Impressions from the 50th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup in Wroclaw, Poland


    2014 BWC

    2014BWCLogo2.jpg The 2014 QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup will be held from November 1-9 at 24-lane Sky Bowling Center in Wroclaw, Poland, part of the Fitness Academy Group. 158 players from 88 countries, 86 men and 72 women, have registered for the 50th edition of the prestigious event. will report live from Wroclaw including photos and results after each round. The United States Bowling Congress will provide live streaming on's BowlTV.

    Market Square with the City Hall

    One of the largest old-town market squares in Europe with the late-Gothic City Hall in the center of it. The hall is one of the most recognizable buildings of Wroclaw.




    Wroclaw City Hall




    Wroclaw Market Square (West side) with City Hall




    Wroclaw Market Square (North side)




    Wroclaw Market Square (East side)



    St. Elizabeth's Church

    St. Elizabeth's Church of the Catholic Third Order of Saint Francis is a Gothic basilika in Wrocław, Poland. The structure dates back to the 14th century. The reconstructed main tower is now 91.5 meters tall. It is one of the most iconic structures of the city's panorama.





    Wrocław Opera

    The Wrocław Opera is an opera company and opera house in Wrocław, Poland. The opera house was opened in 1841 when it was known as the Breslau Opera.





    Jatki (shambles)

    Stare Jatki Street is named after the slaughterhouses which operated here in Wroclaw in the 13th century. Today, the street is full of art galleries and sculptures of breeding animals.



    Stare Jatki Street




    Sculptures at Stare Jatki Street



    Wrocław’s dwarfs

    Wrocław’s dwarfs (Polish: krasnale, krasnoludki) - are small figurines cast in bronze that first appeared in the streets of Wrocław in 2001. Since then, their numbers have been continually growing, and today they are considered a tourist attraction.

    2014BWCWroclawDwarf01.jpg 2014BWCWroclawDwarf02.jpg 2014BWCWroclawDwarf03.jpg 2014BWCWroclawDwarf04.jpg 2014BWCWroclawDwarf05.jpg 2014BWCWroclawDwarf06.jpg 2014BWCWroclawDwarf07.jpg 2014BWCWroclawDwarf08.jpg



    Hotel Orbis Wroclaw (Players' Hotel)


    The picture shows the players' hotel (right) with the Sky Tower in the background.



    Sky Tower

    The Sky Tower the tallest building in Poland in the category of height to roof (212 meters) and category of highest floor (51). On the third floor is the Sky Bowling Center. On the 49th floor is a publicly accessible viewpoint.





    Sky Bowling Center

    The Sky Bowling Center is equipped with 24 QubicaAMF High Performance Synthetic Lanes. Lanes 1-20 will be used for the competition.



    Sky Bowling is supposed to host the bowling competition of the 2017 World Games.




    Players' area




    Players' area




    Spectators' area



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