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Shannon Hester named Creative Director of Ebonite International


Ebonite International has announced today that Shannon Hester has been named Creative Director. Hester comes to Ebonite International with an extensive background in graphic design, video and photography.

Prior to coming to Ebonite International, Hester (pictzred right) served as the creative director for the Gaylord Hotels based in Nashville, Tenn. In that role, she was in charge of design and advertising projects.

As a freelance graphic designer, she has been involved in multiple branding and logo development projects, while her photography skills increased while working with the Tennessee Titans.

“We are very excited to have Shannon join our team,” said Dave Wodka (left), global marketing manager. “Shannon’s creative experience and fresh eyes will help catalyze our marketing projects and push them to even higher levels of storytelling and visual excellence.”

Hester said she is very excited to join the marketing team at Ebonite International and looks forward to helping guide the creative process as new products are brought to market.

She said one of her favorite African proverbs, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,” summarizes her team oriented philosophy.

In her new role, Hester will work at Ebonite International’s Worldwide Headquarters in Hopkinsville, Ky. She will report directly to Wodka and her direct reports will be Danny Vowell and Beth Rates.

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