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Hammer announces expansion of its national pro staff


2016HammerStaffBillONeil.jpgHammer has announced the expansion of its national pro staff. Joining Bill O’Neill are PBA champions Mike Wolfe and Tom Daugherty, along with long-time Team USA member, Shannon Pluhowsky, and 2015 PWBA Rookie of the Year, Stefanie Johnson.

2016HammerStaffStefanieJohnson.jpgRob Gotchall, manager of players, events and promotions for Hammer, stated the addition of these players, and the team spirit they’ll bring, will create opportunities to further showcase the talent these bowler’s possess while increasing Hammer’s exposure.

“Teamwork is something we talk about a lot at Hammer,” Gotchall said. “Both internally in the offices and externally in the field it is vital to our success. Having players of this caliber join the Hammer team, and be ready and willing to contribute on day one, only increases our exposure and boosts our image in the eye of the bowling public.”

201213PBAMikeWolfe.jpg“Staying on the cutting edge of technology is at an all time premium,” Wolfe (left) said. “Hammer and the EBI (Ebonite International) brands have made the biggest strides in performance over the last 3 years and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.”

2016HammerStaffTomDaugherty.jpg“A never settling attitude draws attention from the best bowlers in the world,” he said. “Dedication to every product and the desire to make every product better is the company I want to be a part of.”

Daugherty (right) echoed the sense of team and a performance-driven attitude saying he has been impressed with the performance of EBI’s equipment and that he looks forward to representing Hammer.

2015BWCShannonPluhowsky3.jpgPluhowsky (right) shared the same level of excitement and looks forward to representing Hammer on the PWBA tour.

“I am excited to be a part of Hammer and the EBI family,” the multiple World Champion said. “It is a great opportunity for myself and my family going into the next summer of the PWBA tour and I look forward to throwing all the great products.”

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Herbert Bickel

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