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Puerto Rican men, Mexican women take gold in Trios at CAC Championship


Mexico captured the third gold medal and Puerto Rico won the first in the trios event at the Central American and Caribbean Championship in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Tannya Lopez, Maribel Orozco and Adriana Perez followed in the footprints of doubles champions Iliana Lomeli and Sandra Gongora winning the second gold medal for the Mexican women with 3693 total and an average of 205.17. Lopez led the team with 1303 and was followed by Perez with 1202 and Orozco with 1188.

Pictured above is the women’s trios podium.

Aruba’s Kamilah Dammers-Naddall, Thashaina Seraus and Jeadine Luidens was 73 pins behind with 3620 (201.11) and received the silver medal. Seraus, who competed on the Professional Women’s Bowling Association Tour as an amateur and made the TV finals of the Pepsi PWBA Lincoln Open led all women with a 1348 six-game series or an average of 224.67.

The bronze medal went to Lomeli and Gongora who teamed with Lilia Robles for 3549 (197.17). The Colombian teams finished in fourth and fifth place.

After finishing second in singles (Jean Perez) and third in doubles (Perez and Cristian Azcona), Perez and Azcona joined forces with Andro Simounet to earn the first gold medal in this championships for Puerto Rico.

The Puerto Ricans (from left to right, Andro Simounet, Jean F. Perez, Cristian Ancona) had high games of 722 and 712 and four games between 698 and 630. Azcona led the team with 1426, Perez had 1335 and Simounet contributed 1302.

Colombia took the silver and bronze medals. Oscar Rodriguez, three-time PBA champion Andres Gomez and Sebastian Charry were 39 pins off the pace for the gold medal in second place with 4024 (223.56).

Their team mates Manuel Otalora, Santiago Mejia and Jaime Gonzalez were further 32 pins back in third place with 3992 (221.78).

Pictured below is the men’s trios podium.

Singles champion Luis Rovaina of Venezuela averaged 253.17 and posted the highest six-game series of this championships far with 1519, but he and his team mates Rogelio Felice Jr. and Luis Andueza had to settle fourth place with 3926 (218.11).

As reported earlier, there are three different events taking place at the same time in Guatemala.

The Central American and Caribbean Championship is the qualifying event for the 23rd Central American and Caribbean Games and features 17 countries, 10 of whom, including the host country Colombia, will qualify for Barranquilla 2018.

The second event is the Festival Centroamericano in which only the countries from Central America compete, which is Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama. This festival is considered a championship since bowling hasn’t been selected by the host Nicaragua for the Central American Games in Managua in December 2017 (part of Olympic cycle).

The third event is the CONCABA (Confederación de Centroamérica y México de Boliche or Central America and México Bowling Confederation) Cambowl for Adults which includes all countries from the Festival Centroamericano plus Mexico.”

The entire event drew 176 players, 100 men and 76 women, from 17 countries (Aruba, Bahamas, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and Virgin Islands), who compete in singles, doubles, trios, team, all-events and masters.

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