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Field set for single-elimination match play at Samho Korea Cup


The 64 players that will bowl for the title and the 40 million won (approx. $35,250) top prize at the Samho Korea Cup were determined Tuesday at Big Bowl bowling center in Suwon, South Korea.

Divided into four squads, the 256 players bowled 12 games of qualifying before the cut to the top 16, who advanced to Wednesday’s single-elimination match play in best-of-three games format.

Pictured above from left: Squad leaders Tommy Jones, Jeong Taehwa, Ryuichi Kobayashi and Hiroyuki Kuretake.

The lanes only were oiled twice each day, with all competitors getting the chance to experience two phases of the pattern – fresh and burn – with six games being bowled each day.

Jeong Taehwa (left) of the Korea Professional Bowling Association added 1462 on the burn to the 1458 on fresh oil to win squad A with 2920 total and an average of 243.30 for 12 games.

PWBA champion Sin Li Jane (right) of Malaysia, who led after the first block with 1552, had 1352 today to finish in second place with 2904, including eight games handicap each game. Third place belonged to KPBA’s women’s pro Choi Hyunsook with 2864.

Esther Cheah (left) of Malaysia used the highest series of 1471, including handicap, to leap from 25th to seventh place with 2798. Kim Jungsoo, KPBA, took the 16th and last spot to advance with 2684 (223.70 average).

2011 Korea Cup champion Tommy Jones (right), United States, led the 64 bowlers of squad B on both qualifying days. The 18-time PBA champion had 1462 on burn and 1492 on fresh to win the squad with 2954 and the field-best 246.17 average.

Shota Kawazoe (left) of Japan, a three-time Triple Crown winner of the Japan Professional Bowling Association, was second with 2898, with fellow JPBA member Yuya Kato in third place with 2876, including a 1491 series today.

KPBA’s Kim Daehyun rolled the fifth 300 game of the tournament in game four to finish qualifying in seventh place with 2770. 16th place went to amateur Lee Seongkyun of Korea with 2711 (225.92 average).

Ryuichi Kobayashi (right), who had the field-best 1596 series yesterday on fresh oil, remained atop the leaderboard in squad C, despite a 1318 series on the burn. Kobayashi totaled 2914, an average of 242.83, to maintain a 25-pin lead over PBA champion Tom Daugherty, USA, who was in second place with 2889.

Martin Larsen (left) of Sweden leaped three spots into third place with 1394 and 2802 total, while Kwak Miyoung, KPBA, took 16th place with 2654 (213.17).

Hiroyuki Kuretake (right), JPBA, who led squad D after the first block with 1440, improved by 52 pins on fresh oil to hold on to the lead with 2932 total and an average of 244.33.

Starting the day in eighth place with 1401, Jung Seungju rolled games of 194, 204, 300, 248, 221 and 300 to jump into second place with 1467 and 2868 total. Jung’s second perfecto in game six brought the number of perfect games in this tournament to nine.

Choi Jongin was 18 pins back in third place with 2850. Mun Byungryul took 16th place with 2693 (224.42). Lee Kukhyun and Choi Wonyoung (all KPBA) also achieved perfection in the second block but missed the cut to the top 16 in 17th and 20th place with 2663 and 2653, respectively.

Match play starts Wednesday at 11 a.m. local time with the Round of 64.

The 19th Samho Korea Cup is the biggest annual international bowling tournament in South Korea and will be held September 16-21 at 34-lane Big Bowl in Suwon.

240 professionals and 16 amateur qualifiers compete for total prize money of 150 million Korean Republic Won (KRW) or roughly US$132,000 with 40 million won ($35,250) going to the winner, 20 million won to the runner-up and 12 million and 7 million won to the third and fourth place finishers, respectively. Low to cash is 64th place worth 700.000 won ($617).

The field was split into four squads to bowl two six-game blocks of qualifying over two days with the top 16 from each squad advancing to Wednesday’s single-elimination match play in best-of-three games format.

