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Eric Pierson joins Kegel Team as Technical Support Manager


2010USBCWCEricPierson.jpgKegel has announced that Eric Pierson has accepted an offer to join the Kegel team. The company is based in Lake Wales, Fla., where it operates its manufacturing, quality control, software development, chemical production and packaging, technical support, Kegel Connection Pro Shops, Foundation300 and its world renowned Kegel Training Center.

Pierson will be the new Technical Support Manager replacing John Thrift, who will now shift his focus to product development and support. As Technical Support Manager, Pierson will lead the team of Kegel Techs which offers 24/7 support to bowling centers worldwide.

In addition to his in office duties, Pierson will join several other employees at Tournaments and Championship Events to provide lane maintenance support on behalf of Kegel.

Pierson first became involved in the bowling industry at age 17, working as a Junior Instructor. From 1998-2007, he was hired as a contractor on the lane maintenance crew for tournaments including the Open Championships and Junior Gold. He performed lane maintenance duties as well as worked on pattern development for the events.

From 2007-2014, Pierson began working full time for USBC and spent a majority of that time serving as the Director of Tournaments. His tournament work included the USBC Women’s Championships, USBC Masters, USBC Queens, USBC Senior Queens.

“People like Eric Pierson, aren’t easy to come by,” said Gus Falgien, Kegel’s VP of Sales.

“He has years of industry experience and has been involved with Tournaments for the USBC. His unique understanding of lane machines and the environment, in which Kegel works, makes him the perfect fit to join our team. We feel he will be a great asset.”

Pierson will begin his position later this spring.

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