Mayumi Yoshida dominates summer swing of 2011 JPBA Ladies Tour


    2011 JPBA Ladies Tour #5, #6 and #7

    2010 women's ranking leader rebounds from second place with back-to-back victories

    2011JPBALT05HiromiMatsunaga2.jpg2011JPBALT06MayumiYoshida2.jpgMayumi Yoshida (pictured left) dominated the 2011 Japan Professional Bowlers Association Ladies Tour summer swing winning two titles and finishing second in the three tournaments held from July through September 2011.

    Yoshida entered the stepladder finals of the 27th Rokko Queens Open Kirin Cup at Kobe Rokko Bowl (July 24-26) as the No. 4 seed and defeated two opponents before she fell to tournament leader Hiromi Matsunaga (right) in the title match, 214-203.

    2011JPBALT06MayumiYoshida3.jpg2011JPBALT06MikiHasegawa.jpgIt was the sixth career JPBA title and the second of the year for Matsunaga, who received 1.200.000 Japanese Yen or approx. $15,400 for the feat. Yoshida, who was looking for her first title since Jan. 2007, pocketed ¥610.000 for second place.

    The 2010 JPBA Ladies Tour ranking winner (above left with her son) got another chance when she took the third and last spot for the stepladder finals of the 6th MK Charity Cup at MK Bowl Kamigamo (Aug. 31- Sept. 3).

    2011JPBALT07HiromiSusumu.jpgYoshida, who returned to the Ladies Tour in June 2008 after giving birth to her son (pictured), nipped No. 2 seed Urara Himeji, in the semifinal, 204-203, before she stormed to her seventh career title and the first as a mother by defeating top-seeded Miki Hasegawa (right), 255-201. Yoshida received the ¥1.300.000 first place check (approx. $16,685) in addition to a Nissan Cube car.

    2011JPBALT07MayumiYoshida2.jpgYoshida (right) carried the momentum into the 2011 Tokai Ladies Open at Tsu Grand Bowl (Sept. 24-25, 2011), where she finished the preliminaries in first place. She had to sit and wait for her opponent until No. 3 seed, Hiromi Susumu, (left) defeated Aino Kinjyo, seeded second, 227-224, in the semifinal match.

    In the title match, Yoshida posted a huge 279 game to fly past Susumu (191) en route to win her eighth career JPBA title and the second consecutive of the season worth ¥1.500.000 (approx. $19,250).

    Courtesy of Junia Yoshida of Japan Bowling Promotion. Photos and results courtesy of JPBA.


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    2011 JPBA Ladies and Men's Tour Schedule


    27th Rokko Queens Open Kirin Cup - Kobe Rokko Bowl (July 24-26, 2011)

    Total Prize Fund: 5 Million Yen (approx. US$64,175)

    2011JPBALT05HiromiMatsunaga.jpgFinal Standings - Top 8 with earnings (Japanese Yen)
    1. Hiromi Matsunaga (pictured right), ¥1.200.000
    2. Mayumi Yoshida, ¥610.000
    3. Yuka Kishida, ¥390.000
    4. Miki Nishimura, ¥280.000
    5. Wendy Macpherson, United States, ¥230.000
    6. Yukari Niwa, ¥200.000
    7. Shinobu Suzuki, ¥180.000
    8. Mami Hasegawa, ¥160.000
    34. Takami Nishimura (best amateur)

    Playoff Results:
    First Match: No. 4 Yoshida def. No. 3 Nishimura, 244-217
    Second Match: Yoshida def. No. 2 Kishida, 228-188
    Championship: No. 1 Matsunaga def. Yoshida, 214-203.


    6th MK Charity Cup - MK Bowl Kamigamo (Aug. 31- Sept. 3, 2011)

    Total Prize Fund: 5.2 Million Yen (approx. US$66,740)

    2011JPBALT06MayumiYoshida.jpgFinal Standings - Top 8 with earnings (Japanese Yen)
    1. Mayumi Yoshida (pictured right), ¥1.300.000
    2. Miki Hasegawa, ¥650.000
    3. Urara Himeji, ¥400.000
    4. Miki Nishimura, ¥260.000
    5. Tomie Kawaguchi, ¥200.000
    6. Ayano Katai, ¥170.000
    7. Jyunko Shiraishi, ¥160.000
    8. Masae Nakajima, ¥150.000
    47. Megumi Niwatsukino (best amateur)

    Playoff Results:
    Semifinal Match: No. 3 Yoshida def. No. 2 Himeji, 204-203
    Championship: Yoshida def. No. 1 Hasegawa, 255-201.


    2011 Tokai Ladies Open - Tsu Grand Bowl (Sept. 24-25, 2011)

    Total Prize Fund: 5.5 Million Yen (approx. US$70,600)

    2011JPBALT07MayumiYoshida.jpgFinal Standings - Top 8 with earnings (Japanese Yen)
    1. Mayumi Yoshida (pictured right), ¥1.500.000
    2. Hiromi Susumu, ¥750.000
    3. Aino Kinjyo, ¥420.000
    4. Miki Nishimura, ¥300.000
    5. Mai Fujita, ¥240.000
    6. Masami Matsunaga, ¥210.000
    7. Urara Himeji, ¥180.000
    8. Hatsumi Tanaka, ¥160.000
    36. Mayumi Kubota (best amateur)

    Playoff Results:
    Semifinal Match: No. 3 Susumu def. No. 2 Kinjyo, 227-224
    Championship: No. 1 Yoshida def. Susumu, 279-191.