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Jesper Svensson defends title in 14th Columbia 300 Vienna Open


2016EBT13ChampionJesperSvenssonDefending champion Jesper Svensson became the first player in the 14-year history of the Columbia 300 Vienna Open to win back-to-back titles when the two-handed lefty from Sweden defeated Mik Stampe of Denmark, 246-201, in the title match Sunday evening at Plus Bowling in Vienna, Austria.

The podium of the 14th Columbia 300 Vienna Open – from left Mik Stampe (2nd), Rich Hanson, International Sales Manager of Ebonite International, champion Jesper Svensson, tournament director Thomas Gross, Tanya Cuva (3rd) and Daniel Fransson (4th).

Svensson, who earned the No. 1 seed for the second year in a row averaging 245.50 over 12 games including a 300, compared the 238 average in 2015, received the 7.000 Euro top prize.

At the age of 21 Svensson has now won seven European Bowling Tour along with five Professional Bowlers Association titles, including a victory in the PBA signature event, the Tournament of Champions earlier this year.

Svensson is the third player after Osku Palermaa of Finland (2005, 2011) and Chris Barnes, United States (2010. 2012), who won multiple Vienna Open titles.

With his victory in Vienna, Svensson, the 2015 men’s point ranking champion, overtook the lead in the 2016 ranking after 13 of 16 events.

In the opening match of the four-player shoot-out, German native Tanya Cuva who lives and bowls for Switzerland, seeded third, defeated No. 4 Daniel Fransson of Sweden, who was looking for his second career title and the second this season, 242-221.

Cuva, who didn’t need her eight-pin handicap to win the match, started with a five bagger and never looked back. Fransson struck eight times in the last seven frames but Cuva put the match sealed the win with a double in the 10th frame.

In the semi-final match against three-time titlist Tim Stampe of Denmark, Cuva started with an open and a four-bagger, but Stampe countered with seven strikes in a row to take to take the match away well before the final frame.

Svensson started the title match with three consecutive strikes to take a comfortable 44-pin lead mid game as Stampe opened twice and struggled on the right lane. Stampe reeled off four consecutive strikes from seventh to 10th frame, but the two-hander responded with a four-bagger in frames 8, 9 and 10 wrap up the title.

Stampe was consoled with 5.000 Euro for the second place, Cuva, who won the women’s ranking in an EBT event for the ninth time in her career, including two titles, took home 3.000 Euro for third place and Fransson pocketed 2.500 Euro for fourth place.

2016ViennaOpenLogoThe 14th Columbia 300 Vienna Open, which was held from Sept. 24 through Oct. 2 at Plus Bowling, a 32-laner in Vienna, Austria, was the 13th tournament on the 2016 European Bowling Tour and the last EBT “gold” event this season.

BowlingdigitalBannerFor the 14th consecutive year, Bowlingdigital.com provided onsite coverage of the Vienna Open commencing Thursday, Sept. 29, all the way through to the stepladder finals on Sunday, Oct. 2.

Players competed for total prize fund of 73.180 Euro – 62.950 € in Singles and 10.230 € in Doubles. 56 players cashed in Singles, which had a last-to-cash payout of 600 Euro. The doubles tournament, which was won by Irish two-handed player Chris Sloan and Jenny Wegner of Sweden, paid a 1.600 € first prize and a 20-place prize list (300 € last-to-cash).

Women receive eight pins handicap each game (maximum is 300), an equality handicap provided to women in all EBT events.

Total 56 players qualified for the Vienna Open finals on Sunday, Oct. 2. The top 8 qualifying leaders received a first-round bye. The other 48 players bowled six games scratch. The top 22 joined the top 8 qualifiers in Round Two.

Those 30 players bowled another six games scratch after which the field was trimmed to the top 18, who carried the pinfall forward into the third round. After another six-game block the top 4 players with the highest 12-game total advanced to the stepladder finals.

The No. 4 seed met the No. 3 in the opening match and the winner took on the No. 2 seed for the right to bowl the top seed for the title, the 7.000 Euro top prize and 150 European Bowling Tour ranking points (men and women in separate rankings).

2016EBTLogo2The 2016 European Bowling Tour currently consists of 16 tournaments in 11 countries featuring three “Platinum” events, three “Gold”, four “Silver” and six “Satellite” events. All tournaments together offer total prize fund of roughly 850.000 Euro.

