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Mike Panozzo becomes BBIA’s 66th Industry Service Award winner


2016BBIAIndustryServiceAwardMikePanozzoThe Billiard and Bowling Institute of America (BBIA) will present its annual Industry Service Award to billiard and bowling industry veteran and publisher Mike Panozzo during its annual convention at the Hilton Buffalo Thunder Resort, Santa Fe, N.M., April 23-25.

“The BBIA Industry Service Award is a prestigious award given to an individual who has served the billiard or bowling industry,” said Corey Dykstra, president of the BBIA. “What makes Mike so unique is that he has faithfully served both industries since 1980.”

In addition to his role as publisher of the magazines produced by Luby Publishing, Panozzo has been the Editor of Billiards Digest for the past 36 years. During that time, he has served the billiard industry in numerous volunteer roles.

Panozzo served two terms on the Billiard Congress of America board of directors. He also co-authored three books with pool legend Steve Mizerak. Panozzo currently hosts and manages the billiard industry’s annual hall of fame dinner.

In 2007, Panozzo established the United States Billiard Media Association. In recognition of his contributions, the BCA honored Panozzo with its President’s Award, which is considered by most to be billiards’ highest honor. He also has served on the BBIA board, including being president in 2002.

But Panozzo’s contribution has not just been to the billiard industry. Panozzo has written and edited for both Bowlers Journal International and Bowling Center Management.

“I am humbled to win the award and to be mentioned with so many greats that have served in both billiards and bowling.”

Paul Newman, J. Edgar Hoover and Jackie Gleason are among those who have also won the BBIA Industry Service Award. The last winner from the billiard industry was Allen Hopkins in 2006.

Herbert Bickel

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