2007 Super Six

2007 Australian Super 6 Series #2


Frilingos wins Australian Open with a record-setting performance

AMF Sunshine in Sunshine, Vic, Australia (April 7-9, 2007)

2007AUSSS02GeorgeFrilingos_small.jpg George Frilingos won the 2007 Australian Open, held at AMF Sunshine in Sunshine, Vic, Australia, on the Easter weekend, in style. The 33 year-old Queensland bowler led the field of 76 players - 75 men and 1 woman - from around Australia from the qualifying and finished with an impressive 247.90 for his 31 games in the tournament. The 1661 for his first six games is the second-highest six-game series that we have ever heard of.

2007 Australian Super 6 Series #1


Frilingos beats Belmonte in roll-off to win South Australia Cup

AMF Cross Road in Adelaide, SA (Jan 27-28, 2007)

2007ASS01GeorgeFrilingos_small.jpg Queensland's George Frilingos won his first major title since the 2006 Arafura Classic Singles back in mid May, taking out the 2007 South Australia Cup at AMF Cross Road in Adelaide, SA. For the first time in history an Australian Super 6 Series event ended in tie after qualifying and match play and the tournament went into a one-game roll-off. Frilingos flew past Jason Belmonte, 279-202, to take the title.

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