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2016 USBC Mixed comes to a close in Las Vegas


The 2016 United States Bowling Congress Mixed concluded its second run alongside the USBC Women’s Championships on Sunday.

The USBC Mixed, which made its debut in 2015 at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nevada, kicked off April 10 and featured four-player mixed team (two men and two women), mixed doubles (one man and one woman) and open singles competition.

Mixed team events were held at the new South Point Bowling Plaza, while doubles and singles were contested at the South Point Bowler Center. Both are located at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

From left to right: Michael Fagan, Shannon Sellens, Marcia Kloempken and Bryan O’Keefe.

The divisional structure at The Mixed mirrors the format at the Women’s Championships and includes four average-based divisions for the team event and six divisions for doubles and singles. All standings are unofficial and pending final verification.

2016USBCMixedGoBearsofBeniciaFB.jpgGo Bears of Benicia, California (pictured, set the bar in Division 1 Team, averaging nearly 220 as a team May 23 for a 2,639 total.

Led by five-time Professional Bowlers Association Tour titlist Michael Fagan‘s 746 series, Go Bears improved each game at the Bowling Plaza, using scores of 826, 867 and 946 to secure the lead.

Fagan was joined by Shannon Sellens (664), Bryan O’Keefe (664) and Marcia Kloempken (565).

Larry Trenn Jr. of Aurora, Colorado, used a 278 game in his final game May 20 to push his way into the lead in Division 1 Singles with a 745 total. Trenn added 222 and 245 during the performance.

2016USBCWCMelissaPetersAdamIshman.jpg2016USBCWCJustinSloan.jpgMelissa Peters of Henderson, Nevada, and Adam Ishman of Las Vegas cruised into the Division 1 Doubles lead July 3 with a 1,461 total at the South Point Bowling Center. Ishman paced the effort with a 751 set, and Peters added 710.

Justin Sloan of Saddle Brook, New Jersey, also left his mark by rolling the first perfect game in Mixed history June 27, while competing in doubles.

The Mixed will follow the Women’s Championships to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 2017. Team, doubles and singles competition for the 2017 Mixed will be held at All Star Lanes and run from April 24-July 9.

For more information and additional standings from the USBC Mixed, click here.

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2016 USBC Mixed Championships Team Results

Top 5 division leaders with hometown and pinfall. NOTE: All standings are unofficial and pending final verification.

Division 1
(For bowlers with combined averages of 725 and above)
1, Go Bears (Shannon Sellens, Marcia Kloempken, Bryan O’Keefe, Michael Fagan), Benicia, Calif., 2,639. 2, StrikeCityPS, South Amboy, N.J., 2,600. 3 (tie), Lodge Lanes Mixed, Tonganoxie, Kan., and BowlersMart, Henderson, Nev., 2,594. 5, Who’s Right or Left, Land O’ Lakes, Fla., 2,575.

Division 2
(For bowlers with combined averages of 650-724)
1, Peanut Buttercups (Johnny Harper, Kim Harper, Brittany Harper, Gabe Graham), Rainsville, Ala., 2,231. 2, No Doubt, Vallejo, Calif., 2,207. 3, LC in LV, Las Cruces, N.M., 2,145. 4, Rice Bowling Center, Stuttgart, Ark., 2,136. 5, F O C U S, Las Vegas, 2,129.

Division 3
(For bowlers with combined averages of 575-649)
1, The Xpress (Bruce McLeod, Michelle Rhines, Sharon McLeod, Jeffrey Washington), Charlotte, N.C., 2,047. 2, Just Bowl-Roll Strike, Campbell, Calif., 2,010. 3, Knuckles Deep, Cleo-Springs, Okla., 1,971. 4, Just For Fun 1, Bonney Lake, Wash., 1,956. 5, 4xs Da Trouble, Fayetteville, N.C., 1,953.

Division 4
(For bowlers with combined averages of 574 and below)
1, Slotters (Tammy Snyder, Cindra Harbaugh, Gregg Snyder, Brad Harbaugh), Somerset, Pa., 1,752. 2, Texas Strike Force, Mineral Wells, Texas, 1,715. 3, Rock Mountain High 3, Loveland, Colo., 1,673. 4, A Samwich, Las Cruces, N.M., 1,605. 5, Take The Nine, University Park, Ill., 1,593.

2016 USBC Mixed Championships Doubles Results

Top 5 division leaders with hometown and pinfall. NOTE: All standings are unofficial and pending final verification.

Division 1
(For bowlers with combined averages of 380 and above)
1, Melissa Peters, Henderson, Nev./Adam Ishman, Las Vegas, 1,461. 2, Marcia Kloempken, Pleasant View, Utah/Steve Smith, San Diego, 1,381. 3, Diana Jessie, Euless, Texas/Anthony Lavery-Spahr, Little Elm, Texas, 1,373. 4, Brandy Sanderson, Bossier City, La./Michael Williams, Montgomery, Ala., 1,362. 5, Kandace Little/Samuel Norman, Bronx, N.Y., 1,350.

