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Field for 2018 European Bowling Tour Masters announced


The 16-person field for the 2018 European Bowling Tour Masters has been announced Wednesday by the European Tenpin Bowling Federation (ETBF).

The 11th edition, which will conclude the 2017 EBT season, will have 8 men and 8 women competing for individual titles April 23 at the newly reopened Dolfijn “The Plays To Be” bowling center in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

The Masters will immediately follow the Hammer Bronzen Schietspoel Tournament, the fifth stop of the 2018 EBT season, which runs from April 15-22.

The top 8 men and women in the 2017 EBT point ranking are eligible to bowl in the Masters. The field is spearheaded by 2017 EBT pint ranking leaders Jenny Wegner of Sweden and Carsten Warming Hansen of Denmark and defending women’s champion Joline Persson Planefors of Sweden.

Eight out of 16 players, five women and three men, are from Sweden. Vacancies shall be filled by the next eligible player on the ranking lists.

Women’s Masters roster
#1: Jenny Wegner, Sweden
#2: Ida Andersson, Sweden
#3: Cajsa Wegner, Sweden
#5: Maxime de Rooij, The Netherlands
#6: Sanna Pasanen, Finland
#8: Alida Molander, Sweden
#9: Joline Persson-Planefors, Sweden
#12: Vanessa Timter, Germany

Men’s Masters roster
#1: Carsten Warming Hansen, Denmark
#2: Pontus Andersson, Sweden
#5: Francois Louw, South Africa
#8: Richard Teece, England
#9: Markus Jansson, Sweden
#12: Daniel Fransson, Sweden
#13: Christopher Sloan, Ireland
#14: Cameron Weier, United States

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