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Sweden wins third gold at Women’s European Championships in Trios


Sweden captured the third gold medal in as many events at the 2018 Women’s European Championships when Nina Flack, Ida Andersson and Isabelle Hultin (right, l-r) defeated Finland’s Eliisa Hiltunen, Reija Lundén and Sanna Pasanen (below left, l-r), 638-629, in the gold medal match of the trios event Wednesday at bowling center Bowling Stones in Brussels, Belgium.

After three out of six disciplines, Sweden has won three gold, two silver and three bronze medals. It was the second gold medal for doubles champions Flack & Hultin and the first for Andersson. The threesome averaged 211 as a team in the preliminaries to earn the no. 1 seed.

After winning gold, silver and bronze medals in singles and doubles, the Finns denied Sweden’s bid for the third consecutive all-Swedish gold medal match by defeating Victoria Johansson, Jenny Wegner and singles champion Cajsa Wegner (right, l-r) in the semifinals, 667-618.

In the other semi-final match, Flack, Hultin and Andersson took down Austria’s Jaqueline Witura, Tamara Adler and Ivonne Gross (left, l-r), 634-551. The Austrians finished the preliminaries with a big 707 game to help grab the last spot for the medal round.

Finland became the first country other than Sweden to win a silver medal, while Austria and again Sweden received bronze.

Former world champion in all-events (2011, Hong Kong), Mai Ginge Jensen of Denmark, rolled the highest individual six-game series in trios (1363) to leap from third to first place in all-events with 3992 and an average of 221.78.

Places 2 to 6 belonged to Sweden, including Andersson (3926), Johansson (3860), C. Wegner (3850), Flack 3841) and J. Wegner (3837). Hultin sits in ninth place with 3769.

Action shifts to the prestigious team competition on Thursday and Friday.

The 2018 Women’s European Championships will be held from June 6-17 at bowling center Bowling Stones, a 36-laner in Brussels, Belgium. The nine-day competition started on Friday, June 8, and culminates with the masters finals on Saturday, June 16.

132 athletes from 26 countries – Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and the host country Belgium – – participate in the event.

Each team consists of maximum six women, who compete for gold, silver and bronze medals in singles, doubles, trios, five-player teams, all-events and masters.

Singles, doubles, trios and team events feature six games preliminaries with the top 4 advancing to the playoffs in one-game format, seeded 1 to 4 according to their position in qualifying. No. 1 bowls No. 4 and No. 2 takes on No. 3. The winners bowl for gold and silver and the losers share the bronze medals.

The top three players with the highest 24-game total (combined results of the singles, doubles and team preliminaries) receive the medals in all-events.

The top 24 in all-events advance to single-elimination masters match play in best-of-three games format. The top 8 receive one bye.

In each round, the highest seeded player bowls the lowest seeded player, the second-highest seeded player bowls the second-lowest seeded player, and so on. Winners advance and losers will be eliminated. The remaining two players bowl for gold and silver and the losers of the semifinals share the bronze medals.

Photos courtesy of Gisela Göbel (DBU).

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2018 Women’s European Championships – Trios Medal Round

Championship Round:
1. Sweden (Nina Flack, Isabelle Hultin & Ida Andersson), 1272 (2 games)
2. Finland (Sanna Pasanen, Reija Lundén & Eliisa Hiltunen, 1298 (2 games)
3. Sweden (Jenny Wegner, Cajsa Wegner & Victoria Johansson), 618 (1 game)
(tie) Austria (Tamara Adler, Ivonne Gross & Jaqueline Witura), 551 (1 game)

Playoff Results:
Semifinal Match 1: No. 1 Sweden (Flack 192; Hultin 195; Andersson 247) def.
No. 4 Austria (Adler 185; Gross 191; Witura 175), 634-551
Semifinal Match 2: No. 3 Finland (Pasanen 204; Lundén 255; Hiltunen 208) def.
No. 2 Sweden (J. Wegner 220; C. Wegner 236; Johansson 162), 667-618
Championship: Sweden (Flack 201; Hultin 235; Andersson 202) def.
Finland (Pasanen 232; Lundén 194; Hiltunen 203), 638-629.

2018 WEC Trios Preliminaries – Final Standings

Top 4 trios advance to the medal round

2016 WEC All-Events – Standings after three of four events

After preliminaries in singles, doubles, trios and team (total 24 games), top 3 earn the medals and top 24 advance to Masters match play; top 8 receive one bye

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