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Champions determined in Team, All-Events at PABCON Youth


The Puerto Rican Under16 bowlers, the Canadian Under21 boys and the U21 girls from the host country Mexico shared the gold medals in the team events in the 2017 PABCON Youth Championships at Bol Obispado in Monterrey.

Natalia Delgado, Pamela Perez, Javier Muñiz and Edgar Burgos of Puerto Rico (above center) averaged 189.67 for six games to win the first gold medal in this Championships in U16 mixed team with 4552 total pins.

Photos by Martin Faba and Megan Gonzales.

Burgos led all 31 players with 1281 (213.50) out averaging his nearest competitor by 12.5 pins. Muñiz had 1109, Perez added1098 and Delgado contributed 1064.

Mexico was 153 pins behind in second place to capture the silver medal with 4399, while Colombia took bronze with 4285.

Alex Cote, Gavin Sum, Marc Antoine Caron and Jakob Bowden closed their six-game series with 809, 891 and 807 to win the U21 boys team event with 4876 (203.17 avg.) and to secure the first gold medal for Canada.

The Canadians overtook trios champion Costa Rica in the last game by 20 pins. The Costa Ricans had to settle for silver with 4856. Bronze went to Junior Team USA with 4822.

Heading into the last game in the U21 girls team event, USA (3830), Mexico (3821) and Colombia (3805) were within 44 pins of leader Canada (3849).

Paola Limon, Karla Salazar, Alejandra Amezcua and Raquel Orozco closed with 775 to capture the fourth gold medal for Mexico and the first in the U21 girls division as the quartet finished with 4596, just six pins ahead of the Colombians who took the silver medal with 4590.

The U.S. girls, who won the gold medals in singles, doubles and trios had to settle for the bronze medal with 4577. The Canadians, who closed with 717, slipped all the way out of the medals to fourth place with 4566.

The team events also determined the medals in All-Events and the top 8 and top 16 players in the U16 and U21 divisions, who advanced to match play masters in bracket system, which will conclude the Championships on Friday.

Luis Lugo of Mexico won the gold medal in U16 boys all-events with 4126, an average of 196.48 for 21 games. Samuel Jaramillo of Colombia took silver with 4013 and Diego Aguilar of Guatemala got bronze with 4005.

Natalia Delgado of Puerto Rico cruised to the title in U16 girls all-events averaging 184.38 for 3872 total. Pamela Perez of Puerto Rico was second with 3769 and Ana Sada of Mexico finished third with 3755.

Alberto Quesada averaged 211.79 for 24 games to win the gold medal in U21 boys all-events with 5083 pins, 104 pins ahead of second place Cortez Schenck, United States, with 4979, with Jakob Bowden of Canada just two pins back in third place with 4977.

Junior Team USA’s Stephanie Schwartz claimed her fourth gold medal in U21 girls all-events after winning in singles, doubles and trios with 5080 and an average of 211.67. Her team mate Breanna Clemmer was second with 4963 to add a silver medal to the gold medals in doubles and trios and a bronze medal in team. Bronze went to Paola Limon of Mexico with distant 4797.

The 2017 Pan American Bowling Confederation Youth Championships will be held from September 2-9 at Bol Obispado in Monterrey, Mexico. The premiere event for youth bowlers in World Bowling’s American Zone drew 107 youth bowlers from 13 countries, 76 (48 boys and 28 girls) in the Under-21 division and 31 (16 boys and 15 girls) in the Under-16 division.

Players will compete for gold, silver and bronze medals in Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles (U16 only), Trios (U21 only), four-player Team, All-Events and Masters.

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