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Ebonite extends sponsorship of Teen Masters through 2017


TeenMastersLogo118q.jpgEbonite International has announced a multi-year extension of its sponsorship of one of the nation’s premier junior bowling events, The Teen Masters. This extension guarantees sponsorship through 2017.

The tournament has a rich, 19-year history of producing champions, many of which have gone on to claim college titles and even spots on Team USA. This history of excellence on the lanes is fostered through the use of challenging oil patterns and restrictions on bowling balls used.

For 2016, the tournament will use low-volume long and short oil patterns designed to test the bowler’s skill and mettle on the lanes. To level the playing field, bowlers in regional competition are limited to the use of one (1) PBA Skill 2.0, or other polyester ball with a differential of less than 0.020. In the national championships, bowlers are limited to the use of one (1) PBA Skill 2.0 and one (1) PBA Skill 3.0 ball. The tournament is scratch.

“Ebonite has been a valuable Teen Masters sponsor since 2008,” Gary Beck, CEO/President of Killer B Productions and owner of the Teen Masters Tournament said. “Ebonite’s support has enabled the Teen Masters to create a competitive environment that helps young bowlers not only improve both their bowling skills, but also their life skills.”

“Ebonite International is committed to growing the sport of bowling from the ground up and by partnering with Gary Beck, who has done a tremendous job in bringing life to this uniquely formatted tournament, we are all heading down the right path,” Jim Cormier, Vice President of Marketing for Ebonite International said.

“Teen Masters is a scratch event and each bowler uses the same product produced by Ebonite International in Hopkinsville, KY, a PBA Skill ball 3.0 (Urethane) and a PBA Skill ball 2.0 (polyester).”

“With each using the same product, the skill of the bowler raises to the top,” he said.

For more information on the Teen Masters Tournament, including a complete set of rules and entry requirements, click here.

Herbert Bickel

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