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Karen Marcano, Jose Lander win Venezuelan Team Trials


Karen Marcano and Jose Lander led the women’s and men’s adult division in the 2016 Venezuelan Team Trials, which determined the members of the adult and youth national teams for 2016.

Men and women bowled 48 games over six days on six different lane conditioning patterns, while the boys and girls bowled 30 games over five days. The top 6 women and the top 5 men earned berths into the 2016 Venezuelan national team.

Joining Marcano on the women’s team were Inngellimar Beasley, Patricia de Faria, Jessika Ramirez, Joan Gonzalez and her sister Alicia Marcano.

On the men’s side, Lander will represent Venezuela together with Reydnier Chavez, Eddy A. Fuentes, Luis Eduardo Rovaina, Massimiliano Fridegotto and (PBA star Amleto Monacelli, who was seeded into the team.


Adult Division

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1. Karen Marcano
2. Inngellimar Beasley
3. Patricia de Faria
4. Jessika Ramirez
5. Joan Gonzalez
6. Alicia Marcano

1. Jose Vicente Lander
2. Reydnier Chavez
3. Eddy A. Fuentes
4. Luis Eduardo Rovaina
5. Massimiliano Fridegotto
Amleto Monacelli completes the team.


Youth Division

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 U-21 and U-20 Girls
(World Youth Championship / CONCECABOL)
1. Lisvier Cardenas
2. Paola de Sousa
3. Maria Jose Padovani
4. Adriana Laguado

 U-21 Boys
(World Youth Championship / CONCECABOL)
1. Maximiliano Fridegotto
2. Rogelio Felice Jr.
3. Alejandro Arenas
4. Rosbert Infante

U-20 Boys
(Southamerican championship)
1. Maximiliano Fridegotto
2. Rosbert Infante
3. Luis Gallardo
4. Rodolfo Monacelli Jr.

U-16 Girls
(CONCECABOL and Southamerican Championship)
1. Maritza Campos
2. Saray Meneses

U-16 Boys
(CONCECABOL and Southamerican Championship)
1. Gabriel Bolivar
2. Gianmarco Gaglione

Herbert Bickel

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