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Singapore’s Daphne Tan wins 47th Brunswick Ballmaster Open


In an all-Singaporean and all-women’s affair, Daphne Tan defeated fellow Team Singapore member Jazreel Tan, 224-217 (scratch), to win the 47th Brunswick Ballmaster Open Sunday at Tali Bowling Center in Helsinki, Finland, and to earn the 12.000 Euro top prize.

Along with her first European Bowling Tour title in the season-opening event of the 2017 European Bowling Tour, Daphne Tan, became the third woman to win Europe’s most prestigious tournament and the 23rd woman who has won an EBT title. Women have won at least one title in each season since the inception of the EBT in the year 2000.

The top 3 in the 47th Brunswick Ballmaster Open: from left, Sanna Pasanen (3rd), champion Daphne Tan and Jazreel Tan (2nd).

As the European ranking starts from scratch each season, Daphne Tan (right) is the first leader in the 2017 EBT women’s ranking. Leading the men’s ranking is Carsten Warming Hansen of Denmark, who was the lone male bowler in the stepladder finals.

The 47th edition of the BBO featured 492 players (398 were from Finland or held a Finnish license) from 19 countries, including 428 men and 64 women. 54 men and 10 women survived the seven-day qualifying. Women dominated the each round of the finals.

Jazreel Tan and Daphne’s sister Cherie Tan (left) averaged 237 and 234, respectively, to lead round 1, which was highlighted by a 300 game of Daniel Fransson (right), Sweden.

After the second five-game block, Sanna Pasanen (left) of Finland led the top 12 into round robin match play with Jazreel in third and Daphne in fourth place. Multiple World and European champion Martin Larsen of Sweden was the best male bowler in second place.

Despite posting the tournament’s sixth 300 game in the penultimate match play game, 20th game overall, Larsen (right) missed the cut to the top 4 in fifth place by 52 pins. Daphne won seven of her 11 matches and earned the No. 1 seed with 5077, including eight pins handicap each game and 30 pins bonus for each win (15 for a tie).

Jazreel (left) was just seven pins behind in second place with 5070. Hansen was further 42 pins back in third place with 5028 and Pasanen grabbed the No. 4 seed with 5019.

In the opening match, Pasanen, who was targeting to become the third Finnish woman to win the Ballmaster (Leena Pulliainen was the first in 1994 and Piritta Kantola the second in 2001), ousted World Trios champion Hansen (right) , who was targeting his second EBT title, 225-211.

In the semi-final match, Jazreel Tan eliminated Pasanen, 222-214, to set up the show down with her fellow countrywoman Daphne Tan.

Jazreel started the title match with three strikes and maintained a three-pin lead heading into the last two frames despite an open in frame 6. Daphne doubled twice in the first six frames but gave the advantage back with an open in frame 7.

Working on a strike in frame 8, Jazreel failed to strike in the foundation frame 9. Finishing first, Daphne had a chance to shut out Jazreel and that is exactly what she did. She finished with four strikes to seal the victory.

Jazreel received 8.000 Euro for second place, Pasanen pocketed 5.000 Euro for third place and Hansen took home 4.000 Euro for fourth place.

Photos Seija Lankinen.

The Brunswick Ballmaster Open, the season-opening event on the European Bowling Tour, was held from January 6-15 at 36-lane Tali Bowling Center in Helsinki, Finland.

The BBO is one of two “EBT Platinum” events this season, the highest of five EBT categories, and offered total prize money of 100.300 Euro, including all extra prizes, with 12.000 Euro going to the winner, 8.000 to the runner-up and 5.000 and 4.000 to the third and fourth place finishers, respectively. Low to cash was 54th place, worth 1.000 Euro.

Qualifying (six games, unlimited re-entries) ran from Jan. 6-14. Women received 8 pins handicap each game (up to 292 – maximum score is 300), an equality handicap provided to women in all EBT events.

Total 54 players – the top 44 from the overall qualifying standings, the top 6 from a separate leaderboard of squads 1-9 who are not among the top 44 and the top 4 from the Desperado Squad – qualified for the finals.

All 54 finalists bowled two blocks of five games with the top 12 advancing to round robin match play. Those 12 bowled further 11 games of round robin match play (no position round) with the previous pinfall total carried over. During match play, players received 30 bonus pins for winning a match and 15 pins each in the event of a tie.

The top 4 players after 21 games including bonus pins determined the champion in a traditional stepladder final. The No. 4 seed met the No. 3 in the opening match. The winner took on the No. 2 seed for the right to bowl the top seed for the title.

The 2017 European Bowling Tour features 11 tournaments in 9 countries including two “Platinum”, two “Gold”, three “Bronze” and four “Satellite” events (no silver tournament this season), which offer total prize fund of roughly 500.000 Euro.

The top 50 men and the top 50 women in each event receive ranking points. Those points will be tabulated throughout the season to determine the top 8 men and top 8 women, who will be eligible to compete in the 11th EBT Masters in February 2018 in Tilburg, Netherlands.

