Field set for 2011 USBC Intercollegiate Singles Championships


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    USBCISCLogo2.jpgThe field of 24 men and 16 women who will compete for individual national championships was determined Friday at four 2011 United States Bowling Congress Intercollegiate Singles Championships sectional qualifiers.

    The 2011 USBC Intercollegiate Singles Championships will take place May 23-24 at AMF Euless Lanes in Euless, Texas. Qualifying for the national finals was held in Allentown, Pa.; Chattanooga, Tenn.; Peoria, Ill.; and Euless, Texas.

    All participants bowled six games. The top four finishers in each division (men and women) at each site advanced, while eight additional men's spots were awarded based on the field size at each sectional.

    In Allentown, Brian Moore of Saginaw Valley State led the men with 1,331 (221.8 average) and advanced along with Pikeville's Mark Allen, Erie's Ted Chojecki, Saginaw Valley State's Jeremy Dixson, William Paterson's Jonathan Deuire and Rochester Institute of Technology's Todd Sigeti.

    Webber International's Kyle Calcote led the field in Chattanooga with 1,418 (236.3 average) and was joined by the following advancing players: Jules Bridges of Florida State, Kyle Barnes of Middle Tennessee State, David Miller of Northwestern Ohio, Jayson Foote of Wright State and Nick Davis of North Carolina State.

    A total of seven men advanced from Peoria with Mikey Hill of Robert Morris-Illinois leading the way with a total of 1,349 (224.8 average). Also advancing were Jacob Kent of Robert Morris-Illinois, Josh Toth of Calumet College, Joseph Vrobel of Robert Morris-Illinois, Nicholas Sutherland of Davenport, Andy Soukap of Wisconsin-Madison and Matthew Anastasia of McKendree.

    Wichita State's Joshua McBride was the top finisher in Euless with a total of 1,393 (232.1 average) and advanced along with Wichita State's Geoffrey Young, William Penn's James Miller, Newman's Matthew Pope and Kansas' Kyle Turner.

    On the women's side, Kim Yioulos of Pikeville finished on top in Allentown with 1,276 (212.6 average) and was joined by the following advancing players: Danielle LoCurto of Adelphi, Jenn Boisselle of Central Florida and Kara Bunting of Central Florida.

    In Chattanooga, Northwestern Ohio's Kandis Garland led the field with 1,291 (215.1 average) and advanced along with Jennifer Petzoldt of Lindenwood, Jillian McBride of Lindenwood and Brittni Hamilton of Vanderbilt.

    McKendree's Christine Gill led the Peoria sectional with 1,261 (210.1 average) and advanced with Alice Veenstra of Calumet College, Kristen Ruzicka of Midland and Katelyn Zwiefelhofer of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

    Maryland Eastern Shore dominated the Euless sectional, taking the top three spots. Kristina Frahm led with 1,339 (223.1) and advanced with her teammates Maria Jose Rodriguez and Megan Buja. Nicole Bring of Fresno State also moved on.

    Complete Results


    2011 USBC Intercollegiate Singles Championships - Men's Sectional Qualifiers

    Final results after six games - only advancers listed

    Allentown (Pa.) Sectional (Top 6 advance)
    1, Brian Moore, Saginaw Valley St., 1,331. 2, Mark Allen, Pikeville, 1,325. 3, Ted Chojecki, Erie Community College, 1,322. 4, Jeremy Dixson, Saginaw Valley St., 1,320 5, Jonathan Deuire, William Paterson, 1,309. 6, Todd Sigeti, Rochester Institute of Technology, 1,306.

    Chattanooga (Tenn.) Sectional (Top 6 advance)
    1, Kyle Calcote, Webber International, 1,418. 2, Jules Bridges, Florida St., 1,378. 3, Kyle Barnes, Middle Tennessee St., 1,368. 4, David Miller, Northwestern Ohio, 1,364. 5, Jayson Foote, Wright State, 1,362. 6, Nick Davis, North Carolina St., 1,350.

    Peoria (Ill.) Sectional (Top 7 advance)
    1, Mikey Hill, Robert Morris-Illinois, 1,349. 2, Jacob Kent, Robert Morris-Illinois, 1,341. 3, Josh Toth, Calumet College of St. Joseph, 1,329. 4, Joseph Vrobel, Robert Morris-Illinois, 1,291. 5, Nicolas Sutherland, Davenport, 1,282. 6, Andy Soukap, Wisconsin-Madison, 1,269. 7, Matthew Anastasia, McKendree, 1,260.

    Euless (Texas) Sectional (Top 5 advance)
    1, Joshua McBride, Wichita State, 1,393. 2, Geoffrey Young, Wichita State, 1,381. 3, James Miller, William Penn, 1,380. 4, Matthew Pope, Newman, 1,333. 5, Kyle Turner, Kansas, 1,323.


    2011 USBC Intercollegiate Singles Championships - Women's Sectional Qualifiers

    Final results after six games - only advancers listed

    Allentown (Pa.) Sectional (Top 4 advance)
    1, Kim Yioulos, Pikeville, 1,276. 2, Danielle LoCurto, Adelphi, 1,260. 3, Jenn Boisselle, Central Florida, 1,248. 4, Kara Bunting, Central Florida, 1,233.

    Chattanooga (Tenn.) Sectional (Top 4 advance)
    1, Kandis Garland, Northwestern Ohio, 1,291. 2 (tie), Jennifer Petzoldt, Lindenwood, and Jillian McBride, Lindenwood, 1,283. 4, Brittni Hamilton, Vanderbilt, 1,271.

    Peoria (Ill.) Sectional (Top 4 advance)
    1, Christine Gill, McKendree, 1,261. 2, Alice Veenstra, Calumet College of St. Joseph, 1,235. 3, Kristen Ruzicka, Midland, 1,225. 4, Katelyn Zwiefelhofer, Wisconsin-Whitewater, 1,191.

    Euless (Texas) Sectional (Top 4 advance)
    1, Kristina Frahm, Maryland Eastern Shore, 1,339. 2 (tie), Maria Jose Rodriguez, Maryland Eastern Shore, and Megan Buja, Maryland Eastern Shore, 1,305. 4, Nicole Bring, Fresno State, 1,303.