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PBA introduces new Players Committee; Rhino Page selected as chairman


The Professional Bowlers Association has introduced a new PBA Players Committee, designed to encourage input from its membership base regarding a variety of programs and issues that impact professional bowlers.

PBA’s management team, led by PBA CEO and Commissioner Tom Clark, will solicit input from the players’ group in issues such as tournament formats, communications, prize fund distribution, playing conditions, rules and similar issues that play a role in the lives of PBA members.

The PBA Players Committee, under the leadership of chairman Rhino Page of Orlando, Fla., will serve as a conduit between the membership and PBA management. Other members of the newly-formed players’ group are Jason Belmonte, Bill O’Neill, A.J. Johnson, Andrew Cain, Jon Van Hees, Ronnie Russell and Chad Lusche.

2016IBMAGMTomClark“Talks with the new PBA Players Committee have been very encouraging,” Clark (pictured right) said. “We are excited about working together closely on issues important to players, fans and partners.

“Throughout our history, the players have played a large role in shaping the competitive formats, rules and how the PBA is presented to fans. Through the increased emphasis and communication with this diverse and involved group of new Players Committee leaders we will continue that tradition.

“The PBA as an organization has shown an openness to change, a progressive mindset that has us positioned for growth,” Clark concluded.

Page earned PBA’s 2007-08 Rookie of the Year award when he won the first of his three titles. He is a former Team USA member and earned collegiate All-American honors while helping the University of Kansas win the 2004 men’s intercollegiate championship. Page and O’Neill are also members of the United States Bowling Congress board of directors as athlete representatives.

2015PBAWSOBRhinoPage“There was a considerable time gap between the last time the PBA had an active players’ group and now,” Page (left) said of his role in the new group.

“My heart has always been wanting to help bowling, and I saw this as a great opportunity to serve the Tour. When Mike Fagan and Scott Norton stepped aside – they were the guys who really got the committee up and running again – I kind of stepped in.

“The group we have now represents all regions of the country,” he continued. “Our goal is to improve the lines of communications between the players and the PBA leadership. Our thinking is in the best interests of not only the players, but our fans and our corporate partners. I think we’ve been making a lot of great strides in that direction.

“One of our biggest goals was to create a structure for the players’ committee and to develop a strategic plan covering what we hope to accomplish, so we can let all of the other players see what the big picture is,” Page concluded.

“Our next step is to improve those communications and let the other players know their opinions are important in what we’re trying to build for the future.”

Herbert Bickel

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