England cruises to victory in trios event at Women's European Championships


    2006 WEC

    Dream-Bowl in Böblingen, Germany (Aug. 24 - Sept. 3, 2006)

     Jemma Smith, Fiona Banks and Katie Jowsey (center from the left) from England sensationally won the gold medal in the Trios event in the Women's European Championships at Dream-Bowl in Böblingen, Germany.


    Leading after both three-game blocks on short and long oil, the trio defeated Denmark's Britt Bröndsted, Mai Ginge Jensen and Kamilla Kjeldsen in the championship match, 611-568.

    Both trios posted high games in the semis to advance to the finals. England defeated No. 4 seeded Netherlands with Wendy Kok, Marieke de Jong and Ghislaine van der Tol, in a strike fest 705-696. In the other semi-final, the Danes, seeded third, ousted No. 2 seed Germany with Martina Beckel, Tina Hulsch and Patricia Schwarz, 694-650.

    Denmark captured the second silver medal in the championships after winning gold and silver in Doubles, while the trios from the Netherlands and Germany received bronze.

    Picture courtesy of Eric Hayton, team manger England. Click on the image to enlarge it.

    2006 Women's European Championships - Trios event

    Championship Round:
    1. England (Jemma Smith, Katie Jowsey, Fiona Banks)
    2. Denmark (Britt Bröndsted, Mai Ginge Jensen, Kamilla Kjeldsen)
    3. Germany (Martina Beckel, Tina Hulsch, Patricia Schwarz)
    (tie) Netherlands (Wendy Kok, Marieke de Jong, Ghislaine van der Tol)

    Playoff Results:
    Semi-final Match 1:
    #1 England (Smith 221, Jowsey 236, Banks 248) def.
    #4 Netherlands (Kok 224, de Jong 214, van der Tol 258), 705-696

    Semi-final Match 2:
    #3 Denmark (Bröndsted 246, Ginge Jensen 212, Kjeldsen 236) def.
    #2 Germany (Beckel 200, Tina Hulsch 236, Schwarz 194), 694-650

    Championship Match:
    #1 England (Smith 227, Jowsey 184, Banks 200) def.
    #3 Denmark (Bröndsted 175, Ginge Jensen 206, Kjeldsen 187), 611-568.

    England shoots big games to lead trios event after the short-oil session


    2006WECLogo.jpg England's Jemma Smith, Fiona Banks and Katie Jowsey averaged 218,96 on the short oil pattern at Dream-Bowl in Böblingen, Germany, to take the lead in the trios event at the Women's European Championships after three out of six games with 1970.

    Banks led the way with a huge 749 three-game series (235, 290, 224), while Smith, daughter of two-time World Cup champion Pauline Buck, added 629 and Jowsey 592.

    Trailing Team England by 55 pins to sit in second place was France with 1915. World Games Mixed Doubles champion Isabelle Saldjian led the team with 693 followed by Laetitia Maitre, 633, and Marylin Planchard, 589.

    Swedes Nina Flack, Malin Glendert and Helen Johnsson (677) were in third position with 1881, with Dutch Wendy van der List, Jolanda Visser (651) and Priscilla Maaswinkel mere four pins behind in fourth place with 1877.

    Fifth place belonged to their team mates Wendy Kok, Marieke de Jong (714) and Ghislaine van der Tol with 1868. The Dane, who won gold and silver in the Doubles event on Monday, sit in sixth and seventh place, mere 12 and 27 pins off the pace for the finals.

    The top four after another three-game block on long oil will bowl for the medals in a one-game semi-final and final on Wednesday afternoon.