Carmen Salvino honored with John Davis Award


    United States

    By The Foundation

    Carmen Salvino, known world-wide as a true bowling ambassador and the greatest showman in the history of the Sport, has been selected as the 2006 recipient of the John Davis Award.

    The presentation of this prestigious, annual Award was made during Bowl Expo in Las Vegas. Salvino now joins an impressive list of previous honorees that include: Joyce Deitch (2001), John Weber (2002), Ted Hoffman, Jr. (2003), Jim Dressel (2004) and Mark Gerberich (2005). In 1996, John Davis, founder of the Kegel Company, called together a knowledgeable group of professional lane men in an attempt to finally research the seemingly endless problems that were affecting the Sport of bowling. From that week-long meeting, a 'Guild of Lane Men' was then established and Davis promised that this group would be involved in as many major bowling events in the world as possible, and to exhibit all of the research found for the whole world to see on the company's website. Soon thereafter 'The Foundation' was formed and Carmen became involved at its inception by becoming a Founding Member, as well as a Continuing Contributor. Salvino, 72, resides in Schaumburg, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, with his lovely wife Ginny, who he has been happily married to for 48-years. They are blessed with one daughter, Corinne. Because of his bowling prowess as a youngster, Carmen was known as 'Chicago's Boy Wonder'. He joined the PBA as a Charter Member in 1958, and his personal records are well chronicled as he amassed 20-Tour Titles and cashed in more tournaments than any PBA player. He has also won numerous industry Awards. He has been inducted into a total of five Halls of Fame. This true legend of bowling is known and respected as a 'Fan Favorite' world-wide. He also owns three patents in the United States and is also the consummate athlete, mentor, teacher and scientist whose accomplishments and life philosophies truly epitomize the art and science of bowling. John Davis, the founding father of The Foundation, has been totally involved in bowling for nearly his entire life. At an early age, John's father taught all of his children how to bowl, and that love affair with this great Sport has been going on for well over a half century. In his 50-plus years of involvement with bowling, it is safe to say that no one has done more for the Sport of bowling than Davis. Even though the Kegel Company is comparatively small, his personal investment in bowling has been unselfish and unmatched. His innovations, inventions and contributions have also been well documented in the past. His leadership in technology and humanities along with his complete knowledge of the Sport make him perhaps the most sought after figure in the game today. His behind-the-scenes committee work is also globally welcomed. Because of his vast accomplishments and devotion to the Sport, the Award (aptly called: "The John Davis Award"), was established by The Foundation in his name. This prestigious honor is presented annually to a deserving Foundation Member. A beautiful, one-of-a-kind perpetual plaque, with the words inscribed: "For Outstanding Contributions and Extraordinary Efforts of Behalf of the Advancement of the Sport of Bowling", and bearing all of the past recipients names, is permanently displayed at the home of The Foundation, in The Kegel Training Center, in Lake Wales, Florida. Carmen also received a beautiful and unique facsimile. Congratulations Carmen! ALL of bowling sincerely thanks you for ALL of your contributions to our Sport and we personally thank you for your help and efforts with The Foundation.