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Canadian Tenpin Federation announces changes to management team


Brian McMaster (right), president of the Canadian Tenpin Federation (CTF), has announced the retirement of Stan May, Executive Director of the federation.

“Stan was instrumental in setting up the foundation for CTF’s head office from the beginning of the new membership association. Stan announced his retirement after 14 years with the Canadian Federation.”

Prior to May (left) taking on the duties of Executive Director in 2004 for the CTF, he was employed at the Lethbridge Real Estate Board as Assistant Executive Director from 1994 to 2004.

With his many years of experience in bowling, May will be missed. He is associated with the Lethbridge, Alberta bowling association and the CTF. He volunteered at all levels with the Lethbridge association from President to Level III / Competition Development Coach.

During his time with the CTF, May was Vice President from 1998-2000, President from 2001-2004 and in 2004 took on the responsibilities as Executive Director of the newly formed membership program for CTF.

Dave Kist (right), current director of the CTF, said “I am honored to have been able to work with Stan for the last 3 years. His dedication and hard work to improve our organization is admirable. I will miss Stan as he gets ready for his next chapter in life but at the same time happy as he begins his next phase – enjoying retirement! Thank you for everything Stan.”

With May’s retirement, Cathy Innes will be on-boarding and trying to fill the shoes he has vacated. Her background is impressive and list of accomplishments is very long.

On behalf of the CTF Executive and Board of Directors, McMaster is excited to announce Cathy Innes has been hired as the new Executive Director for the CTF

“I can think of no person more qualified or experienced to take over the reins of Executive Director for CTF and am very pleased for the opportunity to work with her. I think the years ahead are looking very good for our organization”, McMaster said.

“Cathy was chosen because of her leadership skills, experience in the bowling industry and her passion for the sport of bowling. She has mentioned many times “I believe” and YES Cathy “We believe!”

Innes (left) has been involved with bowling since 1979. She took the plunge in 1985 to volunteer at the local level administration and has never looked back. She has held every position available at the local and provincial levels. She was a competitive bowler in earlier years bowling Provincial Championships, National Championships and years ago, WIBC national Championships.

Innes spent nine years as president of the CTF but prior to her presidency she spent 14 years on the CTF Board of Directors. For the past four years she has managed the High Performance Division of the CTF.

“Cathy has some 26 years’ experience with the Canadian Tenpin Federation in many different roles. Combine this experience with a business and marketing degree and management experience, we believe her to be the perfect fit”, said McMaster.

Innes replied; “I look forward to this new challenge, it is happening quickly as I begin full time starting October 1, 2017. I am excited to have the opportunity to work closely with the association leaders across the country towards our grass roots programs and developing our relationships in the communities. My first big challenge will be the move of the Lethbridge, Alberta office to Surrey, BC”.

Innes’ duties as Executive Director will be to administer CTF programs for its members, work closely with the bowling communities and CTF Board of Directors, while building strong relations with members, associations, proprietors and all stakeholders within the sport.
Internationally, she will continue as ambassador to the Canadian Olympic Committee, PABCON and World Bowling.

Herbert Bickel

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