The second stop of the 2017 EBT got underway today at Leisureplex Stillorgan in Dublin, Ireland, which will host the 29th Irish Open Championships from January 15-22.

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2017 European Bowling Tour Schedule

47th Brunswick Ballmaster Open – Stepladder Finals

Tali Bowling Center in Helsinki, Finland (Jan. 6-15, 2017)

Championship Round:
1. Daphne Tan, Singapore, 224 (1 game), 12.000 Euro
2. Jazreel Tan, Singapore, 447 (2 games), 8.000 Euro
3. Sanna Pasanen, Finland, 439 (2 games), 5.000 Euro
4. Carsten Warming Hansen, Denmark, 211 (1 game), 4.000 Euro

Playoff Results:
First Match: No. 4 Pasanen def. No. 3 Hansen, 225-211
Semi-final Match: No. 2 J. Tan def. Pasanen, 222-214
Championship: No. 1 D. Tan def. J. Tan, 232-225.
women’s scores including 8 pins handicap.

47th Brunswick Ballmaster Open – Places 5-54 (Cashers)

Players with position, country and earnings

5. Martin Larsen, Sweden, 3.000 Euro
6. Osku Palermaa, Finland, 2.600 Euro
7. Darya Kovalova, Ukraine, 2.500 Euro
8. Santtu Tahvanainen, Finland, 2.400 Euro
9. Daniel Fransson, Sweden, 2.300 Euro
10. Cherie Tan, Singapore, 2.200 Euro
11. Shayna Ng, Singapore, 2.100 Euro
12. Sami Konsteri, Finland, 2.000 Euro
13. Anthony Simonsen, United States, 1.800 Euro
14. Thomas Larsen, Denmark, 1.600 Euro
15. Tommy Petersen, Sweden, 1.500 Euro
16. Robert Lindberg, Sweden, 1.400 Euro
17. Tracy See, Singapore, 1.200 Euro
18. Jari Ratia, Finland, 1.200 Euro
19. Markus Bergendorff, Denmark, 1.200 Euro
20. Cameron Weier, United States, 1.200 Euro
21. Ida Andersson, Sweden, 1.200 Euro
22. Pontus Andersson, Sweden, 1.200 Euro
23. Linus Boström, Finland, 1.200 Euro
24. Pasi Uotila, Finland, 1.200 Euro
25. Petteri Salonen, Finland, 1.000 Euro
26. Joonas Jähi, Finland, 1.000 Euro
27. Mika Heino, Finland, 1.000 Euro
28. Juhani Tonteri, Finland, 1.000 Euro
29. Kert Truus, Estonia, 1.000 Euro
30. Christopher Sloan, Ireland, 1.000 Euro
31. Mikael Roos, Sweden, 1.000 Euro
32. Juho Havanko, Finland, 1.000 Euro
33. Sami Lampoo, Finland, 1.000 Euro
34. Marshall Kent, United States, 1.000 Euro
35. Mika Luoto, Finland, 1.000 Euro
36. Kevin Karlsson, Sweden, 1.000 Euro
37. Niko Oksanen, Finland, 1.000 Euro
38. Christopher Eklund, Sweden, 1.000 Euro
39. Martin Paulsson, Sweden, 1.000 Euro
40. Markus Jansson, Sweden, 1.000 Euro
41. Samuli Tiainen, Finland, 1.000 Euro
42. Kimmo Lehtonen, Finland, 1.000 Euro
43. Cajsa Wegner, Sweden, 1.000 Euro
44. Juho Rissanen, Finland, 1.000 Euro
45. Petri Riikonen, Finland, 1.000 Euro
46. Olli Pakonen, Finland, 1.000 Euro
47. Joonas Jehkinen, Finland, 1.000 Euro
48. Kai Virtanen, Finland, 1.000 Euro
49. Sami Salin, Finland, 1.000 Euro
50. Jaroslav Lorenc, Czech Republic, 1.000 Euro
51. Reija Lundén, Finland, 1.000 Euro
52. Dan Østergaard-Poulsen, Denmark, 1.000 Euro
53. Timo Raatikainen, Finland, 1.000 Euro
54. Kamron Doyle, United States, 1.000 Euro

