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USOC lifts USBC probation and returns USBC to full NGB status


The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) Board of Directors has adopted and modified the due process procedures in its governing documents following a report and recommendation from the United States Olympic Committee (USOC).

The changes are effective April 30, 2018 and include providing any USBC member the right to an in-person hearing when charged with a rules violation that could result in suspension of USBC membership. As a result, the USOC has lifted USBC’s probation and returned USBC to full National Governing Body (NGB) status with continued membership in USOC.

The previous policy offered an automatic right to an in-person hearing for Team USA members and actively engaged athletes, as defined in the USBC Bylaws, and gave the Rules Department and the Legal and Legislative Committee discretion on whether to conduct an in-person hearing in all other cases.

USBC also clarified the process for members to submit a formal grievance against USBC, including grievances related to USBC’s fulfillment of its NGB responsibilities as required by the Sports Act and USOC Bylaws.

“USBC’s bylaws and policies related to due process and grievances have been in place since USBC applied for USOC membership in 2005, so we were surprised to learn the language needed to change,” USBC Executive Director Chad Murphy said. “We respect the fact USOC has clarified our obligations, and we are grateful for the collaboration from USOC staff to ensure our updated language meets current standards.”

The report and recommendation came following a Section 10 complaint filed with USOC. As a result, USOC placed USBC on probation, while staff from the two organizations worked together to modify language as needed in USBC’s governing documents.

“USOC appreciates USBC’s transparency and cooperation throughout this process,” USOC Chief of Sport Operations and Paralympics Rick Adams said. “The USOC looks forward to a continued strong relationship with USBC and working together toward a successful Pan American Games in 2019.”

The USOC Board of Directors voted to approve the report and recommendation confirming USBC’s good standing on April 18, 2018.

Herbert Bickel

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