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Semifinals set for 2016 Intercollegiate Singles Championships


The men’s and women’s semifinalists for the 2016 Intercollegiate Singles Championships were determined Tuesday at Northrock Lanes in in Wichita, Kansas. Both the men’s and women’s semifinals will take place on Saturday and will be broadcast on CBS Sports Network starting in May.

The women’s show will run Tuesday, May 10, and the men’s show will air Tuesday, May 17. Both will start at 9 p.m. Eastern.

L-R Morgan Brown, Darren Tang, Stephanie Schwartz, Dallas Leong, Tawni Vollmer, Daniel Hanson, Emily Eckhoff, Kenny Ryan.

The men’s ISC semifinal matches will feature Darren Tang of San Jose State taking on Kenny Ryan of Robert Morris-Illinois, while Dallas Leong of UNLV faces off against Daniel Hanson of Robert Morris-Illinois.

The women’s matches will include defending ISC champion Emily Eckhoff of Hastings against Tawni Vollmer of Webber International and Stephanie Schwartz of Stephen F. Austin taking on Morgan Brown of Fairleigh Dickinson.

Tang is hoping to keep the ISC title not only at San Jose State, but in the family, too. Darren’s younger brother, Michael, captured the 2015 ISC win, also at Northrock Lanes.

Darren punched his ticket to the show with a 608-527 victory against Calumet’s Michael Davidson.

“It was an amazing feeling watching him win the title last year, and to be able to have the chance to give it a run is definitely something special,” said Tang, a senior who led the nation with a 221.4 average during the 2015-16 United States Bowling Congress Collegiate regular season.

“I was really just trying to stay in the moment, take it one shot at a time and keep my head in it. That’s the main thing with me for match play – just to keep my head in the game.”

Eckhoff’s return to the semifinals included a rematch of last year’s championship match against Nebraska’s Julia Bond in the quarterfinals. After taking the early lead, Eckhoff added 10 pins to her advantage by edging Bond in Game 2, 300-290. Eckhoff secured the victory with a three-game tally of 782-772.

“I know how strong of a player Julia is, and I knew I had to be aggressive with my game,” said Eckhoff, a junior who is looking to become the first player on either the men’s or women’s side to successfully defend an ISC title.

“I didn’t have to move much during the match, but I had to be aggressive with every shot, and it worked out really well. I will definitely focus more on technique and getting through each shot like last year, and hopefully it works out the same.”

Tuesday’s competition started with 24 men and 16 women, who qualified from sectionals held across the country in April. All competitors bowled eight games of qualifying to determine seeding for the single-elimination match-play bracket. Each bracket match featured three games, with total pinfall determining who advanced to the next round.

Competition at Northrock Lanes will continue Thursday morning at 9:45 a.m. Eastern with the Intercollegiate Team Championships. Each round leading up to the finals will be broadcast on BOWL.com’s BowlTV. For more information on the Intercollegiate Singles Championships, click here.

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2016 ISC – Men’s Qualifying Results

Eight games to determine seeding for match play

1, Joshua Anderson, St. Ambrose, 1,724
2, Stephen Cowland, Wichita State, 1,684
3, Brandon Runk, William Paterson, 1,635
4, Jacob Yazell, Morehead State, 1,627
5, Matthew Russo, Webber International, 1,624
6, Daniel Hanson, Robert Morris-Illinois, 1,614
7, Dallas Leong, UNLV, 1,612
8, Darren Tang, San Jose State, 1,604
9, Nick Kruml, Wisconsin-Whitewater, 1,602
10, Meeco Walker, Notre Dame-Ohio, 1,602
11, Tyler Albracht, West Texas A&M, 1,601
12, AJ Chapman, Wichita State, 1,600
13, James Rutledge, Nebraska, 1,596
14, Nick Eckert, Calumet, 1,548
15, Michael Kissel, Suffolk County CC, 1,547
16, Cory Schultz, Morehead State, 1,531
17, Michael Davidson, Calumet, 1,491
18, Ben Pallardy, Lindenwood, 1,479
19, Ashton Maxwell, Webber International, 1,445
20, Collin Smith, McKendree, 1,439
21, Kenneth Ryan, Robert Morris-Illinois, 1,419
22, Zachary Doty, Morehead State, 1,415
23, Kenneth Smith, Florida State, 1,409
24, Amando Villa, St. John’s, 1,395.

