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Puerto Rico, Colombia win prestigious Team titles in Concecabol


The Puerto Rican men and the women from Colombia won the prestigious five-player team events at the Central American and Caribbean Championship (Concecabol) in Guatemala City, Guatemala. The Colombia women’s and men’s teams swept the titles in team all-events.

Jean F. Perez of Puerto Rico and Mexico’s Sandra Gongora captured the coveted gold medal in men’s and women’s all-events.

Josh L. Encarnacion
, Eisam Hussein, Cristian Azcona, Jean F. Perez, Andro Simounet and David Marquez toppled 6341 pins, an average of 211.37 for six games, to beat out Mexico for the gold medal by 37 pins. It was the second gold medal for the Puerto Rican men after the victory in trios.

Pictured above: The men’s team award ceremony during the banquet.

Mexico’s Arturo Quintero G., Ricardo Lecuona M., Marcelo Magrassi V., Daniel A. Martinez and Humberto Vasquez M. earned the silver medal with 6304 (210.13).

Venezuela’s Luis E. Rovaina, Rogelio Felice Jr., Luis Andueza, Ildemaro Ruiz Jr. and Massimiliano Fridegotto, who led the field of 16 countries heading into the final game, fell two spots to third place with 6303 (210.10), missing silver by just one pin.

Colombia’s Jaime Gonzalez, Manuel Otalora, Sebastian Charry, Santiago Mejia, Oscar Rodriguez and Andres Gomez averaged 210.94 for 138 games to win the title in team all-events with 29110 total.

Venezuela was just eight pins behind in second place with 29102 (210.88), with Puerto Rico in third place with 29045 (210.47).

Colombia was the only women’s team out of 12 countries that averaged over 200 on the way to the team gold, Colombia’s second gold in the women’s division after Clara Juliana Guerrero’s gold medal in singles.

L-R Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela.

Guerrero, Juliana Franco, Rocio Restrepo, Anggie Ramirez, Maria J. Rodriguez and Isabella Correa totaled 6124 pins and averaged 204.13 for six games.

Trailing Colombia by 150 pins to take the silver medal were the women from Mexico, Tannya Lopez, Adriana Perez, Lilia Robles, Iliana Lomeli and Sandra Gongora, who chalked up 5974 (199.13).

Venezuela’s Karen Marcano, Alicia Marcano, Gilant González, Ingellimar Contreras and Patricia De Faria were further 163 pins back in third place with 5811 (193.70).

The Colombian women added another gold medal in team all-events with 27817 total and an average of 201.57 for 138 games. The Mexican women took another silver medal with 27734 (200.97).

L-R Mexico, Colombia and Puerto Rico.

Bronze went to Puerto Rico with Kristie Lopez, Paulina Torres, Giselle Poss, Valerie Bermudez, Mariana Ayala and Desire Negron got bronze with 26599 (192.75).

Heading into the last team game, Puerto Rico’s trios and team gold medalist Jean F. Perez trailed singles champion Luis E. Rovaina of Venezuela in all-events (total pinfall in singles, doubles, trios and team event) by 78 pins.

Perez closed with 278, while Rovaina had a low game of 176, to shoot into the lead and to win his third gold medal in this championship with 5467 and an average of 227.79 for 24 games.

Rovaina had to settle for silver with 5443 (226.79) and Perez’ team mate Cristian Azcona took bronze with 5389 (224.54).

Sandra Gongora of Mexico averaged 212.42 to win the gold medal in women’s all-events with 5098 total. Kristie Lopez of Puerto Rico was 68 pins behind in second place with 5030 (209.58), while Clara Juliana Guerrero of Colombia took bronze with 4948 (206.17).

L-R Lopez, Gongora and Guerrero.

Metrobowl in Guatemala City hosted three different events taking place at the same time in Guatemala.

The Central American and Caribbean Championship is the qualifying event for the 23rd Central American and Caribbean Games and features 17 countries, 10 of whom, including the host country Colombia, will qualify for Barranquilla 2018.

The second event is the Festival Centroamericano in which only the countries from Central America compete, which is Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama. This festival is considered a championship since bowling hasn’t been selected by the host Nicaragua for the Central American Games in Managua in December 2017 (part of Olympic cycle).

The third event is the CONCABA (Confederación de Centroamérica y México de Boliche or Central America and México Bowling Confederation) Cambowl for Adults which includes all countries from the Festival Centroamericano plus Mexico.

The main event drew 176 players, 100 men and 76 women, from 17 countries (Aruba, Bahamas, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and Virgin Islands), who compete in singles, doubles, trios, team, all-events and masters.

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