A Gathering of Friends


    Bowl Expo

    Republished courtesy of The Cornerstone, The Foundation Newsletter (Volume 67 July 2005)

    Once again it is time for International Bowl Expo. This year's event is being held in beautiful Orlando, Florida; a sight only a short drive to the world renowned Kegel facility. This year's Expo is sure to have something in store for everyone as hundreds of manufacturers, distributors, and vendors come together to present their latest and greatest innovations to better every aspect of bowling.

    Bowl Expo is an excellent event. If you have never attended an Expo, I highly recommend the experience. There is literally something for every aspect of bowling. You can find items such as pinsetters, lane beds, lane machines, lane conditioners and cleaners, bowling balls, bowling shoes, bowling bags and accessories, arcade games, food preparation equipment, new food concepts, and much, much more.For others, Bowl Expo is a chance to learn new information. Several companies offer seminars and clinics regarding different aspects of bowling. It is also a chance to talk to vendors and ask questions about their products.Finally, Bowl Expo is a chance to gather with friends. Bowling is a diverse industry and too often we talk to people that we don't actually 'know'. I know I have talked to hundreds of people on the phone but I have never actually met them. Expo is an opportunity to finally put a face with a voice. Several members of the popular online community, Bowltech, have decided to put their screen names on their name badges; yet another way to meet those people that you have talked to so many times.If you have the chance, check out Bowl Expo. It's certain to be an experience you'll not soon forget. And, who knows, you may just meet some new old friends.The Cornerstone newsletter is available free by email. For subscription visit www.foundation300.com and go to the sign up box in the lower part of the screen, and enter the email address and you will be added to the mailing list service to receive the newsletter and other occasional correspondence from The Foundation. Or contact The Foundation c/o Kegel - 6800 US 27 North - Sebring, FL 33870Phone: 863-382-2643 Fax: 863-382-8476 Web site: http://www.foundation300.com E-mail: [email protected]