherlands (July 27 - August 1, 2010)

    2010 ISBT #6
    Belgian Senior Open
    Bowlmaster in Brussels, Belgium (August 12-15, 2010)

    2010 ISBT #7
    Lomme Senior Open
    Planet Bowling in Lomme, France (September 1-5, 2010)

    2010 ISBT #8
    Schillerpark SeniorOpen
    Bowlingcenter Schillerpark in Berlin, Germany (September 30 - October 3, 2010)

    2010 ISBT #9
    Columbia 300 Senior Open Tilburg
    Dolfijn Bowling in Tilburg, Netherlands (October 20-24, 2010)

    2010 ISBT #10
    UK Senior Ranking Tournament
    Lakeside Superbowl in Nuneaton, England (November 4-7, 2010)


    Men's Division - Final Standings after 12 games

    Women's Division - Final Standings after 12 games