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PBA offers incentives to new, reinstated members


2016PBALogo.jpgThe Professional Bowlers Association kicked off a membership drive today, offering bowlers who are chasing the dream of competing at the highest levels of the sport a special waiver for the traditional initiation fee, an opportunity to participate in the members-only PBA World Series of Bowling VIII and, for active members of the American Armed Forces, complimentary membership for the duration of the 2016 season.

PBA’s 2016 membership drive arrives at the perfect time, with a PBA Tour schedule looming that offers seven Xtra Frame PBA Tour title events, a multi-event PBA Fall Swing in Detroit and the PBA Fall Classic in Las Vegas in addition to the eighth annual PBA World Series of Bowling which will close out the year at
Reno’s National Bowling Stadium.

In addition to the domestic schedule, PBA Tour players will have the option to participate in a handful of PBA International-World Bowling Tour events, and an extensive schedule of more than 100 PBA Regional tournaments across the U.S. while women and players 50-and-older have their own exclusive opportunities.

To help new players get started in PBA competition, and former members return to action, PBA is waiving the traditional initiation fee to join the PBA between June 1 and August 31.

Bowlers who are on active-duty with the U.S. military will be granted free membership for the rest of 2016; all they have to do is apply. And newly-graduating collegiate bowlers are eligible for a low-cost PBA24 membership which allows them to test the PBA waters without committing to a full membership.

PBA members are eligible to enter all PBA tournaments, receive entry priority and lower-cost entry fees for select events that are open to non-members, and receive a variety of benefits depending upon their membership level.

Membership options include the following:

Standard PBA membership:

  • Annual dues $144 (optional payable at $15 per month);
  • Member-rate entry fees ($65 savings per Regional event; $100 savings per PBA Tour event and $50 savings per PBA50 Tour event);
  • Opportunity to bowl in three QubicaAMF PBA Regional Tour events per calendar year;
  • Opportunity to bowl in one PBA Tour or PBA50 Tour event per calendar year;
  • Subscription to Bowlers Journal International magazine;
  • Discounts on featured equipment from PBA Product Registered companies;
  • Free Sterling Silver/Platinum or Aurora Gold ring for first 300 bowled during PBA competition and a diamond for each 300 game bowled thereafter;
  • $0-$2 cost-per-game at official PBA practice centers;
  • Access to the PBA members-only website;
  • PBA Newsletter.

Full PBA membership:

  • Annual dues $300 (optional payable at $28/month);
  • Receive all Standard member benefits plus:
  • Eligible to bowl in unlimited tournaments for which you are eligible;
  • Advertise your pro shop on www.pba.com and on your shirt while bowling.

PBA24 membership:

  • Available to players ages 18-24; annual dues $49;
  • Receive PBA Standard member benefits;
  • Receive $50 discount off first PBA Regional Tour entry fee (if a PBA24 member is referred for membership by another PBA member, that member will also receive a $50 coupon for a PBA Regional Tour entry);
  • A PBA24 member who reaches his/her 25th birthday or wins a PBA title will be required to upgrade to Standard or Full PBA membership;

PBA International membership:

  • Any World Bowling member in good standing who wishes to join the PBA may do so for $99 per year;
  • If a PBA International member wins a PBA Tour title, he/she will be required to upgrade to Full membership;
  • Eligible to win PBA Tour titles at designated World Bowling Tour events;
  • Receive PBA Standard member benefits;
  • International Members who upgrade to Full Membership may list their Pro Shops on www.pba.com and wear their logos on their shirts;

To join the Professional Bowlers Association, click here.

Herbert Bickel

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