The top 50 men and the top 50 women in each event receive ranking points. Those points will be tabulated throughout the season to determine the top 12 men and top 12 women, who will be eligible to compete in the 10th EBT Masters May 29, 2017, at Lovvang Bowling Center in Aalborg, Denmark.

The next EBT event, the 1st Emax Open, an EBT Satellite tournament, will kick off Monday at Dream-Bowl Palace in Munich, Germany, with the finals to be played on Sunday, Nov. 9.

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14th Columbia 300 Vienna Open – Stepladder Finals

Plus Bowling in Vienna, Austria (Sept. 24 – Oct. 2, 2016)

Championship Round:
1. Jesper Svensson, Sweden, 246 (1 game), 7.000 Euro
2. Mik Stampe, Denmark, 445 (2 games) 5.000 Euro
3. Tanya Cuva, Switzerland, 449 (2 games), 3.500 Euro
4. Daniel Fransson, Sweden, 221 (1 game), 2.500 Euro

Playoff Results:
First Match: No. 3 Cuva def. No. 4 Fransson, 242-221
Second Match: No. 2 Stampe def. Cuva, 244-207
Championship: No. 1 Svensson def. Stampe, 246-201.

Click on the matches to view frame-by-frame results.

2016 Vienna Open Singles – PLaces 5-56 (Cashers)

5. John Wells, England, 2.000 Euro
6. Thomas Larsen, Denmark, 1.900 Euro
7. Josh Blanchard, United States, 1.800 Euro
8. Francois Louw, South Africa, 1.700 Euro
9. Martin Larsen, Sweden, 1.600 Euro
10. Dominic Barrett, England, 1.500 Euro
11. Dennis Eklund, Sweden, 1.400 Euro
12. Peter Hellström, Sweden, 1.300 Euro
13. Richard Teece, England, 1.200 Euro
14. Ida Andersson, Sweden, 1.200 Euro
15. Mathieu Bergès, Switzerland, 1.100 Euro
16. Mark Clark, United States, 1.100 Euro
17. Martin Paulsson, Sweden, 1.000 Euro
18. Tony Ranta, Finland, 1.000 Euro
19. Christopher Sloan, Ireland, 850 Euro
20. Paul Moor, England, 840 Euro
21. Oliver Morig, Germany, 830 Euro
22. Jesper Agerbo, Denmark, 820 Euro
23. Victoria Johansson, Sweden, 810 Euro
24. Carsten Warming Hansen, Denmark, 800 Euro
25. Mattias Olsson, Sweden, 790 Euro
26. Osku Palermaa, Finland, 780 Euro
27. Pontus Andersson, Sweden, 770 Euro
28. Alan Nicolas, France, 760 Euro
29. Alvar Burgues Cardona, Catalonia, 750 Euro
30. Anton Ahlgren, Sweden, 750 Euro
31. Laura Beuthner, Germany, 600 Euro
32. Markus Jansson, Sweden, 600 Euro
33. Dan Ostergaard, Denmark, 600 Euro
34. Jenny Wegner, Sweden, 600 Euro
35. Leo Grundschober, Austria, 600 Euro
36. Alexander Rauscher, Austria, 600 Euro
37. Jaroslav Lorenc, Czech Republic, 600 Euro
38. Michael Krämer, Germany, 600 Euro
39. Jan Macek, Czech Republic, 600 Euro
40. Thomas Gross, Austria, 600 Euro
41. Pat Nolan, United States, 600 Euro
42. Ray Teece, England, 600 Euro
43. Patrick Stiel, Austria, 600 Euro
44. Anneli Blomqvist, Sweden, 600 Euro
45. Aleksei Parshukov, Russia, 600 Euro
46. Rasmus Edvall, Sweden, 600 Euro
47. Michael Loos, Austria, 600 Euro
48. Tim Stampe, Denmark, 600 Euro
49. Joonas Jehkinen, Finland, 600 Euro
50. Tamara Adler, Austria, 600 Euro
51. Patrick Freudl, Austria, 600 Euro
52. Daniel Hahn, Austria, 600 Euro
53. Christoph Susen, Germany, 600 Euro
54. Chris Klerk, United States, 600 Euro
55. Lukas Homola, Slovakia, 600 Euro
56. Christian Bartl, Germany, 600 Euro

2016 Vienna Open Singles – Final Round 3 Results

Top 4 advance to the stepladder finals.

Herbert Bickel

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