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Brigitte Fievet, Christer Danielsson take Alsace Senior Open titles


Brigitte Fievet of France and Sweden’s Christer Danielsson won the women’s and men’s title in the Alsace Senior Open in Wittelsheim, France.

The second stop on the 2017 ISBT tour, which was held from April 27-30 at Cristal Bowling, drew 101 men and 27 women from 15 countries, Belgium, Czech Republic, England, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Scotland, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

The format for the tournament was two blocks of 6 games qualifying, with the lowest block optionally being replaced by a better re-entry score.

For those not able to qualify through the main leaderboard, there were additional opportunities through Turbo games and a Desperado squad. Age bonus started at age 51 (1 pin per game), then increased a pin for every additional year of age with no limit. As with all ISBT events, there was a separate division for ladies.

The opening squad saw a strong start from the Scandinavian bowlers, with Christer Danielsson of Sweden opening with 1457 over his six games including age bonus, ahead of Petri Keituri of Finland.

ISBT title leader and defending women’s champion Angie Brown of England took the opening squad in the ladies section with 1165.

The second squad of the day saw another Scandinavian leader, this time Inger Gabrielsen of Sweden with 1499. Christiane Clerc of France had a good 1223 block to lead in the ladies section.

The first squad on Friday was again won by Christer Danielsson with a slightly improved 1462, just ahead of Steven Jeeves of England. Christiane Clerc also improved with 1276 to consolidate her position at the top of the leaderboard.

There was additional prize money to those who were in the top three positions after this squad, with Danielsson and Clerk taking top positions.

The second squad of the day saw André Geelen of Belgium post the highest block of the tournament so far with 1585. In the ladies section, there were high scores from Brigitte Fievet of France with 1297, with Sue Abela of Malta just seven pins behind.

Robert Vallons of Belgium won the last squad of the day with 1351, in the ladies division Pepita Jacques of France bowled well for a 1302 total.

There were three squads on Saturday, the first was won by Georges Torok of France with 1397, Nadine Lavrut of France had 1250 to top the ladies section.

The second squad saw some high scoring, with Patrick Rolland of France leading with 1505, ahead of Berny Stöckl of Germany with 1488. In the ladies section, Bigi Manico of Switzerland had a strong block of 1312 to slot her into the last qualifying place.

The lefty also had a 285 Turbo game, so looked certain to qualify one way or the other. Brigitte Fievet had another good block of 1312 to lead in the overall standings.

The final qualifying block was won by Laya Djouad of France with 1422 to secure his place in the finals. There were good blocks in the ladies section from French players Jacqueline Faure and Nadine Lavrut to secure their places in the finals, pushing Bigi Manico down to 7th place and out of the qualifying list.

The highlight of the squad was a perfect 300 game for Isabelle Chevet of France, which gave her the sole ladies Turbo qualifying place, pushing Bigi Manico totally out of the finals.

The top male qualifiers were André Geelen (2937), Christer Danielsson (2919), and Patrick Rolland (2903). The top eight would miss the first final round, eighth place was Berny Stöckl. Last qualifier in 32nd place was Gary Barlow of England with 2651.

Behind Brigitte Fievet (2600) in the ladies section was Sue Abela (2556) and Pépita Jacques (2510) of France.

Pictured left are the top eight women.

For those who had not qualified, the Desperado squad remained an option. 13 men and 4 women took part, the top two men and top lady would move forward to the finals. Scoring was not particularly high in the men’s section, and Laurent Quittelier of France and Uwe Tscharke of Germany were the men’s qualifiers with 235 and 225. Nadia Goron started strongly, and her 222 couldn’t be beaten, to make seven of the eight lady finalists coming from France.

28 men played the quarterfinal round, which was five games starting from scratch. Carlo Greulich of Germany led with 1240, ahead of Alan Keddie of Scotland.

In the semifinal round, all the top bowlers were now competing, and in the third game there was not one but two 300 games, coming from Ron Van Den Bogaard of Netherlands, and Carlo Greulich. These two would win the round, ahead of Christer Danielsson. The top eight men (right) then went forward to a round robin final.

In the men’s final, Christer Danielsson started strongly and won six of his seven matches to stay ahead of the field for his second consecutive ISBT win, ahead of Carlo Greulich and Roger Pieters.

In the women’s final Nadine Lavrut started best with a 276 first game, but was then slowly overhauled by Brigitte Fievet and Sue Abela, with Fievet ending a comfortable winner. From left to right: Abela, Fievet and Lavrut.

The third stop of the 2017 International Seniors Bowling Tour is the Paris Senior Open, which will be held from May 24-28 at La Factory, Moussy Le Neuf, France. Full details are available at the ISBT website.

Story and Results courtesy of Tony Brown.

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