47th Brunswick Ballmaster Open – Men’s Ranking

Top 50 with position and EBT ranking points

1. Carsten Warming Hansen, Denmark, 250
2. Martin Larsen, Sweden, 200
3. Osku Palermaa, Finland, 175
4. Santtu Tahvanainen, Finland, 150
5. Daniel Fransson, Sweden, 125
6. Sami Konsteri, Finland, 120
7. Anthony Simonsen, United States, 115
8. Thomas Larsen, Denmark, 110
9. Tommy Petersen, Sweden, 105
10. Robert Lindberg, Sweden, 100
11. Jari Ratia, Finland, 75
(tie) Markus Bergendorff, Denmark, 75
13. Cameron Weier, United States, 70
(tie) Pontus Andersson, Sweden, 70
15. Linus Boström, Finland, 65
(tie) Pasi Uotila, Finland, 65
17. Petteri Salonen, Finland, 60
(tie) Joonas Jähi, Finland, 60
19. Mika Heino, Finland, 55
(tie) Juhani Tonteri, Finland, 55
21. Kert Truus, Estonia, 40
(tie) Christopher Sloan, Ireland, 40
(tie) Mikael Roos, Sweden, 40
(tie) Juho Havanko, Finland, 40
(tie) Sami Lampoo, Finland, 40
26. Marshall Kent, United States, 30
(tie) Mika Luoto, Finland, 30
(tie) Kevin Karlsson, Sweden, 30
(tie) Niko Oksanen, Finland, 30
(tie) Christopher Eklund, Sweden, 30
31. Martin Paulsson, Sweden, 20
(tie) Markus Jansson, Sweden, 20
(tie) Samuli Tiainen, Finland, 20
(tie) Kimmo Lehtonen, Finland, 20
(tie) Juho Rissanen, Finland, 20
36. Petri Riikonen, Finland, 15
(tie) Olli Pakonen, Finland, 15
(tie) Joonas Jehkinen, Finland, 15
(tie) Kai Virtanen, Finland, 15
(tie) Sami Salin, Finland, 15
41. Jaroslav Lorenc, Czech Republic, 10
(tie) Dan Østergaard-Poulsen, Denmark, 10
(tie) Timo Raatikainen, Finland, 10
(tie) Kamron Doyle, United States, 10
(tie) Peter Hellstrøm, Sweden, 10
46. Juha Ollonqvist, Finland, 5
(tie) Richard Teece, England, 5
(tie) Jarno Marjakangas, Finland, 5
(tie) Pyry Puharinen, Finland, 5
(tie) Dennis Eklund, Sweden, 5

47th Brunswick Ballmaster Open – Women’s Ranking

Top 50 with position and EBT ranking points

1. Daphne Tan, Singapore, 250
2. Jazreel Tan, Singapore, 200
3. Sanna Pasanen, Finland, 175
4. Darya Kovalova, Ukraine, 150
5. Cherie Tan, Singapore, 125
6. Shayna Ng, Singapore, 120
7. Tracy See, Singapore, 115
8. Ida Andersson, Sweden, 110
9. Cajsa Wegner, Sweden, 105
10. Reija Lundén, Finland, 100
11. Alida Molander, Sweden, 75
(tie) Melissa Vallons, Belgium, 75
13. Eliisa Hiltunen, Finland, 70
(tie) Jenny Wegner, Sweden, 70
15. Marjo Hirvonen, Finland, 65
(tie) Jasmine Yeong-Nathan, Singapore, 65
17. Krista Pöllänen, Finland, 60
(tie) Petra Eriksson-Sola, Finland, 60
19. Teea Mäkelä, Finland, 55
(tie) Jenny Karlsson, Sweden, 55
21. Piritta Maja, Finland, 40
(tie) Jaana Taavitsainen, Finland, 40
(tie) Leena Jokiniemi, Finland, 40
(tie) Elice Piksilä, Finland, 40
(tie) Marija Tkacenko, Latvia, 40
26. Tuula Tamminen, Finland, 30
(tie) Heidi Manninen, Finland, 30
(tie) Essi Pakarinen, Finland, 30
(tie) Jaana Anttas, Finland, 30
(tie) Peppi Konsteri, Finland, 30
31. Jonna Jokinen, Finland, 20
(tie) Ani Juntunen, Finland, 20
(tie) Patricia Luoto, Finland, 20
(tie) Vilma Salo, Finland, 20
(tie) Anne Kokkola, Finland, 20
36. Raili Vaarpuu, Estonia, 15
(tie) Ann-Christina Kippo, Finland, 15
(tie) Päivi Uusinarkaus, Finland, 15
(tie) Eli Haga, Estonia, 15
(tie) Pia Pekkanen, Finland, 15
41. Petra Korkiamäki, Finland, 10
(tie) Jaana Rapeli, Finland, 10
(tie) Mari Nykänen, Finland, 10
(tie) Päivi Enstedt, Finland, 10
(tie) Seija Lankinen, Finland, 10
46. Helvi Nybakka, Finland, 5
(tie) Eila Pitkänen, Finland, 5
(tie) Veronika Hudjakova, Latvia, 5
(tie) Satu Löfgren, Finland, 5
(tie) Reetta Neuvonen, Finland, 5

47th Brunswick Ballmaster Open – Match Play Results

Top 4 after 21 games including match play bonus advance to the stepladder finals

300 games (1) – Martin Larsen.

47th Brunswick Ballmaster Open – Round 2 Results

Top 12 after 10 games advance to round robin match play

47th Brunswick Ballmaster Open – Round 1 Results

All players advance to the second round

300 games (1) – Daniel Fransson.

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