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New York bowler rolls perfect game at 2018 USBC Open Championships


Gary Haines of Islip, New York, has put together two strong trips to the Oncenter Convention Center in Syracuse, New York, in 2018, and he was able to finish his United States Bowling Congress Open Championships appearance June 9 with a perfect game.

The 30-year-old left-hander (featured photo) connected for 12 consecutive strikes during his final game of singles. The 300 was the 11th of the 2018 USBC Open Championships, but first by a left-hander, and came after games of 181 and 226 for a 707 series. Cotie Holbek (right) of Burlington, Wisconsin, leads Regular Singles with 802.

As Haines approached his final frame, he trusted his routine to deliver three solid strikes.

“I stuck to my pre-shot routine, but I admit, my legs were shaking,” Haines said. “I made sure my first step was nice and easy, and I just tried to post each shot. I believe I ended up making three very good shots.”

Aiding in Haines’ comfort at the 48-lane venue was competing in the USBC Masters in April. There, he finished the 15 games of qualifying tied for 42nd place and advanced to the tournament’s double-elimination match-play bracket.

Although he lost his first two matches to finish tied for 49th place, the experience helped him quickly settle in during his Open Championships appearance.

Indiana bowler celebrates 50 consecutive years at USBC Open Championships

Determination and perseverance are two key things Tom Ruddick (left) of Muncie, Indiana, has demonstrated on the way to his 50th consecutive appearance at the USBC Open Championships.

The 78-year-old right-hander celebrated his milestone June 11 at the Oncenter Convention Center, despite a recent injury to his left leg.

“I just wanted to get here and make the mark,” Ruddick said. “I almost didn’t make it this year because I messed up my leg. I’m getting too old.”

Ruddick was the center of attention at the 48-lane facility as he made the ceremonial march to the middle of the venue with two of his longtime teammates, Joe Greer and Brian Maxwell, while his wife of 15 years, Jonelle, and his son, Scott, looked on.

Ruddick made his first Open Championships appearance at the 1969 event in Madison, Wisconsin, and has not missed a tournament since.

Ruddick only bowled in the team event this year, rolling games of 124, 112 and 120 for a 356 total. In 50 appearances at the Open Championships, he has knocked down 69,509 pins for a career average of 178.2.

Ken Fitzgerald of Hot Springs Village Arkansas, made his 50th consecutive appearance at the Open Championships on June 12, and complete details will be available in the June 19 edition of the Glance.

A look ahead

Defending Regular Singles champion Ron Jacobson of Jupiter, Florida, will visit the Oncenter Convention Center to put his title on the line at the 2018 USBC Open Championships.

Jacobson, 56 years old at the time, rolled games of 269, 258 and 277 at the South Point Bowling Plaza to earn the 2017 singles title with an 804 series.

The right-hander will be recognized in front of his peers and teammates before their team event June 16, and Jacobson will return to the lanes for doubles and singles June 17 at 7 a.m. Eastern.

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2018 USBC Open Championships – Regular Division

Top 10 division leaders with hometown and pinfall

(Combined averages of 1,046 and above)
1, S & B Pro Shop 1 (Bill Orlikowski, Andrew Burke, Marcus McClain, Ryan Mouw, Kurt Pilon), Warren, Mich., 3,322. 2, The Locker Guy 1, Owatonna, Minn., 3,279. 3, Red Carpet Lanes, Greenfield, Wis., 3,277. 4, Lodge Lane Too, Orlando, Fla., 3,248. 5, Team NABR, Fairport, N.Y., 3,217. 6, Shox City, Lawrence, Kan., 3,216. 7, 4 Revs & 1 Cripple, Ontario, Canada, 3,213. 8, The Shim Reapers, Franklin, Wis., 3,206. 9, #TeamWhenYo, Rochester, N.Y., 3,190. 10, Cambridge Credit Counseling 1, Westfield, Mass., 3,188.

(Combined averages of 419 and above)
1, Richard Eighme, Waterloo, Iowa/AJ Chapman, St. Paul, Minn., 1,457. 2, Alex Ouellette, Linwood, Mich./Justin Neiman, Macomb, Mich., 1,456. 3, Steve Kloempken, Pleasant View, Utah/David Haynes, Las Vegas, 1,453. 4, Francois Louw, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa/Michael Mak, Hong Kong, 1,437. 5, Matt Tomsu/Jay Watts, Omaha, Neb., 1,421. 6, Mitchell Katic, Kissimmee, Fla./Tyler James, Deltona, Fla., 1,416. 7, Dan Chambers/Steven Nava, Hopkins, Minn., 1,412. 8, Chad Svendsen, Monroe, Wis./Jonathan Schalow, Evansville, Wis., 1,403. 9(tie), David O’Sullivan, Maitland, Fla./Sean Riccardi, St. Petersburg, Fla., and Peter Stone/Andrew Stone, Bloomington Ill., 1,402.

