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Mexican youth bowlers wins three gold medals in Doubles


The youth teams from the host country of Mexico won three out four gold medals in the 2017 PABCON Youth Championships for Under-16 and Under-21 bowlers Monday at Bol Obispado in Monterrey, Mexico.

Karla Sandoval and Ana Sada captured the title in the girls Under16 division, while Luis Lugo, Marco Flores and Benjamin Martinez, Segio Villanueva swept the gold medals in the boys division.

Sandoval/Sada averaged 184.80 as a team on their way to the first gold medal for Mexico with 1848 pinfall. Sada had 931 and Sandoval added 917.

Pictured above is the podium in Girls Under16 Doubles. Photos by Martin Faba and Megan Gonzales.

Puerto Rico’s Natalia Delgado and Pamela Perez were 79 pins behind to take the silver medal with 1769. Singles gold medalist Alejandra Herrera and Daniela Gonzalez were further 84 pins back in third place with 1685.

On the U16 boys side, Flores led the way with 960 and Lugo was close behind with 950 to finish with 1910 five-game total (191 avg.) to win the gold medal by 100 pins over second-place Juan Rincon and Samuel Jaramillo of Colombia with 1810. Bronze went to Javier Muñiz and Edgar Burgos of Puerto Rico with 1802.

Trailing Canadians Alex Cote and Jakob Bowden by 17 pins heading into the sixth game, Martinez/Villanueva posted a 418 last game to win the title in the U21 boys doubles with 2494 and an average of 207.83.

Cote/Bowden took silver with 2483 with Junior Team USA’s Brandon Biondo and Cortez Schenck in the bronze medal position with 2415.

The fourth gold medal of the day went to the United States as singles gold medalist Stephanie Schwartz and Breanna Clemmer and singles silver and bronze medalists Sydney Brummett and Julia Bond (pictured, l-r) swept gold and silver in girls U21 doubles.

Clemmer (1348) and Schwartz (1315) played in their own league averaging 221.92 as a team, almost 24 pins higher than their team mates, do win the second gold medal for the United States with 2663 total pins.

Brummett/Bond were 287 pins behind in second place with 2376 and were followed by Sarah Klassen and Tiffany Griffith of Canada, who secured the bronze medal with 2308.

The 2017 Pan American Bowling Confederation Youth Championships will be held from September 2-9 at Bol Obispado in Monterrey, Mexico. The premiere event for youth bowlers in World Bowling’s American Zone drew 107 youth bowlers from 13 countries, 76 (48 boys and 28 girls) in the Under-21 division and 31 (16 boys and 15 girls) in the Under-16 division.

Players will compete for gold, silver and bronze medals in Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles (U16 only), Trios (U21 only), four-player Team, All-Events and Masters.

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