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PABCON Congress elects Executive Board for 2017-2021 term


The Pan American Bowling Confederation Congress was held in conjunction with the PABCON Youth Championships Sunday, September 3, in Monterrey, Mexico.

The following members have been elected to form the PABCON Executive Board for a four-year term (2017-2021):

  • President: Martin Faba (Costa Rica) – re-elected
  • 1st Vice President: Jorge Franco (Colombia) – re-elected
  • 2nd Vice President: Guy Igliori (Brazil)
  • Treasurer: William Rodriguez (Uruguay) – re-elected
  • 1st Director: Jose Aguilar (Mexico) – re-elected
  • 2nd Director: Alex Biesum (Aruba)
  • 3rd Director: Gustavo Lopez (Guatemala)
  • 1st Alternate: Juan Carlos Yuzuriha (Peru)
  • 2nd Alternate: Ronald Hernandez (El Salvador)
  • Auditor 1: Alberto Sarra (Chile)
  • Auditor 2: Cathy Innes (Canada)

Herbert Bickel

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