(Averages of 210 and above)
1, Cotie Holbek, Burlington, Wis., 802. 2, Chris Hill, Franklin, Wis., 795. 3, Brenden Sramek, Bellevue, Neb., 790. 4, Rick Justice, Lawton, Okla., 786. 5, Lennie Boresch Jr., Kenosha, Wis., 784. 6, Doug Kent, Newark, N.Y., 781. 7, Rameses Chambers, Kansas City, Mo., 771. 8, Chad Oachs, Mankato, Minn., 770. 9. Vernon Peterson, Winter Haven, Fla., 766. 10, Josh Johnson, Callahan, Fla., 766.

(Averages of 210 and above)
1, Kurt Pilon, Warren, Mich., 2,186. 2, Josh Johnson, Callahan, Fla., 2,181. 3, Tom Hess, Urbandale, Iowa, 2,164. 4, AJ Chapman, St. Paul, Minn., 2,147. 5(tie), Jonathan Schalow, Evansville, Wis., and Doug Kent, Newark, N.Y., 2,146. 7, Francois Louw, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, 2,131. 8, Russ Wilson, Lawrence, Kan., 2,130. 9, David Labinski, South Milwaukee, Wis., 2,129. 10, Chad Oachs, Mankato, Minn., 2,118.

Team All-Events
(Combined all-events totals of all five team members)
1, Red Carpet Lanes (Christopher Pierson, David Labinski, Ken Duffield, Chas Maas, David Beres), Greenfield, Wis., 10,252. 2, Lawn Lanes 8, Burbank, Ill., 10,006. 3, Brian Brazeau Pro Shop, Ocala, Fla., 9,959. 4, Maxxx Revs Pro Shop 1, Peoria, Ill., 9,882. 5, Shox City, Lawrence, Kan., 9,805. 6, StormEBI, Cincinnati, 9,772. 7, #TeamWhenYo, Rochester, N.Y., 9,741. 8, Team NABR, Fairport, N.Y., 9,735. 9, S & B Pro Shop 1, Warren, Mich., 9,708. 10, Lodge Lanes Too, Orlando, Fla., 9,704.

2018 USBC Open Championships – Standard Division

Top 10 division leaders with hometown and pinfall

(Combined averages of 901-1,045)
1, The Bowlers ER Tres (Tracy Anderson, Jason, Intravaia, Jannard Remo, Bill Shaw, Daniel Luncsford), Park Ridge, Ill., 2,843. 2, AJ’s Boys & Grandkids, Sparta, Mich., 2,735. 3, Mel’s Diner, Calmar, Iowa, 2,720. 4, Pla-Mor Lanes 5, Coldwater, Ohio, 2,719. 5, Manassas VA Team 3, Manassas, Va., 2,718. 6, Eastman, Jonesborough, Tenn., 2,717. 7, R&G Ag. 2, Grand Forks, N.D., 2,708. 8, Let’s Roll, Simpsonville, S.C., 2,704. 9, Pollard’s Bowl 5/Volidco, Versailles, Ind., 2,703. 10, J&B Mechanical 2, Schaumburg, Ill., 2,700.

(Combined averages of 361-418)
1, Jeffrey Krywcum/Michael Krywcum, Buffalo, N.Y., 1,203. 2, David Stettnichs, Madison, S.D./Aaron Stettnichs, Rock Rapids, Iowa, 1,192. 3, Brian Hall, Blaine, Minn./Robert Pfeifer, Coon Rapids, Minn., 1,188. 4, Joseph Ortega/Richard Ciessau, Chicago, 1,174. 5, Ed Sauer/Thomas Shea, Billings, Mont., 1,172. 6, Mark Pifer, Covington, Va./Jerry Byer, Eagle Rock, Va., 1,171. 7(tie), Bradley Ziegenhagen, Hutchinson, Minn./Brad Brueggemeier, Watertown, Minn., and Fellow Lewis, Charlotte, N.C./Tyrone Brewington, Goldsboro, N.C., 1,169. 9, Steven Orlowski, Germantown, Wis./Kenneth Murack, Milwaukee, 1,164. 10, Michael Shea, Billings, Mont./Wayne Blomquist, Billings., Mass., 1,162.