The field is cut to 32, 16, 8 and then four players who determine the champion in Thursday’s TV eliminator-format finals featuring three one-game rounds. All four players bowl the opening game, with the lowest-scoring player being eliminated. In the two rounds to follow, the same “low man out” format applies.

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19th Samho Korea Cup 2017 – Round of 64 Match-ups

A3 Choi Hyunsook, KPBA-F vs. B14 Kim Kowoon, KPBA
B11 Daisuke Kida, JPBA vs. A6 Junichi Yajima, JPBA
A7 Eshter Cheah, Malaysia vs. B10 Naoharu Yamakawa, JPBA
B15 Lee Jaedeok, KPBA vs. A2 Sin Li Jane, Malaysia
A4 Akihiro Miura, JPBA vs. B13 Hyeong Kyoo Yang, JPBA
B12 Shinichiro Tamai, JPBA vs. A5 Yu Jaeho, KPBA
A8 Lee Myunghoon, KPBA vs. B9 Dave Symes, AMA
B16 Lee Seongkyun, AMA vs. A1 Jeong Taehwa, KPBA

B1 Tommy Jones, PBA vs. A16 Kim Jungsoo, KPBA
A9 Kamron Doyle, PBA vs. B8 Jung Kwanghee, KPBA
B5 Kim Younghwan, KPBA vs. A12 Anthony Simonsen, PBA
A13 Kim Hyungjun, KPBA vs. B4 Jason Belmonte, PBA
B2 Shota Kawazoe, JPBA vs. A15 Hwang Yuha, KPBA
A10 Ahn Junsang, KPBA vs. B7 Kim Daehyun, KPBA
B6 Andrew Anderson, PBA vs. A11 Hiroki Takada, JPBA
A14 Syaidatul Afifah, Malaysia vs. B3 Yuya Kato, JPBA

C3 Martin Larsen, PBA vs. D14 Noh Donghyun, KPBA
D11 Ham Jungwoo, AMA vs. C6 Joo Eunsoo, KPBA
C7 Kong Byunghee, KPBA vs. D10 Hwang Moonjung, KPBA-F
D15 Lee Seungseop, KPBA vs. C2 Tom Daugherty, PBA
C4 Park Sang pil, KPBA vs. D13 Sho Katsumata, JPBA
D12 Park Jinhee, KPBA-F vs. C5 Hong Seongho, KPBA
C8 Jo Sooyoung, KPBA vs. D9 Hong Seongjoo, KPBA
D16 Mun Byungryul, KPBA vs. C1 Ryuichi Kobayashi, JPBA

D1 Hiroyuki Kuretake, JPBA vs. C16 Kwak miyoung, KPBA-F
C9 Siti Safiyah, Malaysia vs. D8 Kazuaki Watanabe, JPBA
D5 Shalin Zulkifli, Malaysia vs. C12 Jang Heewoong, KPBA
C13 Lee Jaewoon, KPBA vs. D4 Park Bongju, KPBA
D2 Jung Seungju, KPBA vs. C15 Brian Greenwood, JPBA
C10 Kim Taeil, KPBA vs. D7 Chris Barnes, PBA
D6 Daria Pajak, PBA vs. C11 Jason Sterner, PBA
C14 Osku Palermaa, PBA vs. D3 Choi Jongin, KPBA

19th Samho Korea Cup 2017 – Squad A after 12 games

Top 16 advance to match play; women receive eight pins handicap per game.

300 games (1) – Sin Li Jane.

19th Samho Korea Cup 2017 – Squad B after 12 games

Top 16 advance to match play; women receive eight pins handicap per game.

300 games (1) – Kim Daehyun.

19th Samho Korea Cup 2017 – Squad C after 12 games

Top 16 advance to match play; women receive eight pins handicap per game.

300 games (3) – Joo Eunsoo, Tetsuya Kobayashi and Ryuichi Kobayashi.

19th Samho Korea Cup 2017 – Squad D after 12 games

Top 16 advance to match play; women receive eight pins handicap per game.

300 games (4) – Choi Wonyoung, Lee Kukhyun and Jung Seungju (2).

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