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Calumet men, WSU women win Collegiate Shoot-Out


The 30th annual Collegiate Shoot-Out took place Dec. 21-22 at The Orleans Bowling Center in Las Vegas as the 2016-2017 United States Bowling Congress Collegiate season gears up for its second half.

The longstanding Tier 1 event, which drew 37 men’s and 22 women’s teams, saw the Calumet men and Wichita State women successfully defend their titles.

The Collegiate Shoot-Out included six traditional match play games and four 4-Baker-game matches (16 Baker games) with total pinfall, including bonus pins, determining the champions in each division. Each team bowled against the other team scheduled on the same pair of lanes and two teams on an adjacent pair of lanes.

The Wichita State women (pictured above) cruised to their seventh consecutive Collegiate Shoot-Out title with a perfect 30-0 record, outdistancing the field by more than 500 pins to finish with an 11,708 total. Webber International (right) finished second with 11,193, and Midland took third with 11,073.

Urbana’s Katelyn Hull and Maude Demers paced the six-game block to claim the top spot in the individual standings. Hull led the way with a 1,383 total, a 230.5, average, while Demers finished second with 1,339. Grand Canyon’s Correen Lieber recorded a third-place finish with 1,306, and Wichita State’s Laura Plazas (1,278) and West Texas A&M’s Kat Rush (1,275) finished in the top five. From right, the top 5 women.

Calumet‘s (pictured above) path to a second consecutive men’s title featured a near-perfect 29-1 record to get the Crimson Wave to a 12,445 total to beat out Webber International (right) (12,434) by mere 11 pins. Wichita State finished third with 12,228.

Wichita State’s Mitch Hupé rolled 257 in his final game to take the top spot in the men’s individual standings with 1,400, a 233.33 average. Midland’s Zach Karr finished second with 1,398, while Calumet’s Jeffrey Holden (1,383), Arizona State’s Russ Oviatt (1,381), Urbana’s Trey Cooper (1,379) and Calumet’s Michael Davidson (1,375) also recorded top-six finishes. From right, the top 6 men.

For complete results, click Men and Women. For the tournament rules, click here.

Photos courtesy of Randy Gulley.

Herbert Bickel

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