2006 Coaching/Pro Shop Summit concludes


    Bowl Expo

    Coaches, pro shop operators from around the world gather to learn, network

    The 2006 International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association Educational Conference and Bowling Coaches Summit concluded after a three-day run of seminars led by many of the sport's leading figures.

    About 300 adult, youth, high school and collegiate coaches, pro shop employees, bowling ball manufacturing representatives and center proprietors from around the world attended the cooperative event at the Texas Station Hotel. The workshop, designed to improve coaching and bowling ball drilling techniques, was sponsored by United States Bowling Congress Coaching, IBPSIA, USBC Collegiate and USBC High School.

    The focus of the event was highlighting how both coaches and pro shop operators need to work together to increase their businesses and help grow the ever-changing sport of bowling.

    "Not only are the seminars very educational, but the big thing is the networking among the other coaches and pro shop owners," said Nate Brown, owner of Bowling Specialists Pro Shop and a USBC-certified Silver level coach in Tinley Park, Ill.

    2005WCJeriEdwards.jpg Team and individual practice strategies from USBC Team USA head coach and USBC-certified Gold coach Jeri Edwards and advanced bowling ball dynamics and ball motion information by Mo Pinel of MoRich Enterprises were particularly valuable workshops, Brown said.

    "You're always looking for new ideas as a coach," he said. "You can never stop learning. You get a chance to exchange ideas."

    First-time summit attendee Carolyn Brewster of Waipahu, Hawaii, is a new coach who plans to coach youth bowlers and perhaps start her own coaching business.

    "I want to put this knowledge into action," said Brewster, who along with her husband, Norm Brewster, attended the USBC Level I and Bronze certification courses held last week in Las Vegas.

    The IBPSIA/Bowling Coaches Summit is being held in conjunction with International Bowl Expo 2006, which runs June 28-30 at the Las Vegas Hilton.

    USBC coaches honored for USOC nominations
    Three USBC-certified coaches who were nominated for 2005 United States Olympic Committee awards were recognized during the June 26 Awards Breakfast sponsored by USBC.

    They were: USBC Team USA head coach Jeri Edwards, Medina, Ohio (USOC National Coach of the Year); USBC Junior Team USA head coach Rod Ross, Manteca, Calif. (USOC "Doc" Counsilman Science Award); and USBC-certified Silver level coach and Silver Master Instructor Kelly Bednar, Raleigh, N.C. (Developmental Coach of the Year).

    Highlights from other June 26-27 seminars:
    * "Why USBC?" - USBC Chief Executive Officer Roger Dalkin provided an overview of USBC * the National Governing Body of bowling * and its vision for the future in this June 27 seminar. Dalkin said USBC is focusing on engaging young bowlers, those born between 1985 and 2005, who are the future of the sport. He also outlined USBC's new philosophies designed to grow the sport.
    * "Tools for Business and Coaching" Dr. Dean Hinitz shared strategies June 27 that coaches and pro shop professionals can use to strengthen relationships with their customers.
    * "How to Build a Coaching Staff" - USBC-certified Gold coach Ron Hatfield offered methods for recruiting and keeping a coaching staff and assigning responsibilities for coaches.
    * "Athlete Development" - USBC-certified Gold coach and USBC Team USA head coach Jeri Edwards gave coaches keys to developing athletes and ways to organize drills for teams. * "Athlete Development Drills" - USBC Director of Coaching Cary Pon outlined USBC Coaching's new skill drill program for coaches.

    The 2007 IBPSIA Educational Conference and Bowling Coaches Summit is scheduled for late June in Las Vegas.