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Alisports to be the Official Partner for the 2016 ABF Tour


For the first time since 2004, when the ABF Tour became the official Tour of Asian Bowling Federation, an official partner, Alisports, will be involved with six of the legs of the 2016 Tour commencing April when the ABF Tour -Thailand will be held on April 18 at Blu-O Rhythm & Bowl Ratchayothin in Bangkok, Thailand.

Established September 9th, 2015, Alibaba Sports Group (Alisports) is a majority owned subsidiary of Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE: BABA).

Alibaba Sports Group will leverage the Alibaba platforms to integrate e-commerce, media, marketing, video, home entertainment, cloud computing and other internet-enabled technologies to form a sports platform that will participate in different aspects of the professional sports industry. This includes, but is not limited to, sports IP, sports media, events, ticketing and merchandising.

Alisports will take care of the TV production and media exposure through their media platform for six of the legs of the 2016 ABF Tour. The prize money for the top 4 bowlers in the men’s and women’s division respectively will be US$4,000 for each of the legs.

Since 2004, the Chinese Bowling Association has not joined the ABF Tour. Because of the joint effort of Alisports and ABF, the China Open and the ABF Tour – China will be held in October at Hao’s Bowling in Shanghai, the same 24-lane center in which the 52nd QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup will be held.

The six legs of the 2016 ABT Tour in which Alisports will be involved in are:

  • April 18: ABF Tour – Thailand (Bangkok)
  • June 27: ABF Tour – Macau (Macau)
  • July 10: ABF Tour – Chinese Taipei (Kaohsiung)
  • July 18: ABF Tour – Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
  • October 13: ABF Tour – China (Shanghai)
  • October 24: ABF Tour – Indonesia (Jakarta)

The Asian Bowling Federation is most appreciative of Alisports’ interest in the sport of bowling and looks forward to a long-lasting partnership in the years to come.

Herbert Bickel

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