(Averages of 181-209)
1, Ted Rybialek, South Elgin, Ill., 707. 2, Rob Pierson, Miles City, Mont., 706. 3, Neil Vitale, Benton Harbor, Mich., 694. 4, Alex Houston, Rochester, Minn., 686. 5, Robert Tuchek, Alliance, Neb., 667. 6, Kevin Cotterman, Sidney, Ohio., 666. 7(tie), Wendy Inscho, Roseville, Mich., and Sheldon Fettig, Killdeer, N.D., 657. 9, William LaRock, Lansing, N.Y., 655. 10, William Leach, Rainbow City, Ala., 654.

(Averages of 181-209)
1, Alex Houston, Rochester, Minn., 1,855. 2, Jesse Gibson, Vincennes, Ind., 1,822. 3, Tyrone Brewington, Goldsboro, N.C., 1,811. 4, Mike Menge, Cleveland, 1,798. 5, Jon Lee, Alexandria, Minn., 1,795. 6, John Albrecht, Oak Creek, Wis., 1,794. 7, Michael Krywcum, Buffalo, N.Y., 1,788. 8, William Gibbony, Powder Springs, Ga., 1,783. 9, Ted Rybialek South Elgin, Ill., 1,778. 10, Paul Nickle, Rising Sun, Md., 1,777.

2018 USBC Open Championships – Classified Division

Top 10 division leaders with hometown and pinfall

(Combined averages of 900 and below)
1, Really??? (Rochelle Tyler, Ron Lake, Lexina Hahn, Allan Pfeiffer, Staci Tucker), Katy, Texas, 2,414. 2, Fiesta Bowl 2, Hanover Park, Ill., 2,409. 3, 2 Legit 2 Split, Mount Ayr, Iowa, 2,386. 4, Bowling World 7, Owens Cross Roads, Ala., 2,340. 5, Knights and More, Aiken, S.C., 2,338. 6, OH NO Team 2, Orland Park, Ill., 2,331. 7, Anuenue, Levittown, Pa., 2,329. 8(tie), Chesterfield Rex, Sebastopol, Calif., and Wayne’s World, Perryville, Md., 2,325. 10, Hoffman Electric, Fort Collins, Colo., 2,319.

(Combined averages of 360 and below)
1, Jessica Archer, Portland, Maine/Edward Cotter, Levant, Maine, 1,116. 2, Adam Valentinas, Palos Park, Ill./Daniel Hartmont, Orland Park, Ill., 1,097. 3, Robert Johnson, Stansbury Park, Utah/Kenneth Poulsen, West Valley City, Utah, 1,082. 4, Jennifer Geimer, Miami Shores, Fla./Doug Romanik, Miami, 1,077. 5, Larry Pizzini, Boerne, Texas/Woodrow Gearhart, San Antonio, 1,073. 6, James Pfeiffer, Camanche, Iowa/Randall Prokopec, Wauconda, Ill., 1,063. 7, Jennifer Pitti, Lakeland, Calif./Mike Lee, Los Angeles, 1,059. 8, Sandy Gray, Lake View, N.Y./Donald Dorsheimer, Fredonia, N.Y., 1057 9, Butch Booker, Clarissa, Minn./Marvin Cole, Long Prairie, Minn., 1,056. 10(tie), George VonPless, Kirkville, N.Y./William Michalski, Syracuse, N.Y., and Gregory Durant, Charlotte, N.C./Robert Pentheny, Conyers, Ga., 1,053.

(Averages of 180 and below)
1, Jochen Rehbein, Lindenfels, Germany, 622. 2, Juan Cavazos, Clinton, Iowa, 617. 3, Miriam Beckles, Ajax, Ont., 611. 4, Larry Roundtree, Lakeland, Fla., 608. 5, Jeannie Hockenberry, Natrona Heights, Pa., 604. 6(tie), Isaac Wake, Versailles, Ind., and Darren Robitaille, Grove, Okla., 602. 8, Rocky Martin, Enosburg Falls, Vt., 597. 9, Joe Rybialek, South Elgin, Ill., 594. 10 (tie), Meggan McCarthy, Waukegan, Ill., and Terry Smith, Chicago, 591.

(Averages of 180 and below)
1, Isaac Wake, Versailles, Ind., 1,754. 2, Jochen Rehbein, Lindenfels, Germany, 1,718. 3, William Michalski, Syracuse, N.Y., 1,693. 4(tie), Joe Rybialek, South Elgin, Ill., and Pat Anderson, Cut Bank, Mont., 1,656. 6, Ira Adcock, Hot Springs Village, Ark., 1,645. 7, Bryon Monnier, Brandt, S.D., 1,627. 8(tie), Esau Hernandez, Kissimmee, Fla., Jeannette Anderson, Burns, Wyo., and Juanita Holt, Bronx, N.Y., 1,614.

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