2016 ISC – Men’s Match Play Results

Single elimination; three-game matches decided by total pinfall

Round 1
(17) Michael Davidson, Calumet, def. (16) Cory Schultz, Morehead State, 547-507
(9) Nick Kruml, Wisconsin-Whitewater, def. (24) Amando Villa, St. John’s, 579-524
(20) Collin Smith, McKendree, def. (13) James Rutledge, Nebraska, 585-545
(21) Kenneth Ryan, Robert Morris-Illinois, def. (12) AJ Chapman, Wichita State, 576-512
(18) Ben Pallardy, Lindenwood, def. (15) Michael Kissel, Suffolk County CC, 586-568
(10) Meeco Walker, Notre Dame-Ohio, def. (23) Kenneth Smith, Florida State, 607-499
(14) Nick Eckert, Calumet, def. (19) Ashton Maxwell, Webber International, 642-586
(22) Zachary Doty, Morehead State, def. (11) Tyler Albracht, West Texas A&M, 621-552

Round 2
Davidson def. (1) Joshua Anderson, St. Ambrose, 639-579
(8) Darren Tang, San Jose State, def. Kruml, 660-642
Smith def. (4) Jacob Yazell, Morehead State, 637-591
Ryan def. (5) Matthew Russo, Webber International, 560-549
Pallardy def. (2) Stephen Cowland, Wichita State, 692-577
(7) Dallas Leong, UNLV, def. Walker, 801-697
Eckert def. (3) Brandon Runk, William Paterson, 557-512
(6) Daniel Hanson, Robert Morris-Illinois, def. Doty, 593-571

Tang def. Davidson, 608-527
Ryan def. Smith, 615-493
Leong def. Pallardy, 650-554
Hanson def. Eckert, 718-671

(Matches take place Saturday at 9 a.m. Central; winners meet for the title)
Tang vs. Ryan
Leong vs. Hanson

2016 Intercollegiate Singles Championships – Women’s Qualifying Results

Eight games to determine seeding for match play

1, Verity Crawley, Webber International, 1,781
2, Julia Bond, Nebraska, 1,719
3, Stephanie Sheridan, Delaware State, 1,618
4, Morgan Brown, Fairleigh Dickinson, 1,616
5, Catherine Maher, St. Ambrose, 1,604
6, Estefania Cobo, Wichita State, 1,593
7, Emily Eckhoff, Hastings, 1,576
8, Stephanie Schwartz, Stephen F. Austin, 1,557
9, Nicole Troha, St. Francis-Illinois, 1,530
10, Haley Williams, Newman, 1,523
11, Tawni Vollmer, Webber International, 1,478
12, Miranda Hejny, Newman, 1,443
13, Jacqueline Evans, Lawrence Tech, 1,435
14, Crystal Land, Campbellsville, 1,428
15, Samantha Pasch, Indiana Tech, 1,327
16, Mallory Caraway, Martin Methodist, 1,293.

2016 ISC – Women’s Match Play Results

Single elimination; three-game matches decided by total pinfall

Round 1
(9) Nicole Troha, St. Francis-Illinois, def. (16) Mallory Caraway, Martin Methodist, 558-528
(13) Jacqueline Evans, Lawrence Tech, def. (12) Miranda Hejny, Newman, 660-578
(10) Haley Williams, Newman, def. (15) Samantha Pasch, Indiana Tech, 582-476
(11) Tawni Vollmer, Webber International, def. (14) Crystal Land, Campbellsville, 599-543

Round 2
(8) Stephanie Schwartz, Stephen F. Austin, def. Troha, 723-649
Evans def. (5) Catherine Maher, St. Ambrose, 659-621
(7) Emily Eckhoff, Hastings, def. Williams, 578-544
Vollmer def. (6) Estefania Cobo, Wichita State, 648-608

Schwartz def. (1) Verity Crawley, Webber International, 663-623
(4) Morgan Brown, Fairleigh Dickinson, def. Evans, 705-544
Eckhoff def. (2) Julia Bond, Nebraska, 782-772
Vollmer def. (3) Stephanie Sheridan, Delaware State, 651-637

(Matches take place Saturday at 3:30 p.m. Central; winners meet for the title)
Schwartz vs. Brown
Eckhoff vs. Vollmer

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