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Sue Abela, Valentin Saulnier kick off MBC with victory in Singles


Malta’s Sue Abela and Valentin Saulnier of France kicked off the Mediterranean Bowling Championship (MBC) with victory in women’s and men’s Singles Tuesday at Klub 300 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Abela (center), the only athlete who participated in all 20 events and, of course, by far the record MBC gold medal winner, filled her trophy case with another gold medal as she toppled 1291 pins, an average of 215.17 for six games, to lead the 24-player women’s field by 76 pins.

Lidia Serrano (left) of Spain was the only other woman who surpassed the 1200-mark (a 200 average) to earn the silver medal with 1215 (202.50), Bronze went to Alexandra Lopes D’Andrade (right) of France, who posted 1137 (189.50).

Giola Pastou of Cyprus closed her set with the field-best 276 but fell six pins short to finish in fourth place with 1131 (188.50).

The bowlers from France and Slovenia battled it out for the medals in men’s Singles. Valentin Saulnier (center of France averaged 222.50 to capture the first gold medal with 1335 total, including a high game of 269, four games between 212 and 242 and a low game of 176.

Saulnier out averaged his nearest competitor, Aleksander Koštric (left) of Slovenia, by more than 12 pins. Koštric earned the silver medal and the first medal for the host country with 1259 (209.83).

Gaetan Mouveroux (right), France, beat out Anže Grabrijan, Slovenia, for the bronze medal by six pins, 1248 to 1242.

Action at the Mediterranean Bowling Championship shifts to the Doubles competition on Wednesday. The men will start at 10 a.m. Central European Summer Time (CEST) and the women will follow at 2.30 p.m.

The 20th Mediterranean Bowling Championships 2017 (formerly the Mediterranean Challenge Cup) will be held from March 27 through April 1 at Klub 300, a 16-laner in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It marks the second time after the year 2013 that Ljubljana and Slovenia host the MBC.

The Championships drew 50 bowlers 26 men and 24 women, from 13 countries, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Israel, Italy, Malta, San Marino, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey and the host country Slovenia. Each country will be represented by a team of two female and two male competitors, except Gibraltar which participates in the men’s division only.

Men and women will compete in separate divisions for gold, silver and bronze medals in Singles, Doubles, All Events and Masters as well as in Mixed Doubles and a Mixed Team event.

The 21st Mediterranean Bowling Championships will be held April 15-22, 2018 at Rollhouse Bowling Center in Ankara, Turkey.

20th MBC 2017 – Women Singles Results

20th MBC 2017 – Men Singles Results

Herbert Bickel

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