Division 2
(For bowlers with combined averages of 350-379)
1, Brittany Harper/Gabe Graham, Rainsville, Ala., 1,291. 2, Michael Curry/Shirley Bailey, Warner Robins, Ga., 1,208. 3, Karen Coffey/Rusty Coffey, Rio Rancho, N.M., 1,187. 4, Barb Allen, Fountain Hills, Ariz./Brian Counce, Belfield, N.D., 1,163. 5 (tie), Marvin Christmon, Country Club Hill, Ill./Maggie Boykin, Chicago, and Marc Espintu/Lester Coloma, Niles, Ill., 1,155.

Division 3
(For bowlers with combined averages of 320-349)
1, Liza Reyes/Alex Caylao, Union City, Calif., 1,146. 2, Renee Dalenta/Raymond Picard, Auburn, Calif., 1,143. 3, Amy Maloy/William Maloy, Stuttgart, Ark., 1,137. 4, Camilla Stewart/Wayne Stewart, Tinley Park, Ill., 1,131. 5, Chonthida Athiprayoon/Tip Jeensalute, Campbell, Calif., 1,105.

Division 4
(For bowlers with combined averages of 290-319)
1, Kimberly Mason/Michael Mason, Fayetteville, N.C., 1,105. 2, Linda Chapek/Jeffery Chapek, Blue River, Ore., 1,088. 3, Jill Scott/Tom Scott, Highlands Ranch, Colo., 1,082. 4, Tricia Mortensen/Edwin Mortensen, Las Vegas, 1,077. 5, Melinda Trickey/Kyle Knaus, Fort Morgan, Colo., 1,067.

Division 5
(For bowlers with combined averages of 260-289)
1, Christa Young/William Collier, Las Vegas, 1,004. 2, Stephanie Miller/Sampson Miller, Craig, Colo., 946. 3 (tie), Debra Schwartz/George Schwartz, Pasadena, Texas, and Whitley Olsen/Jeff Olsen, Brigham City, Utah, 936. 5, Sharon Barnett/Gregg Snyder, Rockwood, Pa., 903.

Division 6
(For bowlers with combined averages of 259 and below)
1, Judy Hardman, Country Club Hills, Ill./Shawn Bolden, Dolton, Ill., 823. 2, Tami Weaver/Mike Fisher, Fort Collins, Colo., 822. 3, Analiza Dizon/Bernie Mangalindan, Gurnee, Ill., 813. 4, Tammy Snyder/Gregg Snyder, Rockwood, Pa., 797. 5, Brittany Briggs/Travis Briggs, Taylorsville, Utah, 772.

2016 USBC Mixed Championships Singles Results

Top 5 division leaders with hometown and pinfall. NOTE: All standings are unofficial and pending final verification.

Division 1
(For bowlers with averages of 190 and above)
1, Larry Trenn Jr., Aurora, Colo., 745. 2, Eugene Beeks II, Morrow, Ga., 738. 3 (tie), Chad Lusche, Arvada, Colo., and Justin Flink, Richmond, Texas, 735. 5, David Cirigliano, Phoenix, 731.

Division 2
(For bowlers with averages from 175-189)
1, Paul Kanago, Columbia, Mo., 656. 2, Hector Diaz, Bronx, N.Y., 653. 3, Michelle Sawicki, Bear, Del., 646. 4, Chester Clark, Bowie, Md., 626. 5, Victoria Rolland, Oak Forest, Ill., 621.

Division 3
(For bowlers with averages from 160-174)
1, Rick Bisnar, Henderson, Nev., 604. 2 (tie), Terry Wade, Klamath Falls, Ore., and Edwin Mortensen, Las Vegas, 595. 4, Tom Scott, Highlands Ranch, Colo., 587. 5, Moeses Syo, Campbell, Calif., 584.

Division 4
(For bowlers with averages from 145-159)
1, Betty Wassall, Elk Grove, Calif., 594. 2, Jesse Willie, Fort Duchesne, Utah, 583. 3, Ryan Black, Windsor, Colo., 580. 4, Krista Jeter, Charlotte, N.C., 576. 5, Roland Bisnar, Henderson, Nev., 571.

Division 5
(For bowlers with averages from 130-144)
1, Kathi Manville, Walden, Colo., 566. 2, Patricia Williams, Palmdale, Calif., 543. 3, Marlyn Bisnar, Henderson, Nev., 526. 4, Ginny Harley, Westland, Mich., 515. 5, Ellena Dominguez, Las Vegas, 510.

Division 6
(For bowlers with averages of 129 and below)
1, Michael Clark, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., 495. 2, Elizabeth Lemerande, Athens, Ga., 483. 3, Amy Meyer, Amarillo, Texas, 482. 4, Janalee Kent, Yakima, Wash., 463. 5 (tie), Roger Tharp, Linton, Ind., and Gina Thomas, Helena, Mont., 462.

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