Pascoal-Blom, Horne set the pace in ALPA Senior Open after Day 2 Qualifying


    2010 International Seniors Bowling Tour #3

    Top 2 women and top 4 men after two days earn berths into the finals

    2010ISBT03FaridaPascoalBlom.jpgFarida Pascoal-Blom (pictured left), Netherlands, and Barry Horne, United States, set the pace in the women's and men's division in the ALPA Senior Open in Buxtehude. Germany, the third stop of the inaugural International Seniors Bowling Tour (ISBT).

    Pascoal-Blom, former Dutch national team member and coach, had a 1213 six-game series on day two qualifying including 10 pins age bonus per game. Together with her 1259 series from day one, Pascoal-Blom leads the women's division with 2472 pinfall total or a scratch average of 196.00.

    Second place belonged to Erna Buysse, Belgium, who used blocks of 1191 and 1189 including 16 pins handicap each game for 2380 total (182.33).

    The top 2 women and the top 4 men after the first two days earn automatic berths into the finals on Sunday.

    2010ISBT03BarryHorne.jpgHorne (right), who had the field-best 1445 series (1403 scratch) including the tournament's first 300 game on Wednesday, added another 1388 series including 7 pins handicap each game to lead the men's division with 2833 12-game total and an average of 229.08 scratch. Horne had scratch games of 210, 221, 215, 215, 217 and 268.

    Miroslav Chylo, Germany, who gets 10 pins handicap per game, was mere 30 pins behind with 2803 including series of 1436 and 1367. Third place belonged to David Tan, Germany (8 hc), with 2722 including series of 1409 and 1313.

    Gerrie de Graaf grabbed the fourth and last "Early Bird" spot with 2715 total. De Graaf comes from the 50 to 55 year age group and doesn't receive any age bonus. He rolled 1366 and 1349 scratch, an average of 226.75 for 12 games.

    The ALPA Senior Open is the third stop of the 2010 International Seniors Bowling Tour and runs from June 30 - July 4. 2010 at Alpa-Bowl in Buxtehude. Germany. All players must bowl at least two blocks of six games. Unlimited re-entries are allowed. The two highest six-game series will be added to a 12-game qualifying total.

    50 to 55 year-old players do not receive any age bonus, a 56-year-old get 1 pin handicap per game, a 57 year-old gets 2 pins, and so on. Maximum handicap is 20 pins per game.

    12 women - 2 from qualifying from Wed-Thu, 8 from qualifying from Wed-Sat plus the top 2 from the Desperado Squad - and 28 men - 4 from qualifying from Wed-Thu, 20 from qualifying from Wed-Sat plus the top 4 from the Desperado Squad - will advance to the finals on Sunday.

    Men and women will bowl six games starting from scratch. The top 8 women and the top 20 men advance and will bowl another four games with the pinfall from the previous round being carried forward.

    The top 4 women and the top 10 men advance to the finals and will determine the winners in another 4-game block with the previous pinfall total being carried forward.


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